Saturday 9 February 2013

Saturday Supper - Kedgeree

What with Len being on foods that didn't really need much chewing lately, I made this during the week:

Serves 2

½ onion, finely chopped 
55g/2oz butter
300g/10½oz basmati rice
1 tsp madras curry powder
freshly grated nutmeg
200ml/7fl oz milk
110ml/4fl oz double cream
300g/10½oz naturally smoked haddock, (NOT dyed) picked over, bones removed and flesh cut into chunks
sea salt and cracked black pepper
small bunch parsley, chopped
3 hard-boiled eggs, shelled and halved
good pinch cayenne and freshly ground nutmeg (optional) 

NB. The recipe omitted the fact that you should gently poach the fish first, I realised this thankfully and just gently poached it for about 5-10 minutes in half milk and half water. That way it's easy to flake the fish and check for any bones.

To serve

knob of butter
wedges of lemon

Cook the onion gently in the butter for a few minutes, then add the rice.

Continue cooking gently and stirring, adding the curry powder and nutmeg. After a few minutes, add the milk, cream and 250ml/9fl oz water.

When the mixture begins to simmer, add the fish and continue simmering, stirring occasionally until the rice is cooked. (You may need to add a little water if the mixture becomes dry.)

Season, add the parsley and stir. Add the eggs and garnish with cayenne and nutmeg if using. Serve topped with a knob of butter and wedges of lemon.

Another time I might just slightly increase the amount of curry powder, but not by much - just perhaps a heaped teaspoonful instead of a rounded one. I reckon you could also increase the amount of fish by half as much again - this is really a breakfast recipe and for a supper you might want just that bit more 'substance'.

And I forgot to add the parsley before I served it so just chucked it on top - and omitted the knob of butter at the serving stage. Needless to say this is a James Martin recipe - I love his recipes but always try to cut down on the amount of butter and cream he uses :)

The two-legged mouse loved it - we're still taking it easy but he was at the dentist on Thursday and is doing well apparently. Good job - I could murder a nice steak!!



  1. this looks very nice, I like my fish, must try this

  2. Looks good but you lost me when the word "smoked" came up. I detest anything smoked and it does not like me much either. We do a modified kedgeree. We fry off chopped onion, garlic and fresh ginger, then add whatever curry powder is to hand. Then add a tin of tuna in water, drained, and mix round. In the meantime, we cook mixed veg, as colourful as poss to please the eye too, and cook the rice. Then mix it all together so the rice picks up the colour from the curry powder. Then serve and eat. This is a variation on a Rosemary Conley recipe, so low fat, and minus the smoked bit. xx Maggie

  3. PS I am not going to make it to the playground again this week. I am determined to break the back of cataloguing my stamps. Clarity is done, just the mixed lot to do, which is probably worse. Don't fall over in the ice and snow. xx Maggie

  4. Love kedgeree, Di, though, I'd prefer to have it for supper rather than breakfast. Anything with smoked fish in it goes down well with Alan too but Bonnie turns her nose up at fish - and I thought all cats loved fish! Hugs, Elizabeth xx


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