Wednesday 10 October 2012

WOYWW - 175

I've been missing in action lately, but with the forthcoming Saturday WOYWW Crop looming (only three more sleeps!!) I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed I was tarred and feathered and run outta town by a hoard of WOYWWers screaming 'Go, you ain't been joining in lately and you can't come and play wiv us - so there!!'.

So, I thought I'd show a little peek of the total pigsty I'm currently working in - between doing 1001 other things (except for housework and ironing):
Happy now? Can I still come and play please?

You can see I'm sorta working on about five things at once, and getting nowhere fast. On Saturday I intend to curl up in a corner and just sleep while you all play - it's the only way I'll get some peace from the mayhem going on here! Trust me - it'll be a whole load more peaceful.......wake me up when there's food to be had though :)

Happy WOYWW - to see what on earth I'm rabbiting on about, nip over to Julia's here.



  1. Hi Di,

    Had to laugh when I read your post I don't think your going to get a chance to sleep on Saturday lol..
    So love the cards your making that tree stamp is just lovely...
    Have a great weekend at your crop hope to see some of the creations you made their next Wednesday....


  2. It's a boo hoo week for me as I am not going to the crop and you all are. I already had something booked! So if anyone says anything to you say you are in my place as I do blog weekly.
    Have a wonderful time and don't sleep all the day you will miss so much.
    Hugs, Neet 29 xx

  3. I shall be at little Steve's 1st birthday party Sat so can't come to play :-( Really hope you all have a wonderful time [please give Annie hugs to all you meet]
    A x #68

  4. You auto qualify for Saturday - everyone does. I defy you to sleep though - not a chance!! But...if you do...then no, I can't guarantee to wake you for food......I'm not good at sharing!!

  5. Happy WOYWW Di. Wow - that's one, er, INTERESTING desk you have there!

    LOVE the WIP festive cards. Lots of bling.

    Sarn xxx

  6. All blinged up ready for Christmas by the look of your workdesk! Lots of lovely bling to enjoy. Karen T 90 x

  7. Ah fab it'll be lovely to meet you, Di. Great desk pics, and yeah I reckon we all try to do a million and one things and end up in a pickle, or is that just me?!!! Take care Zo xx 84

  8. My desk looked a bit like that yesterday! I get a rush of inspiration and get about 5 different toppers out then realise I don't know what to do with them all and then put them all away again (hence no WOYWW from me today). Love the christmas card with gems!!
    Laura xx

  9. I was going to say that it is alright by me to come and play but if you are going to just curl up and chance!! Not if you sit anywhere near me any ways!!
    Woo Hoo! only 3 more sleeps!!

  10. Oooo, I love that Christmas Tree stamp you’re using Di and it looks amazing all blinged up.
    You’ll have a fab time at the crop and there’ll be no time for sleeping or crafting for that matter, knowing how you lot can talk, Lol!

    Happy Crafting!

  11. Hope you all have a fab time at the crop - take lots of pics - I would set an alarm for your pre lunch nap or it sounds as if you might go home hungry. lol. x Jo

  12. Wish I was going to be there on Saturday, but I'm not even here today, officially that is. But I just had to call in and have a peek at what you are up to - looks a lot like Christmas. I'm sure you won't sleep through any of it, so enjoy yourself and maybe give me a passing thought on the day. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  13. We're a funny bunch. Feel guilty if we don't post, feel guilty if our desks are messy (or alternatively, if there's no evidence of creative activity going on.) Love your gorgeous Christmas you've got there on the left and lots of fun embellishments at the ready if you decided to make more of the same design. Have fun Saturday and if you're a hugger, deliver some hugs from me (across the "pond") ~ Laura #109

  14. Hi there I am in the most awful muddle at mo as am moving my craft stuff downstairs - everything in a muddle so can't craft!! Have a great day on Saturday. Anne x #91

  15. Lucky you for having such a tidy desk and having quite a few things on the go as well. Wish mine was half that tidy but haven't got the strength to make a start on it.

    Kath x

  16. Hi Di,

    Oh, I've been MIA lately too -- but am back today. Home and happy with my new little Poppy. So far she isn't as friendly as Tulip but I'm giving her space.

    I really wish I could be there Saturday!

    Saw about 50 wild horses on the way home from Colorado yesterday - just beautiful.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #126

  17. Happy WOYWW. Have a fab time at the crop on Saturday - perhaps you can take some photos, if you stay awake! Ali x #67

  18. I dreamed my coworker got turned into a cat and I knew this voodoo priestess and we were going to ask her to change her back, but we were worried about payment, you know. So another coworker said he had just the thing. Then I woke up so I don't know what is just the thing you need to get a voodoo priestess change you back into human form after you've been turned into a cat. I do know you should use baby wipes and a pry bar for removing tars and feathers. Yes, I know that because I read it on the internet and you can believe everything you read on the internet. Is that a pile of pearls or jewels on your desk? Either way they are fab but I'm more into pearls these days, not that it should influence you any. Have some nap for me on Saturday.

  19. a girl has to have her priorities and going to the crop is important. As far as sleeping while there...I would just bet the lot would let you sleep through so I would make sure I took enough cash to pay someone to wake me up when it was time to tie on the feed bag! Just sayin...Vickie #41

  20. Happy WOYWW Di, great desk. Love, adore, want that Christmas tree design, it looks fabby with the embellishments on. Also, spotted the lovely SU sailing boat, has a certain person given you inspiration this week?

    Sorry to hear your week is manic, you have the WOYWW weekend to look forward too though!

    Take care xx

  21. Love the bling tree on your desk.... Have a fabulous time on Saturday....I did not link this week as so busy at work... SO have a fun filled Saturday... Hugs May x x x

  22. I'm sure they'll welcome you back with open arms not tar! Love all the bling I see on your desk! Tamika #14

  23. I've got a great tip for you...deep thru the nose and out thru the really works...if I can block out helicopters with just one deep breath, you can do this!
    Other than that gem....I have no advice!

  24. I very much doubt that you'll be shirking in a corner Di. Shrieking perhaps, but definitely not shirking!! I'm here late enough to have seen the lovely finished cards, you really did get a lot of lovely bling didn't you?! Have a great time at the crop, we have a forecast of pouring rain for practically two days, but a) we still really need the rain and b) it means I can stay home and craft. Itching to get going again.

    Brenda 1

  25. Didn't we have fun? Great to meet you in person. Look forward to seeing your desk again next week! (this week!)


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