Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Baubles stickers - update and link

Just found these online - they aren't 'puffy' ones but could work just as well I think for the card I showed in the post below:
Not my day, have run out of vinegar for finishing off the pickled onions - Sainsburys here I come!



Amanda said...

Thank you for finding these, they are gorgeous. Hugs, Amanda x

Sandra H said...

They look just as good as the ones on your card Di thanks for sharing them xx

MagsB said...

Aren't they pretty!

love Mags B x

scrappymo! said...

You have been busy playing Suzie homemaker this week. Piccalilli and now pickled onions...you are puttin gme to shame.
I am ashamed to say that i haven't made pickles since the girls were in elementary school...now they are 36 and 37!!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I think they will work fabulous for the quickie card!

I am going to have to keep that card design in mind. A friend of mine wants me to make her some Christmas cards. But, dang! I hardly have time to make my own let alone someone else's!