Saturday 15 June 2013

The tail wagging the dog a bit here?

I had such an eye opening thought yesterday - call it a light bulb moment. It came to me that making a card every single day for here was taking over the real pleasure of crafting, and other things were sliding down the 'priority list'. Huh, that took me a while to figure out!

I have one very untidy craft room plus a huge pile of cards waiting to have inserts made, be packaged and some sent off to Rach for her RNLI fund raising. Not to even mention other household chores sliding down the slippery slope, my quest to teach myself to crochet, do some home baking, catch up with local friends and loads of other things :(
Sooooo, from now on I'm going to try to get back into crafting in a more balanced way and there won't necessarily be a card or a post every single day.

Crafting and blogging ought to be fun, fun, fun! Of course I'll still hop round and comment, of course the Playground will be totally unaffected unless I'm away playing  on 'essential teacher training courses' and (with luck) of course I'll have more time here to catch up on other things in life.

Darnell always says something very wise at the end of her posts - 'Life is too short', so more of a mix here will probably be a good thing and I'm gonna try and take more time to 'smell the roses'. I just lost two good friends in the space of 24 hours and that too has brought me up with one very big jolt - life really IS too short. Sleep well Willie and Pat, you'll be sorely missed by so many people.

Remember that the Playground is open until noon tomorrow as I'm out playing all day, with Len who's gonna be helping out with archery at the Village Carnival today :) There's a good start to smelling the roses time - once I fix my Maid Marion head dress in place and help Robin Hood into his green tights!



  1. Hi Di, I'm on my way to bed, got an early start in the morning, but just had to comment on this post. You are so right, we really do have to make hay while the sun shines. And, a bonus, if you are feeling less pressured it will be reflected in your blog posts, however fewer they are. One concern from yours truly - no mention of scrapping in that list :)) Hugs, Elizabeth xx
    PS: I may be away but I've scheduled a week of snippet posts, they just won't be linked to the playground :)

  2. Well said, Di. As we have fewer and fewer sunsets, the focus must never stray from getting the most FUN out of whatever the activity.

    I'm so sorry for the deaths of your dear friends.

    And now, I beg your pardon. You're doing what with Robin and his tights? When you adopt my "LITS" philosophy, you do me proud! Go, girl!! xxoo Darnell

  3. Sometimes it takes a tragic loss to make us evaluate the things that we enjoy, a hobby should never be a chore and I have seen many a card maker and blogger stop altogether as they have burnt out.
    I make cards now when I get an idea or want to try something new, I still have the usual birthdays etc but I am finding pleasure in the hobby again and hope to do too.
    I will miss your daily doses of wisdom but wil take comfort in the fact that you will continue posting as and when you want.
    Sending hugs, Amanda x

  4. So wise and true Di, it's often the loss of someone close that really brings home how important it is to make the most of each day.

    Your carnival sounds like such fun! Hope you have a fabulous time :) Cathy x

  5. I tip my hat to you for putting your priorities in their correct order! Life really is too short and I'm sorry for the loss of your friends. Go play some catch with that sweet little pooch in your photo :)

  6. So very true. Iv'e taken time out myself this week. Take care and enjoy your day. It's pin sticking day for me so will be sprouting like a sieve. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. Di, I came to your realization some time ago. I limit myself to following only 10 blogs, I look in on more, but don't comment on them. I love making cards and I always want to feel this way. So.... To you I say, congrats on smelling the roses. Your time away will make us all love your blog posts even more. Enjoy your day...and if a photo of you and Robin should surface....well, I'm ready for green tights.

  8. Hello Di,

    I am with you all the way, life is definately too short. Take good care of yourself and Len, and enjoy your day. Looking forward to seeing your crochet makes.

  9. Oh sorry for the loss of your friends. Life is too short and dealing with the aftermath of losing ones we love often lets us sort of "cut to the chase" and see what is really important.
    I think our hobbies whould bring us joy...not pressure. You should create whenever and whereever you should enjoy yourself...your friends would want you to do that!
    I will miss your daily posts but will smile that you are doing something else that brings you joy too...

  10. You are very wise Di. I thought you had been popping up a lot in my reader just lately. I did the same thing at the start of this year which is why I enter very few challenges now. I simply did not have the time or energy to comment on enough entries. I still look at them all; there is so much inspiration and helpful tutorials around, but I only post when I know I have time to respond adequately to the lovely comments I get - usually!!
    Enjoy your crafting. Kate xx

  11. Well said Di. I sooo agree with you. I feel guilty when I don't make card or post which is really silly! S maybe we should all take a leaf out of your book as life really is too short to not enjoy it.

