Sunday, 16 June 2013

Old Basing Village Carnival

I know, I said I was cutting back a bit but just wanted you to share yesterday - but put your waterproofs and warm clothes on first - such a shame about the foul weather but we still had a fun time!

A lovely Hampshire Shire horse, pausing for a rest - and it also left (err) plenty of 'rose manure'.
A tiny little American Kestrel, absolutely no weight to it at all - huge happy eyes and apparently as tame as can be in the home and loves watching TV on the owners' shoulders!
Having a little stretch of the wings as these birds just love to 'hover' - see, no need for even  a glove :)
 Archery - the 'chaps' looking for overshot arrows in the undergrowth!
 I just like this as it shows all the lovely colours of the 'fletchings' - feathers in 'old speak'.

A lovely day, despite the weather - brilliant people and such a great community. Where else would you get a cider stall trading a few bottles (which we gleefully consumed) in exchange for a 'have a go' on the archery - hic?!



scrappymo! said...

Too bad the weather was not it's best! Looks like a fun time. That little kestral is fab...amazing that you don't need a leather glove to protect the hand and arm!

Loved the few bottles and archery the best! Maybe you did too!

Cathy said...

Fantastic pics, looks like you had fun :) Cathy x

Mrs A. said...

Can we have a Shire horse please Miss for the playground!! Sam won't mind doing a bit of extra shovelling up. Hugs Mrs A.

Mary said...

I'm with Mrs. A. Can we have a horse? Can we please? I'm sure Mrs A. Will help with the shoveling. Lovely photos.

ike said...

Oooh - I am glad you had a good time even though the weather was poop !!
I LUV cider so that's where I would have been LoL
IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Irene said...

Hello Di

I'm with everyone can we pretty please have a Shire horse. Brilliant pics Di, a pity about the weather but I'm sure the cider made up for it LoL.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah so glad you are smelling the roses Di! and pass some of the manure downunder :D ah well maybe not..
So agree with your post below and love the Th die you managed to acquire, see one good turn does deserve another, well done! Shaz in Oz.x

Sarn said...

Shame Mr Sunshine was in short supply, but it looks like a great event.

Amazing pictures of the Kestrel. Can we have one of THOSE for the playground in addition to the Shire Horse, can we, can we? PLEEEEEEZE?

Then we won't ask if we can do archery too!

Sarn xxx

Anne said...

Looks like great time had despite the weather! Anne x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I wanted to see Len's green tights..... ;-). And you in your Maid Marion costume!
I love village shows like that. Have been out playing with the band at Lambourn today!
Hugs, LLJ xxx

G Peplow said...

Looks like a fab day Di, shame about the lack of sunshine, it's been pretty chilly too! Great photos though, I love the kestrel shots he's/ she's a star!! TFS Gay x

Debs Willis said...

Such a shame about the weather , the kestrel is adorable. And I was hoping to see green tights too!!

Darnell said...

I'm sorry the weather was bust, but it looks and sounds like you didn't let it keep you from having a fantastic time, Di! Thank you, especially, for sharing the photos of the Kestrel!!

Hettie said...

Looks like a fun day out Miss.
Now then. I am not shovelling out for Mrs A's shire horse nor Sandra's Kestrel. I have enough s**t to contend with housekeeping for the Girls and my day job!
However, let me have a go on those bows and arrows please! I was good at that and javelin when I were a lass!

PS I am also good with a shotgun! My neighbour is afraid to come up our lane when he hears mine going off! I have a particular aim if you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

Ooh a shire horse in the playground! Now there's a thought. Love that little kestral and I would love to have a go at archery, really would. Quite agree with your views on blogging every day, or making something every day, it becomes too much. I had a 10 day break in between posts and missed woyww last week. Just had too much going on, and Darnell is sooo right, definitely LITS.