Sunday 8 July 2012

Pixies Crafty Snippets Challenge - 28

I doubt if many UK 'snippeteers' will hop into the playground during the Wimbledon Tennis Final today - crumbs, the stress is too much!

Here's my snippets make for the week, so funny though, I decided a really quick card was a good idea - yeah, right. I punched all the butterflies and only then did I decide to stamp and emboss the sentiment first (sorta flying my the seat of me pants and making it up as I went along). So far, so good - until I turned the heat gun on - up flew all the butterflies round me and I spent about 20 minutes searching for the very last ones. It would have been quicker to punch more, but these were from tiny snippets in the first place and I didn't like to be beaten - so much for a fast card:
I used:

- 4.75" x 4.75" square white card stock

- white card from the snippets folder, layered onto silver holographic snippet

- sentiment by LOTV, embossed in silver

- 24 teensie butterflies, punched from little snippets and arranged round a circle embossed by running an embossing tool round the inside of a round die (at the back of the card front) as a guide

- ickle, teensie diamantes on the butterfly bodies

I just looked at the photo now that this has published and blow me, it looks as if the sentiment is totally off centre but am waving the card here in real life and it's fine. Also the card doesn't look square, and it is, you'll have to take my word for it as it's packaged up and put away lest those butterflies try to take off for another flight!

OK, roll call time now - and it's been a fun week in the playground, despite a few friends on holidays.

In like a little whippet shot our Rach last Sunday -with a great card for a chap, using ribbon so effectively. Before you say 'What, ribbon on a masculine card?!' do go and see how super it is. Just shows, you should never be afraid to venture and this is really such a good example of that Rach. Love the other photos on your posting too - picture post card stuff :)

Next was Sandra H, with such a cute Christmas card - using a delightful Penny Black stamped image. So sweet and the monochromatic theme of greens is just perfect Sandra. Love the layout), swirls and stars - and those little hedgies are a real tonic when you need a smile. So sweet the way one has lost his hat :)

Carol was next, with a Santa in Blues Christmas card - do go here to see. Fabulous backing card from QVC, and the image is terrific. I'm pretty sure that it was only in more recent times that traditional Santas are dressed in red - I have a Santa from Holland dressed in greens and have also seen them in blues. A lovely change and a great card Carol.

Hazel was next - also with a Santa in Blues, this time opting for a delightful silhouette, it's great! We also had a few more visits from Hazel with these cards: a bowls card for an 80th birthday, super card and a great layout, a delightful butterfly card (following another super sketch), and finally this snowman card to kick off Hazel's own Christmas card challenge for the week. Love him Hazel! I'd been following Hazel's card making all week and knew that she was feeling pretty poorly - turns out it's shingles, in the face and head. Ouch, very painful and we all send our love and hope you feel better soon Hazel.

We had two visits from Lynne this week. The first one was to bring such a pretty card with the sweetest bird box, beautifully coloured and the backing papers are just perfect with it Lynne. Next, Lynne brought two delightful baby cards - one for a boy and one for a girl. Both fabulous and using a favourite LOTV image - I love both of them so much, and it's such a great twist on the baby girl one to have matched the baby's 'blankie' with the backing paper as a contrast to pink. Both totally adorable cards. Ahem, I take no responsibility for the little printout shown at the bottom of Lynne's post - hope you have a note from your parents if you read it :)

Beth was next, I think she has visited before and this time she brought a very clever card using snippets to make stars with. Really CAS and in red, white and blue just perfect for 4th of July celebrations.  I do love the idea of rounding just one corner of the card Beth and the stars backing paper just peeking out round the edge - great make all round.

Jules had made six Christmas gift tags for last week's fiendish tricky Rudolph Day challenge - each one different, and each one lovely. I did grin when Jules wrote that she doesn't spend an age making tags as they get thrown away, I certainly wouldn't be throwing any of these away Jules! And, there's at least one heart on each one, which flummoxed some folk - for a change I found them all without any help :) Do go and see for yourselves.

