Tuesday 3 July 2012

A Tuesday Tale - Vesuvius in the kitchen

As a child, I loved nothing better than being in the kitchen with my Mum cooking. She was a trained cook and always trying out different things.

One wet afternoon she decided that we'd have a go at making this stuff:
Cinder toffee, just like the stuff in Crunchie bars! Out came the ingredients and off we went.

Ahem, I think I distracted Mum at a crucial moment and instead of adding the bicarbonate of soda (which reacts with vinegar and makes the bubbles) in a teaspoon she absentmindedly added a heaped tablespoon of the stuff! BIG mistake, a very BIG mistake in fact.

Whoosh, up and over the pan it went like a volcano - totally alive and spewing all over the cooker. It truly was quite spectacular as it bubbled its merry way absolutely everywhere whilst Mum chased me away from the 'monster' and tried to get to the controls to turn the heat off. No way could the pan be touched so all she could do was to wait for it to subside. I clearly remember hiding behind the kitchen door, peeking in horror at the ever growing stream of sweet lava.

That evening, Dad arrived home to a very tearful wife still trying to clean the mess up, hours after the volcano. I think we dined on tinned Heinz tomato soup and bread and butter that night.

Happy days!

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  1. I have visions of soda lava now....!

  2. Oh what a giggle Di. I can just imagine the job she had to clean it off when it had cooled and hardened everywhere too. Poor mum but why do you call her a tomato? [see I do read your posts very carefully :-) ].
    A x

  3. OMG I bet that was a right b***ger to clear up too. Oops! xxx

  4. Mmmmmmn! Are you bringing any of that to the Playground Miss? Love that stuff. I always get reminded of Simon's grandmother when I see it nowadays as she absolutely loved it when the fairs brought it in to town. She would be sucking it off the plate on her teeth for hours, so I can imagine why your Mum was tearful!!

  5. a huge chuckle coming from downunder Di, and we made it too but we call it honeycomb over here if it's the same, looks the same - love it, Shaz.xx munching on a Crunchie bar, well almost :D

  6. Can't remember my Mum ever willingly showing us how to do anything in the kitchen except to stand over a saucepan with the instructions 'stir that'so your tale made me smile. Checking the timer out on The Wimps food bowl today as it will be needed again soon. Sssh don't tell him that though. Best go feed him for the tweleth time today! Hugs Mrs A.

  7. Well there is one thing for certain my Sis and I wouldn't have got away with not helping to clean the mess up, lucky you.
    Another smile raiser.

    Kath x

  8. Oh so no Honeycomb then Di....?!! Another great story:)x

  9. Oh dear, I can just picture it - your poor mother! We called it Puff Candy and I used to love it, especially if it had been coated in chocolate ... the things we did to our teeth - it's nothing short of a miracle that I can still claim to have all my own :) Yet again, another great story. Hugs, Elizabeth x

  10. Lol at your volcanic eruption in the kitchen, Di!! I bet it tasted good though!


  11. Oh, your poor mother! And poor you, hiding behind the door and not liking to see your mom crying. You've told this so well!


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