Friday, 19 October 2012

Most of the work was done for me my lovely Playground Scamp friend Mrs A :) I finally dipped into the gorgeous roses and butterflies that she sent to me a few weeks ago and made this:

Aren't the roses absolutely perfect, even down to droplets of dew - and the little shrink plastic butterflies are still fluttering around here, with the makings of another card - which I can't show for a while (ssshh, Livi's birthday soon).

So all I had to do for the card above was to pick the shades of pink, do a bit of embossing and cutting and there you go!

I used:

- A6 white card stock

- white card stock embossed using a Marianne Designables 'Swirls' embossing (and cutting at the same time) folder

- pink backing card from the snippets folder

- three little pearls, the very tail end of a pack still on my desk from making Christmas 'bauble tree' cards - isn't it great when you actually use every single embellishment in a little packet? :)

- and of course, two delightful 'Mrs A Specials' roses and one butterfly

There are so many shades of white and there's something I do, but I bet loads of you already know this one. When I want absolutely the same shade of white,obviously I use the same card - this might be, say, a ready scored bought card from a pack. So, I will use another card and then mark the leftover piece lightly on the back with the size of card I chopped it from which means it's easy to be sure the white is the same. Of course, if you always make your own cards from scratch then this isn't in the least bit relevant and I could, as have been told, be teaching Granny to suck eggs :)

Today here we have young Abi (Abigail) with us for the day - she's off school right now as her shoulder keeps dislocating - ack!! It's been a long term problem but this is now constantly happening - soooooo, rather than be 'home alone', she's coming round for the day. Not sure if she wants to settle down with Hank and Marvin the Monkeys and I think her Monkey Marcel is also nipping round for the day to just read on a sofa for schoolwork, in which case I'll iron and 'be here'. If it's time we can really share, then I could sit at the dining room table with her and stick inserts into cards (sigh, a ton to do!!) whilst we chat or she does other schoolwork. Whatever, it'll be nice to have her company and see life through the eyes of a 15 year old. I could learn a LOT!!

Snort, I bet she doesn't fancy peeling umpteen kg of pickling onions ready for Christmas pickle stocks - nope me neither :( They can wait!

This is scheduled as I'm having back problems once again :( BUT, little and often as they say, snort!! :)

Edit: Diane, from the Ladybug Crafts Ink DT, commented that this card qualifies for their current challenge which is 'Flowers and Embossing', so I'd like to enter please :)



scrappymo! said...

Very, very pretty card.
I hope your back feels better each passing day...mine sure does!!!

Your poor grandaughter. I think shoulder problems are one of the most terrible.
When we remodeled our house, our electrition was a friend of my SIL's. He had his should go out in the middle of the job...he asked me to leave eyesight of the room as he didn't want to scare me. He had to sort of slam his shoulder into the wall thereby popping it back into place. I scurried away and could hear him moan as he managed to get it back in...Poor fellow!
He owned his own business and worked right up till surgery date as he had to support his family!

Healing thoughts sent for your grandaughter and hope it settles into place soon.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah indeed chronic issues are a problem lets hope there is s solution for her.
I am also sorry to hear of back probs Di and yes!! I love these Marianne dies, they are so classical and of course the roses - Mrs. A is really clever!
I dont think her monkeys helped her make these!! God bless, Shaz in oz.x

Amanda said...

Those roses are stunning Di, mrs a is one clever girl. Sorry to hear about Abigail's shoulder as someone who has had ths happen a lot too I can sympathise. Have a fun time and I think I would suggest the insert bit rather than the ironing thingy. Hugs, Amanda x

Anonymous said...

Morning Di, lovely card today, love the touches of colour and the way it matches the pretty flowers. Mrs A is a star!

Sorry to hear about your back, I have inherited one too but find my tens machine helps. When l wear it, it makes me sit down for 20 mins and rest so l'm sure that helps with recovery.

Don't look through those 15yr old eyes, it'll scare the poo out of you. I think they have it a lot tougher than l did, more pressures and worries!

Right, shall l bring my 22lb of pickling onions over to yours and we can cry and stink together lol

Take it easy, ironing is not good for a poorly back!


Annie said...

Have a lovely day with Abi....just maybe she would enjoy sticking inserts into cards :-)
Really love those pretty and pink :-)
A x

Carol Willis said...

Gorgeous card Di, love the roses, butterflies and beautiful embossing.
Caz x

Sarn said...

Morning Di . . . hope you recover from your back problems soon.

You and Abi can be two (old) crocks together! Hope you have a fun day.

Keep taking the pain killers.

Sarn x

Sarn said...

Oops! Forgot to say how pretty your card is. The embossing sets off those roses a treat. xxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your back, and also Abi's shoulder, that must be painful for you both, but sniggered at Sarn's comment above!! Love the card and those flowers are so pretty. I put "dew" on some shop bought Prima's once, put them on a card, showed them to Andrew where he said "You can't give that card to someone, you spilt glue on the flowers!"!! Maybe I was a bit heavy handed, lol!


Gillian R said...

Lovely card Di, Mrs A's flowers are beautiful. Hope there is not too much drama in shoulder department this afternoon

Sandra H said...

Hi Di, Such a beautiful card the embossing is stunning and to see the pink behind it is gorgeous lovely butterflys too from Mrs A nice to see you have put them to use on such a lovely creation xx

Mrs A. said...

Blow me that card looks fab. Dunno where you got them flowers from!!! When you run just shout and I'll do some more. Gotta keep those snippets under control. Hope yer back eases off for you. Been lugging stuff over to the tip yesterday and done me shoulder in.
A good soaking in the bath made it feel better along with the wine of course.Hugs Mrs A.

Kathleen said...

This is a fabulous, classy and beautiful card, I love it, from the flowers, white and especially the embossing folder.
Hope you have had a good day and that your back is getting better.
I have pickled a load of onions but still have some to do but Hubby has complained and says I have to do them when he's out as they make his eyes water. Trouble is he hasn't been out for days as he is painting the kitchen. Men.
They don't affect me but there again I am a woman and used to dealing with onions.
Have a good weekend Di

Kath xxx

Joey said...

Hiya Di, Your card is absolutely STUNNING, and so elegant I love it! I hope you got to see the world through the eyes of a 15 year old and can relay it all to us lol, as for me being youthful, dont be fooled by the camera, notice it was a side shoot rofl. Hope your back is feeling better soon. Joey xxxx

Hettie said...

Owch!! Poor fing. My nephew has just had surgery on his shoulder caused by rugby and similar issues!!!

Sorry to hear about your back playing up....hope it is nowt to do with Saturday!
Sending gentle hugs

Diane's Card Designs said...

Wow.....what a gorgeous elegant card. Love the embossing and the flowers look stunning.
You could enter this into Ladybug Crafts Ink Challenge, Embossing & Flowers. The link to get to the challenge is in my sidebar.

Have a lovely weekend!
Diane xx

moira said...

very nice

Darnell said...

Oh, Di, your card made with the spectacular roses from Mrs. A, is the loveliest card I've seen in dog's years! I just want to eat it with a spoon!!

I'm so sorry to hear your back went out again. My sympathies abound! Gentle hugs! Darnell

Diane's Card Designs said...

Hi Di, Thank you for entering you card in the Challenge over at Ladybug Crafts Ink.
Good luck!
Diane xx

Kerry said...

50 Shades of White Di lol!!! I do exactly what you do...surely white is white hmph! Love your card...the embossing is gorgeous as are your flowers...very striking! Thanks so much for joining in our Flowers and Embossing Challenge at LCI this fortnight xx