Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Is it me?!

Just raced to the craft room to do my two hour WOYWW blog hop, sorry I'm late for most and now, no way can I get access  to commenting :(

 WTF is going on? :(

Has Princess Judy been here, have the Gremlins eaten up the connections? Will try tomorrow :(

Basically it's a pile of:


Sigh, am off to bed in disgust :( And will try again tomorrow.



Annie said...

Think it must be you cos I seem to be ok here. Good luck for a return to normal tomorrow.
A x

Anonymous said...

Put a 50p in the meter Di!


Kathleen said...

Oh dear Di, glad you weren't in the playground, it would be a case of Gilbert Golly, bring me that slipper, do you remember that from Noddy books. Those were the days.
Hope you are back to normal tomorrow, computer wise that is!

Kath x

Victoria said...

Oh dear, hope you get it sorted soon!

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, what a bummer for you but it must be you - I've been leaving comments all day. Hope it miraculously sorts itself out while you are sleeping. Hugs, Elizabeth x

Sandra H said...

Hi Di, No it's not you l have had some trouble too l was at my sons house and using my computer there and all was well, once l got home l was having terrible trouble it might be just a blimp hopefully anyway good that you retired to bed hopefully all will be sorted for 2moro:)x

Amanda said...

Hope it is all sorted for you now Di, IT issues can be most frustrating especially if you are from IT as hubbie learns daily lol. Hugs, Amanda x

Neesie said...

Oh how maddening.
Perhaps wait for the wind to change Di, then it might be okay!
Fingers crossed ;D

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I did not poop on your internet!