We had three visits from Hettie this week, the first one was to bring this brilliant set of not six, but 12 Christmas cards. All made in the pop up style and using Penny Black's 12 Days of Christmas stamp set - if you like PB stamps you'll just love this set I'm sure. Great work Sam. The next two cards featuring bees are also brilliant, using some delightful ribbon (sparingly as it's very precious and is sort of honeycomb patterned with bees on). How clever is that - and what super cards too Sam, are you looking after the bees whilst Simon's finger heals up? Lastly, our little Mrs Beeton brought us this to share :) I'm not saying too much - you have to go and see for yourselves, but I doubt if there's any left by now - there was a flurry of eager little playmates all diving in and helping themselves!

Amanda was next, with a great card for her ex-bosses birthday (must have been a good boss) - which you can see here. Great airbrushing Amanda and a perfect image to go with the snippets (notice I said it that way round, snippets rule and we colour to match!). It was interesting to read about a male lacrosse player. I think the game began, like hockey, for men - before 'ladies' became involved. I used the term 'ladies' very loosely there, having been on the receiving end of more than a few whacks from hockey sticks at school :(

I wasn't totally daft, I played on the wing where at least you got a chance to run as if the Hounds of Hell were after you when a hoard of screaming banshees descended in a mob. Snort, I lost count of the times I just abandoned the ball and ran to protect my life, shins and front teeth :)

Sarn came to play twice this week, firstly with 'twinchies'. This seems to be one of the latest crazes sweeping the crafting world, unless I'm waaaay behind, and such gorgeous ones too. You can see them here - fabulous greens Sarn, super stamp and great doodling too! Then, on a return visit, Sarn brought three of the cutest cards - totally designed to bring a smile to your face. So fresh and clean and, even now looking again, I'm sniggering at the vision of chooks on a trip to the beach :)

Next was Elizabeth, batteries sort of recharged from her hols but suffering from swollen little trotters - not pleasant at all :( But, just see the fabby card Elizabeth brought to show over here - doesn't that sum up what relaxing on a lovely beach should be all about? Lovely combination of green, orange and blues - and the image reminds me so much much of beaches in Thailand, one of the most beautiful places to go and relax. Super Elizabeth!

As always, Irene brought a really elegant card to show this week. Great embossing, punching and die cutting - but the bit that blew me away is the terrific technique of colouring directly onto a stamp before stamping. I really would love to try this but and sure I'd make a right pigs ear of it. Such a pretty and delicate effect Irene - and the colours are absolutely beautiful too. Love it!

Mary Mac whizzed in very quickly here to wish folks a Happy 4th of July. She's off travelling, as well as having just celebrated her daughter Amy's Wedding whilst away, there are some great photos to be seen in previous posts - and isn't Mary just as you'd have imagined? I think so, and such a lovely smile too! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip Mary, looking forward to welcoming you back to play - the girls will no doubt let you have first goes on everything!

Mags B brought a great card to show - such a cute little LOTV bear image from their newest stamps release. Beautifully coloured Mags, and the papers, flowers and ribbon go perfectly - a fabby result! Oh dear, I feel a trip over to LOTV's website coming on :( And, Mags is planting sunflowers this week in the playground - I'm sayin' nuffink as I gaze outta the window here at grey skies and almost constant rainfall.

As an aside, Mags had recently been to see the Great Bed of Ware, actually back on loan to Ware where it originated - I saw this a couple of years ago at the Victoria and Albert Museum and it's hard to grasp the sheer size of the bed unless you see it for yourself. It was supposedly built to sleep about 12 travellers, you can read more about it here - quite an amazing feat to transport it back to Ware indeed! Snort, imagine ironing the sheets for it!

Next was Brenda, with a 4th of July card - and what a stunner!  I love the vibrant colours, the backing paper is gorgeous - but my very favourite, and so clever part, is the way Brenda used a Penny Black flower head stamp for the star bursts of the fireworks. Really inspired Brenda and a great card all round. Now, how about sending us some of your sunshine?

In fact, at this rate the Olympics look set to be a bit damp - I don't suppose running in wellies, tossing the brolly, swimming through puddles and dodging the hailstones could be added as events at this late stage?

