Tuesday 2 October 2012

A Tuesday Tale - 'The last word'

Yesterday's card, and me wondering just what the Oriental/ Japanese wording on the stamp I used might be, reminded me of this tale I heard ages ago:
Towards the end of WWII we had quite a few German POWs over here - but, us being 'jolly fair Brits', a lot of them were allowed to have a fair amount of freedom and to work outside of the camps for pocket money.

One very nice young German was employed by a lady seeking someone to tend to her gardens. She took quite a liking to the young chap and gave him pretty much free rein so, when he suggested that it would be really nice to plant crocus bulbs in the rather large front lawn, she readily agreed thinking 'How jolly to have naturalised crocuses popping up in the Spring'.

The end of the war meant that he was repatriated before Spring came and she was quite sad to see him go as he'd worked diligently and been no trouble at all. Sure enough, little green shoots began to appear in the front lawn once the snow began to clear. After a while, a few days of sunshine meant they began to bloom and they were quite a sight to behold.

That is, until she glanced out of an upstairs bedroom window to admire them from above and realised that he'd left her a message - they spelt out 'HEIL HITLER'.



  1. Hehehe typical!
    A x
    ps I'm just online having a quick catch up while the munchkins have their naps. :-)

  2. Ha - I just had another look at your pic to see what yours spelt out!! x Jo

  3. Oh dear, that isn't good, naughty gentleman


  4. LOL - you've got to admire the man's spirit! I'm impressed that he had the temerity to do that. But how embarrassing for the lady concerned ... I bet she was out with the trowel digging them up even before the birds could get at them :)) Another great tale, Di. Elizabeth xx

  5. Onnly embarrassing if she invited other to her bedroom (window)!

  6. Whoops! Hope she wasn't overlooked by the neighbours! I am back from my travels, Di and didn't manage to catch a Zebra, but the Giraffe were very obliging - do you think there is room in the playground?!

  7. Hi Di - love your geisha girls - they are so pretty and I love the colours.

    As for your story - I did chuckle, you can just imagine it can't you.

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  8. What a sheltered life I have led, you don't half have some fab stories.

    Kath x

  9. Loved the story.And you told it so well. TFS

  10. Tee hee. I wondered where the story was going.......

    Catching up on some blog hopping today.



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