Saturday 1 June 2013

More animals for the Playground?

Aw, yesterday afternoon in the hotel grounds I spied this little family:
In total there are 11 ducklings plus their Mama, who's behind on the water There's also another family of only three ducklings and their Mama - no chance to catch them on camera but they're just little balls of fluff on spindly and wobbly legs - so cute!

Apparently this family above are tame enough to waddle across the decking and into the bar :)

The drakes/Daddies are of course just lying round sunbathing - such a hard life.

And before you ask - nope, am not bringing any of them to the Playground ............. now if I can catch one of the terrapins that lives in the pond.........sploosh!

There's a recipe below BTW.



  1. Morning Di, Oh they are just so cute! x

  2. Oh good grief . . . NOW you've done it . . . Mrs A will be in the pond like a shot . . . trying to hunt down terrapins. You know it!


  3. lol Sarn! very cute Di, hope you are having a fab weekend Karen x

  4. So cute - wonderful picture!

  5. LOL at both post and comments! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  6. The recipe isn't for Terrapin Stew is it?
    Just asking like!
    Hugs Mrs a.

  7. So cute! Hope they behave themselves in the bar! :)

  8. So how many ducklings are you bringing home then Miss? I want to cuddle one! As for terrapins.....not cuddly enough for me!

  9. Hop eyou are having a wonderful time!
    The ducklings are adorable!


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