Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WOYWW - 164

Loving the hot weather right now, but at one point yesterday I just had to leave here and get out into the garden for a sit in the shade with a cold drink. So, this is how things were left:
Bits and pieces to make a Christening card, a last minute request so the chips were really down. It's for a baby boy and hopefully it'll be a case of Less Is More being best. A lot of the bits are in the photo above - at the point I went for a cool down it was left at the careful cutting out of Nesties, using the great tip (not my idea mind you!) to draw round the outside of a die for just a slightly larger layer. The Whispers pen is there showing another tip I use which to tickle along the cut edges of the pearlised card so there are no ugly white edges showing.

And a swing to the right:
Anyone getting the impression that the desk is suspiciously uncluttered for me? Sigh, OK then:
I confess, things were at the point I couldn't work in amongst all the mess but needed to make the card straight away so I trotted to and fro dumping piles of stuff on our (very crumpled) bed to clear some working space. It looks better now, truly, it's cleared - it had to be so we could go to bed! And a lot of the stuff has been put away where it belongs too :)

It's mostly things I've used and not returned to their rightful homes, although the little grey basket contains stuff ready for another card. I tend to do that if I'm building up an idea for a card and just collect together everything as I think of it.

Enough, enough! Now it's your turn to go and snoop via Julia's at what much more interesting things people are currently up to on their desks, dining tables, floors, trays etc. Take a cool drink with you, it could be quite a hot journey!

Happy WOYWW and thanks for calling by.



  1. Yep, I've done that too, dumping things on beds tables...loo seats...eeuhh! anyway!! love that little elephant, it's s cute! going to be a lovely card!
    Thanks for my snoop!! Happy WOYWW
    no number yet!

  2. Loo seats, Lyn!!!????? Your colours look very similar to mine tonight, only I'm trying to get ahead for Sarn's Rudolph Day! Love that little elephant, it's going to be so cute! I would have just stuck the excess stuff on the floor, never mind trotting backward and forwards all the time, too much exercise! Glad you've been enjoying the sunshine at last.

    Brenda (No number yet as Julia hasn't posted).

  3. Love the colours on the christening card and can't wait for the finished article. I thought it was only me that chucks everything behind them so I can work. Yesterday I almost got stuck in my craftroom cos I couldn't scoot my chair out as the pile behind me had fallen over lol. Hugs, Amanda x

  4. I like the look of all those little stamps... Happy WOYWW, Helen #6

  5. Great desk clearing..mine gets put in piles on the floor and then I find I canbarely move my chair!!!! Have a great week trace x. 9

  6. Happy WOYWW. Cute christening card. I used to pile stuff up on the floor, but now that is limited to magazines (waiting to be read and competitions entered before being safely stored away). Ali x

  7. Yes I quite often have to put a pile of clutter somewhere else when creativity strikes! at least it makes you tidy up though eh! Love the card. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl #1

  8. Quite a good system that Di, collect stuff as the ideas take you...wish I could be so organised! I did, I have to confess, ejoy the sight of your bed being covered in stuff, gives me hope. And am deeply impressed tha tyou cleared it properly..I'd have ended up dumping it on the floor at bedtime. The little Ellie card is so cute..

  9. Hehehe Why didn't your just craft on the bed? :-) Love the little cute.
    A x #31

  10. Cute elephant! Do you normally tickle all your card? Seems like a fun thing to do, if you ask me!
    Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.25

  11. love the elephant its so cute!

    i do the ol scoop and dump too i tend to do it on the dining table cos then i have to tidy it cos we have to have somewhere to eat!

    tfs happy WOYWW! :) Mrs C.xx #33

  12. Beautiful shade of blue your using for the card. Hope you get outside today to enjoy more of the wonderdful weather we're having .. Jill #32

  13. Lol! I like the "dump and go" method of crafting. And your card looks great.
    Aeryn @ #27

  14. Yep I do the same.. but its normally the kitchen table as nearest the craft room.. card is looking fab, love the cardstock, & the cute elephant.. lots of sunshine here on the south coast.. have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#11

  15. surely the bed is a extension of your craft :)
    happy woyww
    kay #35

  16. I'm away this week but have linked one of our days out
    Lynn 47

  17. What else is a bed used for??? I also use our bed as an extra storage area.

    Happy WOYWW xx

  18. It’s extremely difficult to not take advantage of sitting in the sunshine isn’t it, especially when it’s been so long in coming, so I say make the most of it.
    Your desk is still looking very busy though……and your bed, Lol!

    I’ve got about half a dozen ‘last minute’ cars to make but I have a strong feeling they are not going to get done until this evening when hopefully it’ll be a little cooler because the sun will have moved round (not strictly true because it doesn’t move, we do) and it won’t be full on my craft room.
    Happy Crafting!

  19. Cute little elephant. Wonder what is in the black box??? Happy WOYWW! Karen T 66 x

  20. Morning Di . . . another lovely sunny and H.O.T one . . . not that I'm complaining . . .I love it.

    Not surprised you abandoned the craft room in favour of some shade and a cool drink . . .

