Sunday 29 July 2012

Pixies Crafty Snippets Challenge - 31 & 32

It's been another busy week in the playground, despite the fabulous weather in parts of the UK and elsewhere, lots of you have been crafting away and then breaking out to come and play.

First, this is my snippets card:

And, amaaaaazingly, it's also for this week's challenge over at Less Is More, which is a sketch.
Whoop, whoop - it isn't very often a snippets card fits the bill for LIM - plus I haven't looked at other entries either just in case there's another one similar. Mind you, the stamp set isn't that easy to find, I stumbled across it last week in Hobbycraft and as it's a Kirsty Wiseman one just had to buy it of course.

I used:

- 6" x 6" square white card stock

- Kirsty Wiseman's 'Bags of Fun' stamp set, made by Personal Impressions

- snippets of blue, pink and mauve paper from the snippets folder

- a scrap of already cut and embossed scalloped edging card

- a couple of embossed lines done on the score board

Now that's what I like, a card that suddenly pops into my head just at the right moment.

The latest news about our playmate Mary H can be found here - hubby took her to a craft shop for an outing, how lovely to not only get out for a little trip but also to be taken to a craft shop by a fella - even if it did mean he didn't have to cook lunch! Good to see you're progressing Mary.

And, now the roll call, which I just might fall asleep over - we watched the whole of the Olympics opening ceremony and didn't get to bed until almost 2am. Then I was up at 6am making coffee and a bacon roll for Len before he trotted off down to Andover for the day to help out at some big archery event there.

First into the playground this week was Hazel, with the first of loads of cards - this one is so soft and very vintage, then in total contrast a very funky card in chartreuse, followed by this really yummy looking card in lovely sunny yellows. Hazel's next card used lots of lovely snippets - and there was also the confession that Hazel has 'boxes of offcuts because I have one for patterned paper, one for solid colours, one for cream and one for white' - then later another box containing Christmas snippets was owned up to as well. I do remember Jules posting photos of her snippets mountain a good while ago as well. After that, we had a visit with a great monochrome Christmas card, all in glorious reds, a brilliant Birthday card for a chap and then a really delightful Christmas card which is such an eye catcher - love it Hazel! I totally loved Hazel's next card too, which was 'white on white', never very easy to get right but this card is so elegant with beautiful embossing.  Then we had another fabulous Christmas card , which you can see here. It's a stepper card and the image is just gorgeous too. Loads of lovely cards again this week Hazel.

Sam was second to visit this week, bringing along this brilliant layout featuring her father-in-law in his wedding day - loads of interesting embellishments to set off a great photo and I just love the 'pre-decimalisation' additions too! Some of you UK girls will be too young to remember pounds, shillings and pence I bet :) Then Sam brought two cards, one specifically using snippets and the other one using part of a Christmas card from last year's received one. Yes, it's recycling but do scroll down to see it as well as the terrific 'official' snippets one featuring a gingerbread family! Both great cards Sam!

Linby (Lynn) was next with such a great card for last weeks Less Is More Challenge, which was on the theme of sewing. Our Lynn had been missing in action due to a prolonged viral infection, and was still feeling a bit wobbly so I parked her in the shade. The card, which you can see here, is super - great stamps with such a clever sentiment, paper piecing and a terrific embossed panel - just perfect for the LIM challenge Lynn, I think it's a winner.

Next was Jules, with this adorable snippets card. Beautiful colours Jules and the Pink Petticoat tree image is wonderful - lots of lovely Josy Rose nail heads too (it was Jules who kindly pointed me in the direction of Josy Rose some time ago now).Of course there's a heart on the card, as always, I'm constantly amazed by the number of heart stamps, buttons, ribbons etc. that Jules must have :)

Sandra H was next to come and play, bringing a totally adorable baby card. It's for a baby girl (lots of pink, grin), an easel card, ribbons, cute image and a sweet little baby's dummy along with other lovely detail. I did giggle just now at a comment that Darnell left, of course in the USA a dummy is probably something quite different in meaning, and they use the word pacifier or 'binkie'. Huh? 'Binkie'? Sigh, we do have a lot of differences in the use of words - but it's good fun finding out those differences :) Great card Sandra!

Gilly was next with a delightful New Home card, so cleverly done using paper piecing whilst still achieving a lovely clean and crisp look to the card. I love the addition of the pearls to the back of the chair Gilly, gives it a real 'buttoned back' look - great card! Still waiting to see more Wedding photos sometime please.

Then Darnell brought this super card to show - perfect for the LIM challenge last week - love the dress with the flowers at the waist Darnell. Ah, and more was to come - do make sure you read the whole post, it's funny as always and there are some really great photos to see - do look out for the 'button motorcycle'! Thanks for sharing with us :)

Laura was next into the playground, with this really stylish card for her Mum. A lovely clean looking card, with a great main image and an inspired daisy made from narrow ribbon - very clever Laura. Hope your Mum didn't take a peek at your blog and spoil the surprise after all.

