Friday 1 February 2013

A Friday Smile for Annie and almost missed the deadline......

....for Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge 109 where the theme is 'Nativity', just squeezed in on the last day:
I used:

- A5 gold edged cream card stock

- 'up-cycled' image, chopped from a 2012 Christmas card 

- gold mirri card to back the image and the backing paper (which was a freebie not so long ago)

- a vertical strip of gold mirri card so the deep purple/aubergine ribbon stands out

- gold Card Candi

And it's a new month over at Hazel's monthly Christmas Extra Challenge, where it's always 'Anything goes' so I could even be first to play this month.

A special friend called Helena emailed me this and am still giggling here:
??? AJ ???
It's the caption that sets me off every time I look at it :) So, it's for Annie's Friday Smile.

Being of a curious nature and wanting answers to everything, I Googled to see which was faster - and found that the cheetah can run at 70mph and an ostrich at 40mph :( Then, I spotted the story behind the photo itself.

It's genuine (the caption was added by some wag later) but in fact the cheetah was chasing a hare which is out of the shit shot. The ostrich of course didn't know this and legged it - well, would you have waited to be introduced? Apparently, when it began to tire, the ostrich turned on the cheetah - who then promptly also legged it, back the way it came :) Result, cheetah belting in the opposite direction (probably muttering 'sh*tsh*tsh*tsh*t' to itself), one very bemused and weary ostrich left standing......................and the hare got away. I love a happy ending!!

This will post at midnight Thursday/Friday but am off to bed right now (8:30 pm for goodness sakes!!) as I have a wounded soldier here, needing some TLC after a nasty tooth extraction with some embroidery work by the dentist thrown in just to complicate it - so I'll do the links once we're up and about on Friday morning. Sigh, how many ways can you scramble eggs?

Have a super weekend, whatever you have planned :)



  1. Oh I think I like "upcycled" better than 'recycled'. Must remember to use that term. LOVED your very pretty and all the embellies that you added, perfect touch to make it your own. I think we must have a similar sense of humor. I was ROL looking at the pic & the caption was so right-on. I can identify with that ostrich.(except I couldn't move that fast!). TFS and hope your soldier soon feels better. That stuff hurts. sent a note with pics - when you have time.

  2. Hehehe, poor ostrich, definitely would not wait for the introduction! As to the little soldier, puree soups and stews with a stick blender and heat up and then let cool a bit before serving.... having just gone through a nasty extraction myself I can sympathize, and pureed soups was my diet for two days, along with cooled down porridge for breakfast!

    Oh! Great card too!

  3. Hysterical! Not you, Len, dear, hope you're feeling better soon!

    Your card is enchanting, Di! Well done!!

  4. Lovely card Di, I've kept chrissy cards for years, even ones that aren't maybe I can put some of them to use!

    I usually put an insert in my cards so if the recipient wants to they can remove it and reuse the card. Good for the non hoarders!

    The cheetah photo & story is hilarious:)Hope your wounded soldier feels better soon.

  5. ah Di I love a happy ending too and love the card you have made it is gorgeous!!! Shaz in Oz.x

  6. Gorgeous card Di,
    have a nice weekend
    hugs Tamara

  7. Oh Di I have face ache now :-) I have lol and I'm sure anyone who can here me will think I've flipped :-)Thanks for joining in....don't forget to link it today :-)
    Also face aching at the thought of the tooth extraction....really hope he gets lots of TLC and it heals really quickly for him.
    A x

  8. Hi Di

    Great card and a great post .. .. made me chuckle .. .. except for the oral embroidery work!! Hope the wounded soldier isn't suffering too much today.

    Have a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  9. Super card, Di - that image as far too good to waste - it has quite a regal look about it - thanks for entering both of my CHNC challenges - hope to see you again soon x

  10. Fabulous classy card! love the edging especially!
    I AM smiling and am I to take it that the pretty lettering is HITS HITS HITS etc., Nah!!!
    Love Jo x

  11. He he - well done Di - brilliant. The back story is fascinating isn't it. x Jo

  12. Beautiful work. I loved the image on the card. Thanks for playing with us at craftyhazelnutschristmaschallenge2 this month!

  13. ROFLMAO . . . love that the cheetah/ostrich postcard.

    Great piece of upcycling there Di. Very pretty card.

    Awww, POOR LEN . . . embroidery at the dentists is never any fun. Here, have a salt water gargle. No? Okay, okay . . . how about a heft dose of sympathy then? I know how you feel!

    Sarn xxx

  14. Fabulous card Di. Love the 'upcycled' topper. Hope you have a great weekend.
    Caz x

  15. Stunning card Di your so good at this recycling and this is brilliant for the Nativity theme, have a great weekend x

  16. The resulting card from your recycling looks so regal with the gold edges and candi dots! I love the ribbon accent!
    As for the Cheetah and Ostrich photo - OMG that's a funny caption! LOL I love a happy ending too :)

  17. Love the upcycled card Di - great to have the image then have freebie complimentary backing paper! Bargain! Love the colours as well.

    As for the Friday Smile - I couldn't see it at first - trust me to read HITS not the other word. Duh! It's full of tumbleweed on PlanetSusie!!

    Big hugs and thank you for the huge guffaw when the penny dropped!

    Sue Pxxx

  18. Lovely Natity scene there (it is what I always called it as a lickle one!) and then you go and put THAT picture on it. Talk about contrast! Very funny though I have to say.
    Can you give Uncle Len a hug from me and a shot of whiskey - purely for medicinal purposes?!
    Hugs to you both!

  19. A really lovely card, Di, and I loved the cheetah and ostrich story. Hope your wounded soldier is soon back to normal. My DH had a similar thing recently and existed on mashed potato mixed with cheese, soft and tasty. Oh and soups as well. Good luck for the week. xx Maggie

  20. Brilliant recycled card Di, the image is beautiful and looks so peaceful. Thank you also for the giggle.

  21. That picture and the story behind it made me Laugh! Thanks for the smile. Caro #7

  22. We have some of the same bloggy friends....Helena sent it to me as well.

    I did think the ostrich looked pretty big next to the cheetah.... I'm glad they all got away or stood their ground. Maybe it wouldn't have tried for it after can hope.... but, then again..... they probably bring down water ostrich in a pinch ...if they want to mow their way through all the feathers...

    I'm like I love a happy ending where mean ol' Mother Nature is concerned ....usually she is so cruel....

  23. excellent pic, poor ostrich glad he survived to tell the tale.

  24. I think the card is fabulous, looks very regal and expensive with the gold backing. I saved very few cards to up-cycle, well you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, can you!
    Great picture and great story. Poor Len, rice pudding may be another choice, chicken soup, oh just thought I haven't had any macaroni pudding for ages.

    Kath x

  25. the card is a beauty. i'm rolling on the floor with your smile pic and story!!! so true so true..... hope you won't mind if i copy it? have a great weekend!

  26. Hi Di, love the happy ending too. Beautiful card - the upcycled image is very nice, I like the gold palm trees. Len's dental work sounds horrendous, I wish him a speedy recovery. It was scrambled eggs that helped Alan's recovery this week - yes, we've both been on nursing duties. I always grate some cheese into mine, the invalid wasn't up to that so he had them straight. Oh, and tomato soup always makes me feel better, a close second is chicken and rice soup - nature's antibiotic :)) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  27. Ha ha, love that image. Hope the soldier is recovering! I need to visit the dentist too, keep puttin it off.


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