Wednesday 17 October 2012

WOYWW - 176

Phew, I was still flying at 30,000 feet here on Sunday after the fun of Saturday's WOYWW Crop. Ha, and then today I remembered that Julia gave us some homework to do.

In a lovely little goodie bag, along with chocklits (as if we truly could eat another morsel for 24 hours), and a darling pincushion made by Jan (thank you so much) - our WOYWW leader had included this:
A little cello bag with the above ingredients in, so for fear of being in bother for late homework, this is what I rustled up yesterday afternoon - amazing how bleached the colours are in the photo below, the piccie above shows the lovely richness:)
I just backed the spotty plastic stuff with double sided sticky film and (badly) trimmed round it, used the little scrap of lace as 'smoke from the chimney', stuck the house on top, used the flower and topped it with a red button threaded with twine, then stamped an Elzybells sentiment and topped off the letter 'i' with a single red gem.

Now I have a leftover strip of red spotty ribbon, more red gems, some clear ones and a satin heart to play with...........that could be even more taxing :)

To see what others may have made (and they'll have been much more inspired I know 'cos they were all so talented) - hop over to Julia's for a nose, and you'll find a shed load of fascinating desks (and Helen's floor) to see I'm sure!

Happy WOYWW :)



  1. Hi Helen,

    Sounds like you ladies all had such a fab time at the crop, hope you have a great week crafting...


  2. ooh Di - you are on the ball aren't you?!???

    How lovely of Julia and Jan to gift you some homework - they are so thoughtful, even after all their hard work at making it happen.

    I've enjoyed reading some of the different accounts of the day from different perspectives - I still have a few ladies to go and visit and read their story. Next time for me hopefully!

    Love the little house - love the polka dots, especially in red. I might case that card next time I need one...

    big hugs and happy WOYWW 176

    Paula x x x

  3. Sweet little card...I am oh so envious that you got to go to the crop! Must have been so much fun to meet everyone!!!

    We need more pictures!!!

  4. Homework! You didn't tell me about that - nice work though. Love the spotty stuff and I like the way you've used the lace to represent smoke - clever :) Still reading reports of the crop and still envious ... I'll get over it ... some day. Here's wishing you a great week and a happy WOYWW. Hugs, Elizabeth x #40

  5. A fun day together and homework too? I do love what WOYWW has done to so many lives.
    A x #62

  6. Didn't you do well? Mine is barley opened, let alone worked on! And DOH! I am not entirely sure we even made eye contact when you passed out your little bookmarks!! You may note on my blog I said I had no idea who made them, yet I had a sort of image of you in my head. I just was incapable of linking the face I was seeing with your name! And we actually spoke for quite a which should have solidified thing in my feeble brain. No matter - I LOVE my bookmark and have it in service already (marking my place in Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail - too much drama in the upcoming election, better to hark back to 1972!) and it even matches, colourwise, the book cover.

    Lovely to meet you, and now you are totally in my head so watch out in Morrisons! :)

    Mary Anne

  7. Couldn't have teacher handing in her homework late Miss Di ;)

    Love the design you've made, l am a sucker for anything red!

    Happy woyww xx

  8. Oooh er! I haven't done my homework so I'll be in trouble! Then again Miss will let me off as I didn't get home until Monday night.
    You should get a gold star!
    Love Jo x

  9. Hi Di - what a good girl you are handing in your homework so promptly!! You get an A* from me. I wish I could have joined in the fun - maybe next time!!! Have a great week WOYWW Hugs from Helen 77

  10. Oh well done Miss Di - I havent done my card yet! And for goodness sake bin the leftovers, or you'll be getting a name for yourself!!

  11. I saw this card on another WOYWW site and was surprised to see another until I read it was your homework! Well done for finishing! Karen T 93 x

  12. Di you have been elusive, but I have finally found your blog and added it to my Google reader. Lovely to meet you on Saturday and thank you muchly for my bookmark.