Next was Karen T, with a charming Wedding card. Lots of flourishes, peel offs, flowers, leaves, lacy edges, a Wedding couple - all making a very full of detail card. And a cleverly done horseshoe too - not that it turned out to be needed - apparently the wedding is off! As I commented, how very rude of them to do such a thing  - although, better now than afterwards I guess :)

Mary Mac flew in next, bringing a selection of cards and they are all lovely. The real snippets one is the third one down, for a chap, and just perfect Mary. Great colour choice and some great embossing and punching of suede paper too. I bet your son-in-law will be so pleased with it Mary! Good to see you back home and playing again.

Next was Irene, with a brilliant card for a chap - the eight squares are a great idea and I do love the way you used all those SU nautical stamps Irene. Great mix of blues and the whole effect is really stunning - I've been scrabbling through my SU catalogue, I suspect Irene might have just used partial images in some places and it works so well!

OK, so we're into Rudolph Week as it was Rudolph Day on the 25th over at Sarn's, and you still have time to join in - up until Wednesday 1st August at 7pm GMT. And, to enter into the fun Victoria hopped into the playground with two absolutely super cute Rudolph cards - both very cleverly made by using SU punches in a totally different way - teamed with great papers and embossing too. I love both of them Victoria, so couldn't choose a favourite - and also love the little kitten all set to play Quidditch. Aaaaw.

Elizabeth was next and she brought two Christmas cards, using the same stamp but doing over stamping on the second one. I love both of them and the added touches of glitter on the trees are just perfect. If really pressed I'd probably choose the second one for the added detail - but would be delighted to have either on my mantelpiece this Christmas Elizabeth.

Then Sarn arrived, with a stunning easel card, made using SU products which always go together so well, for her monthly card class she now runs (go Sarn, just wish I lived closer). I adore the Aviary Stamp set and the colours (Rose Red and white) are fabulous together - do take a peek, you'll be inspired I'm sure. Very elegant card Sarn! 

And, last but not least, Amanda hopped in for a play and to show us a really great card for someone who just passed their driving test - the detail is just perfect Amanda, and it doesn't matter how many or how few snippets you use, every little bit might help to reduce the pile. Love all the different elements on the card and it's sure to be loved by the recipient.

Amanda made me laugh, wondering whether to make a Wedding card now for a December Wedding, I said go for it and I see so did a lot of others. Clever Victoria suggested putting on her blog where the safe place is that Amanda might store it in so we can remind her!

Phew, I did this in pretty quick time today - so just need to schedule it for this evening/midnight and I can now 'relax' by doing some ironing whilst watching TV - there might be some Olympics events I fancy idly gawping at.

Next weekend a flying visit to us is 'scheduled'. It's well over a year since we last saw Mia and Livi and a lot of things have changed in that time - not least themselves I expect. Plans are for us to go to Peppa Pig Land next Saturday - and in the days running up to their visit I'd be too busy to do a roll call, plus it's likely I could be lying down afterwards in a dark room recovering from going to see Peppa Pig on August Bank Holiday weekend. Anyone want to tag along, or are you all too sensible?

So, I propose to let the playground stay open for a two week run this time. I'll still be commenting on your own blogs, and also watching out for go-karts, pogo sticks and such of course :)

Have a great couple of weeks, keep using those snippets in between perhaps catching some Olympic events, and the playground will close on Saturday 11th August at noon UK time. If things change and the proposed visit gets cancelled then I'll revert to the usual one week but would let you know.

Mr Linky is below as usual.


The only conditions to playing nicely in the Snippet Playground are that your card (or anything else you wish to bring here to show) must be made by using up snippets (card, paper, lace and ribbon are all fine), and a link back to here in your own blog posting will mean that you'll be included in the Weekly Roll Call. Oh, and no nipping or hair pulling of course :)


  1. Busy minding me own business in blogland and your post popped up in front of me. Hadn't realised the time!!! Fabby card. Wot else did you buy in Hobbycraft then apart from half the shop? Have a nice time with the visit. I have done me ironing so I sit back and relax a bit now I don't have to race around making a card in a hurry!!
    Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. 'The Doc' spotted your card on the side dresser and said what a lovely card and that the dress was sooooooo me and my colours!!!!!
    (See he can be nice when he wants to).

  2. This is super Di, I love that embossed scalloped border and the bags look great.
    We went to Peppa Pig World with our grandchildren last year, Daisy still talks about it!
    Whereabouts in Hampshire do you live?I'm in Locks Heath, are we neighbours?
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  3. First of all, sorry for placing my name at Mr. Linky, it's still early and I thought this was for leaving a comment, whoops, lol.
    I think you made an amazing card and I really love the little handbags.
    hugs from Holland,

  4. Love this card, such pretty bags...oh I love handbags lol. Have a great time with your little visitors and I am sure Peppa Pig Land will be quiet in August !!!!Hugs, Amanda x

  5. Great stamp Di . . . and I love how you've used the LIM sketch for your layout. FAB! xxx

  6. Brilliant card Di, and wonderful stamps. Me love bags.

    Thank you for all of your hard work with the challange - it is so apprecited.

