Saturday 29 June 2013

Heads up for the Playground

I had a great find the other day over at MaddyLisa Crafts. I just bet lots of you crafters know about the rumpus caused when Couture Creations discontinued their gorgeous and very elegant 'Tied Together' embossing folder? I did manage to get one on eBay but they've been going for absolutely crazy prices and some folk actually stockpiled them and are 'drip feeding' them on eBay and making HUGE profits. Maybe it's me, but I think that's a bit of a low trick - but then I guess I'd never make a retailer anyhow - would just give stuff away if it made folk happy :(

So, this find - well, it's an alternative to 'Tied Together'!! It's the same size (7" x 5") although the pattern is smaller and also squarer, as well as being an exact repeat -  whereas 'Tied Together' does have some variation in the centres of the pattern.....................but it's brilliant! It's made by Crafts-Too and called 'Lattice' - take a look:
Betcha know what's coming - yup, I bought five. Had to explain to Anne, the owner of MaddyLisa, what I was up to and she has now said you can only buy two as folk are desperate for them (see my **edit below) but I was allowed to buy what I wanted :) So, make sure you check the Playground out tomorrow as (similar to the Water Droplets stamps) I'm setting you a little challenge for the chance to win one of the three folders I have on offer. One is winging its way to a lovely lady in Sunny Spain (our Kate), one is for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee and the other three will be on offer :) So you'll need to get using your snippets - or hop over to MaddyLisa's if you can't wait. At £3.75 each they really are a snip, normally selling for £4.99 - grin, I bet you'll be tempted by lots of other very reasonably priced goodies too.

** Edit: Ike just left a comment, thinking that MaddyLisa only sells to wholesalers. Don't worry, that isn't the case. Her mention of wholesalers on the shop website refers to the fact that she normally only sells a maximum of two of the same items at a time to shoppers. Apparently some wholesalers are concerned about people buying up vast quantities, draining the stocks and then making a killing on eBay later on when items are unavailable - a bit like I said at the beginning of this post. As a crafter herself, Anne likes to think that we play fair and aren't in it to make ourselves huge profits - plus, some wholesalers will 'blacklist' retailers who allow this to happen :)



  1. Hi Di, fantastic find! Thank you for being so generous and spoiling us all!! :) Cathy x

  2. OMGee Di, firstly you are very generous, secondly I buy from Anne and you are introducing more peeps to her wonderful good value web site - grrrr! I don't want my friends knowing where I buy te expensive Memory Box dies for them for Christmas from lol! Hope you are feeling much less pained today, hope that makes sense, Karen x x

  3. Hi Di - again so very generous with your goodies and sharing - I am so very fortunate to have Tied Together - I love it... Hope things are calming down for you - cheers Mxx

  4. Great find! is the 5x7 the most popular size for EF? Here we see a lot of 4x6 but most make the smaller cards...2 cards from one 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock.

    Now I am all excited about what you have planned for us next, fun, fun.
    We finally have sun is supposed to go to 40 degrees on Tuesday...we will be complaining about melting next!!!

  5. Wow, you're sure a generous lady. Woe is me, leaving home, taking no craft stuff (I pwomised!)but I will hopefully be able to visit blogs if laptop works - and enjoy from a distance. I'll be rooting for some of my fav designers & contributors to win this pretty EF! How kind & sweet you are (not to mention, being lucky enough to charm them away!) Enjoy it, and talk to you soon. Hugs, and have a great wkend.oh yes, I agree with the eBay stuff. They do same thing with PSX stamps.

  6. Thanks Di,
    have a lovely weekend
    hugs Tamara

  7. Oh, that is gorgeous :-) I went over to Maddy Lisa but it says it's for Wholesalers only :-(

    I hope your little challenge for a chance to win one of these is more than 1 day coz I am away for the weekend. ! I'll check on Monday :-)

    Hope you have a fabbo crafty weekend :-D
    IKE xxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Di,
    I just wanted to make sure you know about Google reader shutting down on Monday. If you check out my blog you will read more. I've joined Bloglovin on the advise of my IT expert so as to not lose my reading lists. Thought you'd want to know cos if you don't do something before Monday they will be lost for ever and so many link to you.
    A x

  9. How generous of you Di. It is a lovely folder. Regarding Google reader if your followers follow you with Blogger dashboard no need to do anything, its only if they use Google Reader they need to find a new one. I put bloglovin' on my blogs just in case.

  10. Ooo Di! What a tease you are. Gorgeous folder though. Thanks for introducing a new retailer to the group too.

  11. I got me one of these already sent to me by the very lovely Maureen.
    Mine is from Darice IPC/PZ called Circle Interlock and is very very nearly the same. Centres do not have a dot like above. Back of package says its a Hobby & Craft item. Hugs Mrs A.

  12. ooo-arr Di you are a hunny!! will be back :D
    {hugs} Shaz in Oz.x

    PS it lat night and watching le tour oooh I love it!

  13. Well, I think that this is better than the tied together folder.
    You are an old, generous, softy and very, very kind.

    Kath x

  14. Hi Di, fantastic find - it does look pretty much like the 'tied together' folder and a brilliant price too. I so agree with your comment about those heartless retailers on Ebay - it's just mean to stockpile and charge excessive prices and I, for one, would rather do without altogether. Okay, that's enough desk thumping from me - off to see the snippet post now :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx


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