Friday, 13 July 2012

As Victor Meldrew would say - 'I don't belieeeve it'

Who would have thought that this week's Less Is More Challenge colour challenge, which is 'Gold' - could have caused so much angst here :( I had every type of gold card and paper out, gold ink pads, stamps, punches, dies, embossing powder - the lot! Every card I tried was a failure of some sort or another. Tell me, does embossing powder go off? Did you know just how many types and shades of gold crafting goodies there are? Can you please tell me how to remove embossing powder from inside my ears?

Anyhow, all week I've kept returning, determined not to be beaten, but it's a paltry offering in the end I'm afraid:
As luck would have it, this 'much lusted after' die arrived in the post yesterday so I thought 'Go for it'. You couldn't have a much simpler card I know - hardly taxing in terms of crafting ability :(

I used:

- 4.75" x 4.75" square white card stock, two corners rounded

- pearlescent gold card from the snippets folder, die cut using Marianne Creatables die LR0174

- sentiment stamped in gold, which is a perfect match in real life, from the newly acquired Stampendous 'Reindeer Swirls' set (bad girl Brenda for tempting me). I love the Reindeer Swirls stamps, every single one of them and would have used them if the embossing powder wasn't 'off', or perhaps not good quality as I bought it donkey's years ago

- almost forgot, one little gold gem in the star on the tree - I think the tree could take more gems, but not for Less Is More probably

So, now a question - do Mandi and Chrissie our Less Is More Hostesses have shares in white card? There's almost enough in the waste bin here to send shares soaring!



Bernie said...

Gosh Di you do get points for perseverance, I’d have given up and found a cool dark place to hide. It is a lovely card.
Love & Hugs

Sandy said...

Oh Di your xmas tree card is lovely. Not sure how to remove embossing powder from ears sorry. Isnt it funny how sometimes a technique in crafting can get us so tangled. But I am so glad that you beat the challenge. Sandy :)

Vicky Hayes said...

Well I love it Di - it's beautifully CAS and the touch of bling to the tree gives it a pretty finish. I don't know if embossing powder goes off as I usually disperse it round my craft square metre with sneezes or the crafting tool before I've had it long... oh and I find a cotton bud moistened with a little baby oil removes it from the ears (only kidding - I've never had to do THAT!) Vicky x

Marrigje said...

Faith intended that you entered a card using your new die. I do like this card. The die is great, looks like a must have to me.

And Yes I am sure our LIM hostesses have shares in white card.


Chrissie said...

I'm so pleased that your die arrived to save you from your quandary this week Di. Your card looks wonderful!
I DO believe that embossing powder can go off... I had a large pot of Heat it Up gold which went decidedly peculiar... I used lots of it for triple embossing and then chucked the rest!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Annie said...

Embossing powder in the ears?....I'm imagining what would happen if you had a hot flush! :-) Simple card yes but also rather lovely.
A x

Amanda said...

Fabulous and elegant, sounds like you had my experience of embossing happening. Not sure how to remove embossing powder from your ears or truthfully how it got there in the first place lol. Hugs, Amanda x

Sarn said...

Oh just get Len to blow inside your ear (WITH HIS EYES SHUT so that the powder doesn't blind him as it puffs out!)

Woot, woot . . . SUPER CAS card . . . very elegant.

Sarn xxx

Victoria said...

Heat emboss your ears and transform the powder into a focal point? Maybe not..
I really love this tree die and would like to add it to my collection at some point. In fact I did pick it up when I bought my gilding flakes last week but I was a good girl and put it back as I had only gone for gilding flakes!!

MagsB said...

Di, this card is just delightful! I always find CAS cards sooo hard, my bin always fills up with mistakes when I try!!

love Mags B x

Anonymous said...

Glitter on your nose, embossing powder in your ear.... you haven't quite got the hang of this crafting malarky have you Di???!!! Glad to be an enabler! I do like that set, I use the sentiments a lot from it for other projects, like you have done. Sounds like Mrs A wants it too! This is a great card, good thing you persevered.


Hettie said...

Pretty card there Di. I feel your pain with the wasting white card. I was making a step card with different dimensions to the instructions! Grrrr. 3 for 1!
Worth it though in the end. You will see it soon!

Mandi said...

Your card is terrific Di, worth all the heartache [we caused] lol
That's a super die!
I do often thing, well wish I had shares in white card I have tons. I do LOVE a white card!
Thanks very much
"Less is More"

Elizabeth said...

Di, this is lovely - you showed admirable self-control and only used one gem to decorate that gorgeous tree - it's perfect :) Elizabeth x

Kathleen said...

Funny I was just the same but didn't like to admit it and I was the same as you felt that my card was too easy peasy but I have missed a couple of challenges so thought what the heck it is going in.
Fabulous die cut and a superb card, lets face it is is LIM and some people idea of this does not seem to be the same as mine.

Kath x

Sandra H said...

Hi Di, What a want to know is how you managed to get it in your ear to begin with!! not sure how to remove it but l'm sure it'll wear away with Your card is gorgeous and thats a stunning die :)x

Mrs A. said...

White card, waste bin !!! Take it out imediately. The waste bin is for erm what is a waste bin for!!!
How'd you get powder in yer ear you mucky lass. Hmm might be interesting at night, would you glow in the dark do you think?
Hugs Mrs A.