Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday Feast - Ploughman's Pasty

Waaaaay up on the scale of yumminess:

Ploughman's Pasty:

Makes 4 or 6 pasties 

300g potatoes, boiled in their skins and cooled
150g peeled and finely chopped onion
olive oil
200g mature cheddar
3 tbsp Branston or other pickle or chutney

4 or 6 puff pastry circles
1 beaten egg, for glazing

For the filling, peel and chunk the potatoes. Soften the onion in a pan over a gentle heat in a little olive oil. Grate the cheese. Combine all the filling ingredients.

Meanwhile, have ready the pastry circles.

Spoon the filling on to half of each pastry circle, leaving a 2.5cm border. Brush the pastry border with water, then quickly fold over the flap of pastry. Press round the edge to seal. Paint the seal sparingly with water then, working from one end, quickly and neatly turn up the edge in small tucks to give a distinctive ridged pasty finish, tucking the ends. (There’s no set style of crimping; just ensure the scalloped edges go upwards, to avoid juices escaping.)

Paint with beaten egg and prick a few times with a fork. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with baking parchment and bake in a preheated oven (200C/180C fan/400F/gas 6) for 20-30 minutes depending on size or until the pastry is puffed and golden.

Things I do: I halved the recipe and it made two BIG pasties. Len said approvingly that they looked like golden dinosaurs when they came out of the oven :) I used Jusrol ready made frozen pastry sheets, if you're keen and have the time you could make your own puff or shortcrust pastry of course.

These are really tasty and filling - I just served with baked beans, being a lazy little pig :)



Sarn said...

Drooling here . . . xxx

Annie said...

Thats another one I will just have to try Di. Love your recipes.
A x

MagsB said...

Mmmm.... these look and sound delicious!

love Mags B x

Anonymous said...

That does look good, anything with potato in it gets my vote!


Hettie said...

Dribbling here right now. Haven't made pasties for years and I really don't know why. I have the stuff there (was going to do cheese and potato pies tonight for the freezer). Think I might just do some pasties too!

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, these look delicious but way off my calorie count :) Can't see how you can call yourself lazy, you made the pasties and that must have taken time and energy, and baked beans sounds like the perfect accompaniment anyway :)) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

moira said...

total comfort food

Vicky Hayes said...

Oh yum Di. It must be a real pleasure cooking for someone who makes comments like Len! Have pulled a muscle laughing at the idea of making my own puff pastry! Vicky x

Kathleen said...

Oh I will definately have a go with these little beauties. Chris will love them too. In fact I may try putting a little bit of Quorn mince in his, don't do proper mince as it makes me gip. Bet you needed to know that.

Kath x

Sandra H said...

Oh so yummy that's my tea sorted for Saturday thanks Di for sharing this:)x

Darnell said...

Oh, yummy! Thanks for sharing!!

Amanda said...

I hope th invent lickable screens soon lol. I can almost smell them....oh my....they smell yummy. Hugs, Amanda x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

They look so good! Nom, nom, nom!