Must tell a little tale here as we don't have any male playmates - it's a girlie thing. Last weekend I was talking to a friend after the school association meeting and of course the dire weather came up. Apparently, she'd been out somewhere and decided to take a short cut home through open fields as clouds were gathering - after a lovely sunny start to the day. So, no umbrella or waterproof. Sure enough, the heavens opened and there was no shelter so on she plodded, getting absolutely drenched. She then remarked grimly that she could vouch for the efficiency of the brand of pantie liners she uses. Apparently the rain, pouring down her back and front, gathered in said liner until it became like a huge wet baby's nappy. Her demonstration of waddling like Daffy Duck, legs apart and leggings drooping almost down to her knees was a sight to behold. Almost needed a pantie liner myself - so funny!

Back to the roll call - enough wittering on.

Karen T came to play next, bringing a really charming card featuring such a sweet image called 'Honey Pip'. I've never heard of these before, really cute Karen and the colours you used to colour the image go so well with the backing paper. Love the die cut fence and it's a great card. Anyone heard of sherbet pips sweets? I'm off to Google them - nope, can't recall them at all :( Must be after my time although I do recall sherbet 'Flying Saucers'. They were good for a diet, have ten of those for breakfast and by the time your mouth unpuckers it's time for breakfast the following day :)

Next was Darnell, with another CAS yet so striking card. Just perfect for a 4th of July baby I think - it's over here and just look at the tiny paper piecing on the toes of the booties, how totally cute! Such a perfect sentiment and, as always, a very amusing posting too. Darnell also just celebrated her birthday - to see what a joyous smile she has go here and look for the photo with 'Bama' in - that's Darnell :) Belated wishes from us all - betcha there's no cakes left for the playground though Darnell :(

Quick count here - oh no, only 24. Seem to have missed a card. Back in a minute :( Found it!! 25, so now the roll call is finished - yay!

Whoops, almost forgot - the Pro Marker draw! Sam chose the Summer set when she won a little while back so please ignore that in the photo:

There are now four sets to choose from:
Skin Tones - Cinnamon, Dusky Pink, Blush, Satin, Ivory
Spring - Orchid, Leaf Green, Buttercup, Pink Carnation, Powder Blue
Autumn - Pear Green, Tan, Honeycomb, Cocktail Pink, Burnt Orange
Winter - Bluebell, Soft Green, Oatmeal, Cardinal Red, Denim Blue
Do note that they aren't the 'Limited Edition' sets.

When the playground closes next Saturday, I'll draw one name and you get to choose whichever one of the sets you'd like from Skin Tones, Spring, Autumn and Winter. All you have to do is say in a comment if you'd like to be included - a snippets card would be good if you can, but not compulsory. The only other condition is that you must either have already been playing in the playground or be joining in this week, even for the first time.

Enjoy the tennis, at least we Brits have enough practice in being gracious in defeat :( But my fingers are still firmly crossed of course!

Mr Linky is below as usual and the playground will close at noon on Saturday 14th July. Hope you have a great week and please remember to follow the conditions below. 


The only conditions to playing nicely in the Snippet Playground are that your card (or anything else you wish to bring here to show) must be made by using up snippets (card, paper, lace and ribbon are all fine), and a link back to here in your own blog posting will mean that you'll be included in the Weekly Roll Call. Oh, and no nipping or hair pulling of course :)


  1. Great minds think alike. I was going to make a card with shrink plastic butterflies on it cos I made a batch up when I made the tag. Didn't have a problem with them flying off everywhere when I shrunk them with the heat gun but one did fall on the floor face down after I had coated it with glossy accents. Ever seem a furry butterfly! Brill way to make the embossed circle on your card. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Well, it's a super lovely card, Di. I'm sorry if I wasn't supposed to laugh at you, startled when the itty bitty butterflies started flying away. Did you think for just a second ...? I would have.

    Outstanding roll call, again! Thank you so much!!

  3. Forgot to say I'm interested in the drawing - and - I wet myself, too, at the panty liner story!!

  4. Fabulous card, so pleased you managed to wrangle all your butterflies.
    Caz x

  5. Love your butterflies (I share your frustration at cards not looking the same on the photo as IRL). Thanks for such a comprehensive roll call once again - you do a grand job and it is much appreciated - and thanks for the concern for me. x

  6. Morning Di, Wow how these Snippet challenges have grown and we are at number 28 already time is going so fast!! You have created another stunner Di, Just love your circle of Butterflies and gorgeous sentiment that's all we can do at the mo is dream because l think the sun has forgotten when to come truly lovely and thank you again for your lovely comments so much appreciated take care and have a lovely day:)x

  7. Heh Di, thanks for another wonderful roll call, how was the wine?

    Your card is fantastic, those tiny butterflies look great and what a brilliant way of using up snippets :)

    Sun is shining here today, woo hoo!