    Yes, you are right I do partial stamping.


  7. Fab roll call and delightful snippet LIM card - I've never seen the handbags stamp set - certainly a good buy. x

  8. Another great round-up of the week's snippets in action! Thank you so much for all you do and for entertaining us so well :) Have fun with the crowds!!

  9. Hi Di

    A brilliant snippet make. My Sister would love this!

    Loving the stamp set .. .. just perfect for those pesky dinky scraps.

    Wonderful role call too. I don't know how you manage to find so many interesting things to share with us.

    Hope your visit is a good one.

    Love Jules xx

  10. Love the stamps not seen that one before. Great embossing too.

  11. Hello Di, lovely card and you are so right about those stamps, they are perfect for using on tiny scraps - not a thing wasted :)

    I've been into the playground early this week and, as you are taking a break at Peppa Pig Land, I plan to take a break too - that is, from snippet makes. Only because I do not want you to be absolutely swamped once you return.

    It does meant that I will probably be making even more snippets in the meantime but I'll have fun finding uses for them after the break :))

    Enjoy your time with the family - it's all precious.

    Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  12. Hi Di, Gosh your so good with these Lim challenges and this one is another stunning card really pretty and elegant too! l like those handbags almost realistic looking wouldn't mind borrowing one for a days great sentiment and Scalloped edge, thank you once again for your lovely comments have a great day:) x

  13. FAbulous card Di
    Brilliant take on our sketch
    LOVE that stamp
    Thanks as always
    "Less is More"

  14. I love, love, love your bags of fun card, Di. So unique!!

    Great job on the roll call once again, especially with so little sleep!!

    Yes, you're right, dummy over here means a stupid person. I had put more in my comment on Sandra's blog but chickened out. I wanted to say I could just imagine some poor British mom, over here for a visit, saying to her child in public, "C'mon, Lulu, pick your dummy up off the floor and let's go."

    Don't know why I thought twice the other day, but today I have no filter; it just cracks me up, so I'm sharing with you!

  15. Hello there Di, Gorgeous bag card and so perfect for LIM Thanks so much for visiting and leaving wonderful comments:0) I'm sorry it's taken so long to reply, the grandchildren sure take it out of me LOL Seems you are going to be having some similar fun? Peppa Pig world, mmmmm My gorgeous girlies loved it, well the 4yr old did anyway LOL Have a wonderful time, hugs Gay xxx

  16. Love these handbags!

    Rebecca x

  17. Woo Hoo! Great roll call again this week Di!
    AND! I can get the go-kart out for a little while! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Vroom Vroom!!

  18. Thanks Honey for the reminder. I hope her dress doesn't get dirty and all the girls are gentle with Catriona. I think she would love a go on the swings!

  19. Fantastic LIM card Di, think I may dip my toe this week over at LIM :)

    Not heard of Peppa Pig Land but it certainly sounds fun, hope you have a great time.

    Have a lovely Monday Di xx

  20. BRILLIANT card Di - love the row of bags and the w-on-w border - it's stunning.

  21. The things you stumble across in Hobbycraft my! my! I cant imagine doing that myself, Di (tee hee!) just lve your wee card and made in in before lunchtime bell this time.. wow not as late as I thought! love Shaz in Oz.xx

  22. Had a spare five minutes so waste not want not is wot I say.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  23. Sorry, Di, #19 is a wrong link! x

  24. YAY - I made it into the playground again this week xxx

  25. Hi Di! Wow you have a lot of players in your playground already this week! Love your card, very pretty and CAS!
    My mum didn't sneak a look at my blog luckily, and she loved her card thank you ;)
    Laura xx

  26. I love this card, Di, it's so girly! What a great sentiment, too!

    Have a great weekend!

    love Mags B x

  27. Lovely card Di! Great snippet make!

  28. Wow! Haven't we all been busy in the Playground this week?!! Sunny weather???!!!
    Hope you had a good time in Peppa Pig Land today Honey.

  29. I really don't envy you writing this roll call up Honey! Better get some grape juice ready! xx

  30. Like the clean, sharp vitality of the white & the purses. Very chic. Just made a simple card that has some snippets so trying to get in the playground, if nothing else, just to watch all the fun. Ya'll have a great time on the swings...(hope I linked's been a while!) :-)

  31. I am sure you will like these decorating the Playground Miss!

  32. Great card Di and wow...What a lot of entries.
    Lynne xxx

  33. I ran as fast as I could and I made it....whew....I need a good swing. Question....what do you call it when a friend pushes you really high as she runs under the swing? We always called it an under duck....anyone up for one? Well, have a great week. See you next week...I hope!


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