Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pixie's Crafty Snippets Playground - winners for last week

Finally found a few minutes to run the Random Number thingie - first of all for this brilliant stamp set:
I have to be honest - I almost fell off my seat here with delight as the winner will be running round the Playground screaming at the top of her voice. Any guesses who? And there was absolutely no jiggery pokery either - the Random Number thingie popped straight up with this little person:
I know you're all gonna be delighted for Sam as she's produced some wonderful Sheena Douglass work lately and I bet she'll be running to the loo in excitement :) Make sure you don't leave any puddles en route young lady!

It was such a busy week as a few of you were so longing to win the Ryn Tanaka 'Water Droplets' stamp. Sadly there was only one to be won so I checked the number of people who entered three times, grabbed the sunhat and this is the name that popped out:
Now that tickled me too as Kimbo really didn't think she'd manage to make three entries as she was away from home with limited craft supplies - but she did enter three times in the end, and it paid off! Well done Kim, can you please drop me an email with your snail mail address (di_wray@hotmail.com) and the stamp will be in your paws ASAP!

Now, remember that there's another 'Water Droplets' stamp to be won this week - just enter three times and it could be yours. Do keep trying - you know me, I have a little plan and there just might be an additional one to be won if you entered last week and this coming week - for pure Percy Veerance!

I slept for almost twelve hours last night - wonder why? :)

Edit: Just realised, I must seem like a bit of a slave driver adding the third chance to win a droplets stamp - it's not compulsory, but it could be so worth it :))



Hettie said...

Yahoo! An just where do I find Mr Linky to give him a big sloppy snog then?
Thanks Di!

Sarn said...

CONGRATULATIONS Sam and Kimbo. Bet you have great fun playing with your prizes.

And . . . Sam . . . Mr Randomn Number Generator will be VERY unhappy if you snog Mr Linky!


Hettie said...

OK! So I will snog both!! And the cat! Or dog!!
This is getting silly now!
Well done to Kimbo too!

Anonymous said...

That's a great stamp set for Sam to have won, let's hope she stops snogging everything in sight and actually show us what she makes with it!!


PS, congrats to Kimbo too! Hope you're now feeling refreshed Di!

Di said...

Hey up - what about Spike then? :)

Karen said...

Congrats Sam and Kimbo! Glad to hear you had a lovely time Di and not surprised your body needed te rest Di. Have a slow couple of days hugs Karen x

Mrs A. said...

Congrats to Sam and Kimbo. It's ok Miss I have located the missing sheepie. He wos! Best not tell where I found I'm. Hugs Mrs a.

Sandra H said...

Many congratulations to both Sam and Kimbo enjoy your goodies xx

Darnell said...

Oh, so glad to hear you got 12 hours of sleep, Di! You must be feeling almost human again!!

Congratulations to Sam and Kimbo! How fun that they won!!

(And I loved your Percy Veerance comment!!)

Debs Willis said...

Congrats to both Sam & Kimbo - I see Sam's playing kiss chase in the playground with anything that moves - scary!!!
Looking forward to seeing what she makes with that stamp :-)

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations to both Sam and Kim - I'm sure they are going to have fun using those stamps. Elizabeth xx

scrappymo! said...

Too funny Hettie!!!

Congrats to you both!

Kimbo said...

Oh Wowsers, thanks so much Mr Random and of course Di. So glad I managed to play along. And well done Sam - off to re-look at your blog for those Sheena creations. Thanks again x