Sunday, 3 February 2013

Pixies Crafty Snippets Playground - Week 58

Wow, another bumper week in the Playground! Now, I can't see me ever running out of snippets here - am sure the little perishers breed in their folder, so long may this continue.

First, my snippets card:

I used:

- 6" x 6" square white card stock

- backing papers from Pink Petticoat's 'Wild Blossoms' collection - one is a whole sheet slightly trimmed and the other is a snippet (if I still have a patterned paper pad I tuck the snippets under the front cover)

- blue card from the snippets folder

- my baby sewing machine - kept purely for working on card/paper

- images/sentiment are Stickeroos from the 'Young Things' sheet, the shoe is separate on the sheet but I thought it looked 'the biz' on top of the sentiment - more about Stickeroos further down this post

- baby blue ribbon with an iridescent edging from the ribbon box

- two flowers, layered and held together with a pearl brad

And here are some of the wonderful makes that caught my eye this week in the Playground:
Cathy made this little beauty - wow, some patience there, loads of teeny snippets used and a brilliant result!
Our Jules (Founder and Patron of the Playground - yay!) made this brilliant card. I have a couple of these LOTV stamps and just know that the really detailed colouring is a labour of love!
Kath brought this lovely 'January Blues' card along - love the paper piecing and that's one of my favourite Penny Black stamps - super Kath!

As I always say, each and every one of you made some beautiful cards and other makes this week - you can hop round them all by going to last week's Mr Linky thumbnails here.

Back to last week's draw, those fabby Cuttlebug dies were won by:


I just checked the comments and Liz was hoping to win, which is great - well done! The way the hearts are interlocked is to snip one of them right across at the point where it will lie underneath the top (unsnipped) interlocked one - so the snip is hidden :)

Can you please email your address to me Liz - here - and they will be popped into the post for you this week. 

As you all stuck to no more than three entries (thank you for reading the small print) I could use the Random Number Generator without having to re-jig numbers! Len showed me how to capture the results - err, I hate to admit it but I was using the Control key instead of the Function key to capture the screen, no wonder it wouldn't work :(

Anyhow, back to Penny Black Stickeroos - I carried out my threat and bought some online. I have enough to split them into seven sheets this week and seven for another week later on - thought that was fair. So this week you can win a sheet the same as the one I used for my snippets card today (it is intact 'cos I bought one for me too!) plus six others, also unsullied by yours truly:
Have tried to split/spread the styles across what I'd ordered - from the left we have the girlies, cute hedgies and other friends, two lovely florals, a quite modern looking Christmas sheet, a soft shades of browns/blues floral one (love this so much!!) and one with hearts - ready for Valentines Day.

So, if you want to join in the Playground fun and frolics and be in with a chance of winning this set of Penny Black Stickeroos - the Playground is open all of this coming week but it will close on Saturday 9th February at noon, UK time and Mr Linky is below as usual. Just enter a snippets make into the Playground this week and I'll do a draw after the Playground closes next Saturday. But, as usual I am asking for a snippets make please, maximum of three entries and please say 'No thank you' in a comment if you DON'T want to be entered.

I'll post to anywhere in the World BTW - it's open to all of you lovely Playmates, the flowers won by Brenda went all the way to Canada. And why not, blogging is a universal sport!!

Speaking of universal - our lovely Bernie in the US of has her latest blog update here. She is absolutely blown away (and upwards) by all of your lovely visits to her blog and support. From the bottom of my own heart, I love and thank you all lots and you are such stars!! I had to go into the settings in Bernie's blog to stop anonymous comments (and therefore, with luck, the dreaded spam) - have just done the same on mine too. What beats me is WHY they think an old biddy like me would want Viagra?! A large G & T works a treat :))



Mrs A. said...

Luverly card and yes please to some Kangeroos.
I say is anybody there. Hellooooo.
Wos that just touched me leg? Miss,
Miss wos that you Miss. It's ever so dark here. Dun you worry bout nuffin is easy to say when yer sat indoors. EEK. A bat!!! I'm outta here.
Frights. Mrs A.

Carol L said...

Your snippets card is adorable as are all the notable snippets from the challenge! Congrats to Liz!
I love a card with shoes Di, so this one is very appealing to me ;)
BTW, my snippets multiply like bunnies too. Regardless of how often I clean the bin I keep them in, it's always over-flowing!