    Please include me in your kind drawer, many thanks.

    In the words of Arnie, l'll be back, with my snippet creation later.

    Have a lovely Sunday xx

  8. Morning Di
    Lovely butterfly card . . . fancy making them come to life and letting them flutter around your craft room!

    Have a lovely day.

    Sarn xxx

  9. Hello Di, Pesky cameras and heat guns, never do what you tell them :{ That's a very pretty card:0) Enjoy the tennis, ooh fingers crossed, trouble is I like both Federer and Murray they can't both win ooeeerrr! LOL Gay xxx

  10. Oh Di, you do make me laugh. That panty liner story is so funny, the images in my head now...
    your snippet make is gorgeous, love using punches to use up all those tiny snippets.
    You are very generous with the Promarkers, count me in please. I`ve even managed an early entry this week and no naughty bits lol.
    Lynne xxx

  11. Hi Di

    What a brilliant way to use your snippets. Gorgeous butterflies.

    Mine would never end up in a circle that's for sure.

    You made me laugh with the panty liner story.

    Thank you for another brilliant, and very very long, roll call. I know how long it used to take me and you have found us even more playmates! What a star you are.

    Love Jules xx

  12. Gorgeous card Di, so glad you found the butterflies to complete it... love the design... Hugs May x x x

  13. Very pretty card there Di. Nice to see the flutterbies had a bid for freedom if only for a short while!
    Had a giggle at the pantie liner story. Which brand exactly were those?

  14. Hello Di, stunning card and have to admire all the patience it must have taken to punch out all those teeny-tiny butterflies ... nice idea to make a garland with them.

    I nearly wet myself over the panty-liner story :))

    The tortuous trotters are still bothersome but I'm getting about a bit better though still not getting out and about ... such a pain! It does mean I have more time to go blog hopping :))

    Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  15. Gorgeous card Di and you must be very patient to try it is all I can say, I think the punching of the butterflies would have been enough for me lol. Lots of playmates this week too, the swings got pretty crowded, maybe we need a game based on water logged ground. Hugs, Amanda x

  16. Just found your blog - love it! Excellent idea having a snippets challenge. Have a feeling will be coming back to see you regularly!! Lindsey x

  17. Oh Di, poor you with the butterflies, you really do know how to make a 10 minute job last all day don't you!! Lovely card though and a gold medal for perseverance! I'd happily send you some sun if I possibly could, at least we're out of the heatwave as of Saturday night, just need some rain now! I'd love a set of ProMarkers please, not sure which one, either Autumn or Winter I would think.


    PS. Glad I'm not dredging out the pond!!

  18. I didn't notice that the greeting looked off center amongst the butterflies until you pointed it out. I'm sure it is the camera angle so don't let it fret you!

  19. These butterflies are gorgeous! What a great idea for using scraps... (note to self... must rummage through scraps to have a punching party... hmm sounds dangerous). Bit of a noggin to blow all your butterflies away! I'd never do a thing like that...ahem...
    Brilliant roll call again! The panty liner story nearly made me need one!

  20. Lovely idea with your butterflies Di - look fab x

  21. Gotta love Butterflies. I know I sure do. Great Card Di. A friend of mine and I always joke that when we first started rubber stamping, we'd put a butterfly over any ink smudges. While we were making a card she looked at me and said, I think we're getting better at this. When I asked why, she said...we're using fewer butterflies! I'll see you back here next week. I'm flying home tomorrow! Have a great week!

  22. No shrink plastic in sight just glossy accents and I didn't drop the image on the carpet this time!
    Hugs Mrs A.

  23. A little project to compliment yours! Play nicely now with my Lucy! x

  24. Yaaay I have managed to join in at the playground this week. Hope you are keeping well Di, love your card this week. Expect to see more of me since I am now a married woman and no longer in full on Bridezilla mode!

  25. Hello Di, me again, with another offering for you ... just a wee one this time :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx


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