    Happy WOYWW xxx

  21. I'm seriously unhappy now after seeing all this wonderful blue sky and folk saying how hot they are sitting in the garden. We are warm but have no sunshine, just grey cloud!!!!! I'm moving South!!!
    You are looking very busy, Di. I love all the dumping on the bed. The sign of a true crafter!!
    Enjoy the sunshine and Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #67

  22. I daren't start using our bed to dump stuff on or I will get a Gibbs' slap from 'im indoors, albeit a left handed one at the moment! Owch!
    Lovely colours on that card. Hope to see it finished! I am a little surprised not to see a RD card there though!!

  23. A cute little ellie. I hope you got the card done in time. Make the most of the sunshine. Kate x

  24. I have baskets full of a project too!..... then I forget what the project was going to be, and so have to look at all the stuff i've collected to try and work it out! Trish #55

  25. Loving the dump piles! Fab card being created too, it all looked so tidy until you showed us the bed shot! Take care & enjoy this week's desk hop/nose/snoop. Zo xx 69

  26. That's a lovely shade of blue card you are using and what a cute wee elephant! The bed in my spare room is constantly filled with things that I haven't got round to putting away, so I know the feeling well!
    Bernice #74

  27. Glad I'm not the only one who is into the 'dump it fast' routine. At least you got it sorted out eventually. Pardon my ignorance, but what is a 'whispers pen'? Sounds as though I need to find one for myself. Thanks.

  28. I confess that sometimes I get grumpy at how much space is between layers with the nesties and have tried the draw around it and cut it out thing too. It works but of course I can't get the crisp cut that a die can so then I have to fret about it. I pile stuff up everywhere too to get it off the desk so I can work/play. I don't usually pile on the bed because it is so far away but it has been known to happen!

  29. Hi Di! Great confession about why your desk was so clear!! I'm glad my bed is upstairs.

    I suppose hubby wouldn't mind if you scattered Prima flowers on the bed :-D Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 39

  30. I'm always dumping piles of fabric on the bed in the spare room, usually accompanied by furious mutterings while I'm searching for a specific fabric...but not today, it's too hot up there so I'm sitting outside desk hopping on my laptop!!
    Hugs, LLJ #28 xx

  31. I am hopelessly untidy. My spare room is piled high with carrier bags of wool and fabric - I think I need a trip to Ikea! Pop over and have a go at guessing the number in my scarf rainbow. Jo #50

  32. Love your space! I have to stop and clean up frequently. If I don't I lose everything! Glenda #71

  33. You are so honest to show the world all the crap you put on the bed! You are also a very good girl for putting most of it away by bedtime and not just putting it back on your workdesk!! You get an A* and a brownie. Oh, wait, I think someone said you don't have brownies there ... a biscuit, then?

    Happy WOYWWing!! Darnell #116

  34. Would love to see the finished card. A great color choice. #81

  35. Lovely christening card, Di. I like to hide the cut edges with matching colour, or sometimes just put a metallic edge with a Krylon gold or silver pen.

    I had to laugh about putting stuff on the bed. I do that, and then I have to move it to have some sleep. I know I'm in a really bad way when I move it back and forth three days in a row. Sheeesh! Take to myself with stern looks, I do.

    Yours as ever,
    Ros. #19

  36. That card looks lovely. I love that colour and to have a 'heffalump' on it is just perfect in my mind ;D
    You know if you hadn't confessed to the hidden pile we'd have never know...I'm still in the dining area but not only on the table now, I've spilt over onto the cabinet.
    I think they'll be comments soon, but although the sun's streaming in through my studio window its just too chilly to return yet!
    Belated Happy WOYWW ~ Neesie #20

  37. Thanks for the brilliant idea of drawing and cutting the nesties. I did not know of that!

    The little christening card is looking you print your sentiments from the computer? I want to start trying that! I am a bit of a rubbish stamper. I always get the ink smudged...

  38. Hi Di, there's no better impetus to organising stuff than to use your bed as a dumping ground ... after all you can't sleep unless you clear everything away first. Those are great tips to pass on Di, I picked them up from somewhere too but never thought to share them so extra brownie points go to you for that :))

    The blue in your Christening card is gorgeous and the wee elephant is so sweet, I'm sure it's going to be perfect.

    Yesterday started bright and sunny but today is dull and overcast up here - nice for pottering in the garden.

    Belated happy WOYWW to you. Hugs, Elizabeth x #24

  39. Hello Di I pile stuff anywhere and everywhere when crafting. After a mammoth tidy up I swear I'll put things away as I,ve used them the next time but it never happens :-)
    The raspberry Tiramisu was wll received at our Sugarcraft Garden Party- thanks for the recipe. Sorry I'm so late visiting. Anne x

  40. HI Di!
    who needs a bed to sleep in anyway! My crafty piles are supposed to be confined to my craft room now, but strangely, during the olympics some have migrated to the living room :-)
    There is now a semi-circle of crafty goodies radiating out from my armchair. Today the craft room, tomorrow....the world...mwaa haa haa !!!
    Ok, losing the plot now, love your little blue elephantt :-)
    Happy woyww



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