Irene said...

Beautiful girlie pink card Di, just adorable. And, those stickaroos utter bliss.

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

So cute and lovely card,
hugs Tamara

Elizabeth said...

Very pretty card, Di, definitely one for girly girls. And the notable cards/projects are terrific. I can just imagine the time it took for Cathy to stick down all those tiny stars on her CAS card! Off to check out my breeding snippets and see what I can make today. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Jules said...

Hi Di

Yep . .. . my snippets are breeding too!!

Loving your card and your fabby stitching .. .. beware .. .. it is addictive.

Have a great week everyone.

Love Jules xx

Cathy said...

Hi Di, thanks to you all for making me so welcome and for the lovely comments on my card. Congrats to all the players too! I'll see what other snippets I can come up with :) Cathy

Annie said...

I call by most weeks to see what you have all been up to but rarely make about I join in but with some of my fabric makes? My last two quilts were made with snippets [scraps of fabrics]....does that count?
A x

Sandra H said...

Morning Di, Another great card lovely snippets and beautiful backing papers congratulations to Liz enjoy your candy and lovely Stickeroos great that you bought these they look lovely and so well used on your cards and nice that your giving one a sheet away count me for the chance to win.....enjoy your weeks xx

Di said...

Hi Annie

So sorry - I'm sure you asked this a week or two ago and I didn't respond - slap my wrists here!

Absolutely 100% - of course you can join in using snippets of fabric! We'd love you to come and play. For this week feel free to back link your quilt(s) - we don't have many rools here :)

See you soon!

Hugs, Di xx

Sarn said...

I love this pink and girly card Di.

Congrats to Liz for winning last week's give-away.

Good luck to all for this week's Stickeroos.

Mrs A . . . the only batty thing there in the dark . . . was YOU and your over-active imagination, you Narna. Dun u worry bout nuffin . . . no bats in the treehouse belfry or nuffin.


Annie said...

I've added one of my quilts so far Di. They are all made from snippets so might add others later :-)
A x

Annie said...

There you have two now :-)
A x
ps will try to remember to put a link to the playground later as I now have all the family on their way out....arghhhhhhhh :-)

Viv said...

Please Miss... I've made a mess!! My card won't show in the widget thingy..... I hope the link is ok.. am off to sit on the naughty step!!! Lol xx

Viv said...

Thank you.... cos me bum's gone numb on this stone step.......

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous snippet card Di! Love your stitching. Fab entries last week too.

Darnell said...

What a fantastic girl birthday snippets card, Di! So fun!!

Congrats to Liz for the win!

Don't put my name in the next draw, please. I've a folder of stickers still to use up.

I've announced the topper make on my post, in case you see some new faces peeking out from the treehouse and various outbuildings. There might be some activity over by the donkey. Don't you never mind about it, Miss, I think your Lenny is calling you.

xxoo Darnell

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, reading all the comments has made me larf, a lot! Think Mrs A's been at the sherry again, lol! Looks like you've got Google ID and OpenID'd able to comment, OpenID covers wordpress, typepad and whatever else. You did good! I'll say No to the Stickeroos cause I won that huge box of flowers the other week, let someone else have a go!


Anonymous said...

Completely forgot to say the cards are wonderful! Yours and the ones you've picked!


Liz said...

Oooo Di, thank you so much for letting Mr random generator pick me as a winner. Will email you as requested.

I will be entering more cards this week but will say No to the chance to win as I would like someone else to be a winner.

Thanks again, shall enjoy using the heart die.

Bonnie said...

I missed getting over here last week! I actually grabbed these snippets before they hit the box. Once in there they do multiply! I love this sweet image. Reminds me of my youngest daughter. What fantastic stickers. They look like fun! Enjoy your week, Di!

Hettie said...

Great post Miss! Yep I agree with you that these snippets breed like err....snippets??
It would have to be chooks on my roof if every Mr H would ever let me have a thatched roof on the house, somefing I have wanted for years!
Great to hear Bernie is feeling better.
Now where is that straw!!!
PS - yes please to Giggeroos!

Kathleen said...

Fabulous card Di, great image and choice of colours, Love the sentiment with the shoe on top brill light bulb moment. Great layout.

