Saturday, 28 July 2012

A review of the Olympics opening ceremony

This is so funny, I have to share it with you - Victoria has already been across and is laughing along with me:
Go here and I defy you not to laugh - especially about the appreciative neighbours :)

This blog is my daily fix of laughter - and today Helen (aka Monkey, Darrell and Nigel) totally cracked me up. Poor Macca - but the observation was spot on!

I hope Helen doesn't mind me 'lifting' a photo - she's a pal so I doubt if she'd slap my wrists too hard!



Hazel said...

I just had to go and have a look - wonderful!! x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Di, thanks for the link - hilarious ... you gotta love those monkeys to bits :)) Elizabeth xx

Sandra H said...

Checked it out Di and your right absolutely brilliant:)xx

Mrs A. said...

My boys are in rehab since their last misdemeanour but they did phone home on their weekly allowed phone call to say they had watched the opening ceremonies too and had a toast with a bottle of tomato ketchup. Hugs Mrs A.

Hettie said...

I am actually a follower of the boys and haven't popped to see them for a while! Thanks for MAKING me do it today Di!

Sarn said...

Thanks for the link . . .I've just been over for a nosey and a laugh xxxx