    ** Kate **

  13. Fab card lovely! You are right, I've been flying high and smiling loads as I recall different bits of our day. I loved meeting you and it felt like we've known each other for years. What a great time we had, lots of laughing, ha ha me and Lisa making you laugh with our tales. Food, how yummy was it? I ate so much but then I just had to try it all. Thanks you for my Bookmark too, perfect reminder and you made a blue one so it perfect for me! Take care Zo xx 78


    waves frantically

    Am I right was it you that gave me the bookmark?

    I am SOOO sorry I did not get to talk with everyone at any length and suspect I only said hello thank you and good bye to your good self -

    I will try harder next time,

    dxxx a hundred and something (106)

  15. Love the lacy smoke!! That's a clever idea and it works really well :D
    Dunno about you, but I was pooped on Sunday and have spent the rest of the week chasing my tail.....
    I love the way everyone's talking about the 'next one'!!! The NEC as a venue perhaps??? LOL
    Take care,
    LLJ 56 xxx

  16. Oooh I like the card - sounds like you all had a blast on Saturday! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl no. 57

  17. It's fascinating to see what everyone has been making with the same bits and bobs while hopping around the desks today. I love your dotty house, Di.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #84

  18. I've seen crop photos, food photos, but no homework until NOW. Way to go, Di. Happy WOYWW from # 2

  19. Just saw your lovely message on my blog Di ... thank you SO much for getting in touch. I blogged this morning for the first time in ages and then just decided to pop back and have a snoop around the blogs I like to follow and spotted your message. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love Debbie xXx (didn't know where else to leave this message for you so sorry it isn't a WOYWW message) xXx

  20. Sounds like you ladies all had such a fab time at the crop. Sweet card, love the 'smoke'.

  21. You ladies all had such a fab time from all the pics I have seen. Cute card, really like that spotty plastic stuff. Sandy :) #54

  22. Would love to get homework like that. From looking around at different photos and descriptions it's obvious you all had an amazing time. Anne x #136

  23. what a fun crop you were able to go to!
    I am having so much fun seeing the goodies and photos.
    I almost feel as if I were there :)
    Mary Jo #115

  24. Sounds like you had a great time and have done very well with your homework!!! x Jo

  25. Phew, I am always glad when I reach your blog as 9 times out of 10 you are my last one to comment on as you are up so early and the first to post, mmm.
    Fabulous new home card, great idea to use the ribbon for the smoke, great flower.

    Kath x

  26. Hello Di,

    Great card! I think a polka dot house would be VERY fun to live in! I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's photos of the Crop. I wonder if it's going to be a yearly thing..... or perhaps having one in Santa Fe?!?

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #18

  27. Thanks for reminding me about the homework and trust YOU for being Miss Goody Twoshoes! I can see mine being a C theme and maybe a layout....oh! I dunno!
    Fabulous day and hope we can do that again ....soon!
    Hettie and Fergus!

  28. Lovely card. Glad you had a good crop
    Famfa (12)

  29. How like Julia to give you all homework!! I've seen some interesting variations I can tell you! Amazing what a bunch of people will do with the same goodies! Hope you've recovered by now.

    Brenda 3

  30. Fab card and loved meeting you Saturday.
    Thanks for visiting my desk already

    Kyla #55

  31. SUPER cute card, Di--it's been fun woywwing and hearing about the crop!

    #137 this week

  32. I think it's quite a riot that the head mistress had to do homework!! And mighty fine work you did, too. I adore the polkie-dottie house with the lacie smoke! Seems a totally whimsy place to live.

    I'm still WOYWWing my way around ... have a wonderful week! Darnell #35

  33. Hi, Di.
    I am sorry I'm so late, I really thought I popped in on Wednesday... It was great meeting you on Saturday. am just attempting my homework now, ready to submit to Queen Julia next Wednesday. Love how you used your kit. Hugs, Helen. (4)

  34. Sounds like the whole day was a blast... gorgeous "homework"! Belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  35. Such a cute card! I apologized on a posting after WOYWW for not being able to get around. The desktop keeps a tab on who I visited and I was using the laptop but I am still managing to sneak around and see a few more desk!Tamika #124


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