Love the thatched pictures, what have you got on yours.... bet it's Hedgehogs.

Kath x

scrappymo! said...

What a fabulous card...My favorite bit is that fab shoe on the sentiment...what a great idea you had there girl!

I will decline on the stickeroos...I am still feeling guilty about winning so much lately...It is someone else's turn!

Amanda said...

Love the card Di, those stickeroos are fab too but I am not sure I would get the best use out of them as I would just sit and stroke lol. living in the cotswolds we have a lot of thatched cottages too in fact nearby is an entire village of them. When my cousin visited from Australia we took him and his son to the village I have never seen such a look of wonder on a teenage face before, he kept on asking but is it weatherproof, do they have buckets to catch the water he took loads of pictures too. As we pass them all the time they become old hat but to see them through others eyes brought back the wonder and magic of them. Hugs, Amanda x

Glennis F said...

This is my first time joining in at the playground - so hope this works OK

Sarn said...

I've come to share my Cadburys Mini Eggs with you. It's only a small packet . . . so be quick girls!

Chocolate is NOT just for breakfast you know!

Sarn xxx

PS: Leave me outta the draw again please Miss Di. xxx

Gillian R said...

Lovely card Di and great selection from the playground last week!

MaryH said...

Always enjoy seeing what you do with these PB stickers. I'd never guess if you didn't say. Love this card, so girly. And big congratulations to Miss Liz. Can't wait to see what she does with her winnings. TFS and off to look at some of the gorgeous cards I saw on the thumbnails. Hugs

Kath said...

Fab snippets cards. I'm trying soooo hard to use up my snippets, but I've had to move them to a larger drawer!
Kath x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Di,

Wow, the creativity in the playground never ceases to amaze!

Can you send me an email about the annon emails? I get them too but they go to the spam folder... but would love to just stop them altogether.

G&T -- tee hee.


Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, I finally have made a few cards with my snippets ... not exactly when planned, crafting was interrupted for a while, but got there in the end :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wow Di you are amazing loved the card, OF COURSE - and really loved the bi about Hampshire just had a lass here from there about 20 mins ago would you believe (she is from Homecare to do my house :D - and can vouch for what a lovely, cheerful lass she is.. of course huh??
love the new treats, I am still gobsmacked you can get such things in in stickeroos.
I live a very sheltered life over here as far as craft goes with no proper craft shop in town anymore.. but few big stores like Kmart which carry bit. sort of!!
loo-oove these - will be back :D Shaz in oz.x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

phew.. puff puff...

... hulloooo Miss!!

.... am back!

I am already to play but no nasty bats, please Mrs A.

... please :D

Shaz in oz.x

Cathy said...

Hi Di, managed to get a card done this week. Your playground is a lot of fun!! The stickers look fab but I"ll stay out of the draw as I'm not sure my effort is snippety enough :) Cathy x

Mrs A. said...

Right I got me thermals, me wind up torch,
me big stick,me flask of coffee and me whistle. Wot shall I play on first. No finck i'll just have a nip from me flask first, dutch courage and all that don't you know. Hugs mrs A.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

an back again.. awful long way from downunder you know to playground ..

..surely mist be getting fitter by now!!

phew... an' Miss this card is all Sarn's fault she really made me do it you see - her die that is .. so nice cute an delicious and just longing to be shared!!!

Shaz in oz.x

Lynn said...

Hello Di, a fantastic girly card - adore the papers and images. The stickers look great, and I would love to go in the draw. Lynn x

Linby said...

LOVE the girly card, nice layout too.
Blimey it's a bit crowded in the playground this week hardly room to swing my hockey stick!

Laura said...

Just LOVE your card Di, those stickeroos look fab to work with, thank you for the chance to win!
Laura xx

Elizabeth said...

A second trip to the playground for me this week ... just can't keep away, can I :)) This time I've not only used up some snippets of card but dug deep for the dregs of a pot of cream paint! Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Okay Di last time - "free" (or is three?) cards is pretty good for me!!

.. all these birfdys this month really, just tooo much!!

... lovely! maybe just time to just chill and play hopefully not too much chill in the playground!!
Shaz in oz.x

Annie said...

You said I could join in so now you've had 3 in one week :-) I rather like this playground :-)
A x