  12. Have a nice weekend,
    great post, so true
    hugs Tamara

  13. So true Di. And I had to chuckle at the Maid Marion/ Robin Hood comment!! x Jo

  14. Losing 2 friends in a 24 hour span would jolt anyone ((hugs)), hope yu have a fun and relaxing week end! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  15. So sorry for the loss of your friends - what a shock to lose 2 so close together.
    totally understand what you mean, as I found htis with the combo of Magazine projects and prepping classes (both of which are necessary to pay those pesky bills!) I was not really crafting projects I really wanted to try, or using goodies I wanted to play with. Had a light bulb moment like you, and now reserve time at weekends for 'just because' crafting
    Hugs and keep your chins up
    Debs x

  16. It's always good to stop and smell the roses! I know exactly how you feel as I was feeling the same way recently. This is suppose to be FUN and not a job!
    Have fun playing some with that delightful little pup! He's (or she's ?) adorable. That little tail is really wagging!!!

  17. That is why I don't take part in any challenges! I make what I fancy when I's great. Especially now I don't have the pressure of craft fairs either...bliss. I am really enjoying making stuff for charity instead.
    Sorry to hear about your does make you more determined to enjoy every moment....
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  18. Losing good friends like that is enough to give you a jolt Di and after all crafting really should be fun. I always say that life isn't a dress rehearsal Di and we really should live every day as if it is our day we will be right so let's make every day count.
    I have had to cut back a lot on how much blogging/commenting I do because of family commitments but still hope my blogging friends know I am always here for them and will always do my best as yours will.
    Much love,
    Annie x

  19. Hello there Di - how awful to lose two friends to close together. It does make you think and put things into perspective.

    I have always wondered how some bloggers manage to post every day, I tried to post at least three times a week but even that didn't work for me so, now that I am feeling so much better, I am going to post when I can. I may even just post my DT cards, with a few others every now and then. Blogging certainly needs to be fun and not a chore. Good for you Di.

    Hugs Sue Pxxx

  20. Hi Di

    I so agree with you. Forcing yourself to do a post a day is just too much pressure. Time to take stock after such a nasty jolt. Go smell those roses.

    I now do around 3(ish) posts a week and usually give myself the weekend off. It works well for me.

    I truly am sorry to learn of the loss of your friends.

    Sending big hugs
    Sarn xxx

  21. Hi Di sorry to read about your friend's. I must admit I wondered how you managed to do all you did. I have also been thinking that I am trying to do too many things and not really enjoying my crafting at times. Sometimes think I' on a 'One woman crusade to save the world ' joining in so many things for charity. I am going to finish everything I've committed to but then stop trying to do everything. Also booked up some times away with DH I think he was feeling a bit neglected. x

  22. So true Di! I have been feeling that way this week myself. Sorry to learn of your loss.
    Now go and let your pigtails down and go down the helter skelter a few times and scream at the top of your lungs now!!

  23. I have to say Di that you are one superb Lady and you do the Playground proud and it does take up a heck of a lot of your time and you make me feel really guilty that sometimes I do not have the time to enter but you post everyday and spend so much time commenting and doing the right up that I am ashaimed.
    I have the greatest admiration for you and you do need to have a life and I respect your decision.
    Sorry about the loss of your friends and we are at the time of live where we do need to get on with things as we do not know just what time we have left, who knows what tomorrow brings.
    I am off to Filey tomorrow, sudden decision on Chris's part as he has a couple of jobs to do, so I am trying to get crafty things together to take with me and as I still have not remembered what my password is I can not access my e-mails but I will be able to follow the blogs on his i-pad.
    Have a great week.

    Kath x

  24. l can relate to all that you said Di crafting should be enjoyable and if that goes then theres no point to it l don't make as many cards because they pile up and l too send them to charities l just love making them but for reasons now have a great weekend xx

  25. Hi Di

    At least you don't go missing for days on end like me!! LOL!!!

    My blog is definitely taking a back seat at the moment - but I don't stress about it. There are only so many hours in a day and we just have to do the very best we can with them.

    We all need to smell those roses as often as we possibly can. Who knows when it will be the last time we get the opportunity.

    So sorry to read about the loss of your friends.

    Take care Di and enjoy all those roses that are waiting to be sniffed!!

    Love and hugs

    Jules xoxo

  26. So true Di, I totally agree with you. If only we could split ourselves into many so we can do multiple things all at once.

    Sorry to hear of your losses, life is a precious thing and something we all take for granted at some point. I lost my cousin last week, he was 47 and left two young children, it breaks my heart to know they will grow up without their Dad.

    Please don't feel pressure to send the cards, as and when you can will be prefect.

    Take care, sending you big hugs xx


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