Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday Feast - disruption to service

Sorry folks, I just haven't had time to write up the recipe for Friday Feast today :(

The furniture did finally turn up, at 7:30 last night, and most of today has been spent putting a mahoosive wardrobe together - and sorting out the other new furniture in the bedroom - and we didn't have one single fallout either!

So, this week I'm skipping Friday Feast, but it's truly  worth waiting for 'cos we had it last week and it was delicious.

Here's a sneak peek - see if you can guess what it's gonna be - anyone suggesting it's just a 'mess up in a dixie' gets nil points and a Gibbs Slap:
Hope your weekend is off to a good start - my next task is to open some wine and collapse into a chair in the garden for half an hour before raking round in the freezer to see what's to eat this evening. Snort, I think there are a couple of Magnums choc ices in there at least :)



Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Oh I'm so pleased the new furniture is all sorted. Your mystery FF seems to be a risotto with an omelette on top, but what do I know?

BTW . . . I made your Ploughmans Pasties with the Branston pickle tonight . . . no, there is NO new world order just because I didn't have pizza tonight! I had pizza LAST NIGHT. Consequently, I keep thinking today is SATURDAY! Anyhoo . . . I'm here to say your pasty recipe went down VERY well. It was delicious. I did add some Fennel Seeds and 2 courgettes (from the garden).

Enjoy your wine . . . sounds like you earned it.

Sarn xxxx

Victoria said...

Glad things are getting a bit sorted so we don't mind waiting for our Friday Feast! Hope you find more than a choc ice!

Elizabeth said...

Huh! That caught me out ... no Friday Feast - well, and quite right too under the circumstances. I can't begin to think what that's called ... it looks as though you have everything but the kitchen sink in there - a sort of savoury Eton Mess perhaps? right, I'm off to make a brew before the Opening Ceremony begins. See you later. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for Dot Cotton to arrive Di, with a 'fag' on lol

Is your feast Paella? But Di - e - fide with the addition of egg??

Enjoying a glass of vino here too, red of course.

Enjoy your new furniture and well done on not having a cross word, guess it wasn't from that very famous Swedish company then?

Night night xx

Di said...

Snort, all wrong so far :)


Mrs A. said...

I spy bits of bacon, and peas, and duno wot else (stuffing from the new bed maybe) and omelette chopped on top. So it must be a bacon buttie!!! Simples!!!! Hugs Mrs A.

Sandra H said...

Hi Di, So pleased your furniture did arrive and its now assembled hopefully gorgeous looking dish this week and l can almost smell it from here yummy :) xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...