Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Been missing in action, simply 'cos I didn't have enough time to hop around other WOYWW desks and I like to play fair.

And am not even showing the whole pigsty desk here today - but a little something else. There are lots of lovely money/cheque/gift card holders being made right now - some with a lot of work in them, for example, Lynn made a lovely and quite unusual one for the snippets Playground the other week and also linked to a great tutorial. Speed is the name of the game here right now though, so this is a really quick and easy one I made earlier:
First, find a pre-printed topper or image and a toning/complimenting sheet of A4 patterned card. Measure so that the topper and anything else you want to add will fit nicely onto a portion of the sheet of card when it's folded and trim off the excess from the top or bottom then trim down the length of the piece of card at the width you want leaving about two and a half inches uncut. A little bit of measuring here! Then trim at right angles up to the decided width of your card, the photo illustrates it better than I'm explaining it:). I did do the bits of the final cuts with sharp scissors BTW. Round the corner of what will be the 'flap' and then score the piece of card as shown above - across the main fold and down the fold line for the flap.
Grab strong double sided tape and run it along the bottom edge of the flap.

Peel off the backing from the tape, fold over the flap to what will be the inside of the card and stick it down. I added a stamped sentiment by LOTV which was punched using SU's scalloped oval punch. You could decorate the inside of the thing too - but when time is at a premium I'm just leaving them blank for a little handwritten message - besides which the families will already have a 'proper' Christmas card from us as well.
And this is one all finished, just with a My Paper Stash 'Winter Wishes' topper and a strip of self adhesive paper lace made by Woodware down one edge. Lift up the front and the little pocket and contents will be revealed inside, with a hand written message such as 'Go SHOP!'.

Of course you can make sideways or tent style opening ones (such as A6, DL etc. just to suit the size and shape of topper you intend to use on the front) - and don't fret over folding the money or cheque, the betting is that it will be folded at some point by the recipient anyhow :)

One super fast and easy money wallet - which leaves more time to hop around WOYWW over at Julia's - so why are you hanging around here then? The mulled wine isn't heating in the Snippets Playground yet and the tree wasn't up with lethally and dangerously wired lights last time I dared to peek so go on, shoo!!

Happy WOYWW :)



Jules said...

Hi Di

Fabulous little gift card holder .. .. and I love the image you have put on the front.

That beautiful young lady looks very calm and organised .. .. oh to be that chilled LOL!!!

Have a good day.

Love Jules xx

Spyder said...

This is very clever and looks really quick, will have to have a go! (when I get home) Happy WOYWW!
((Lyn)) #28

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Great tutorial and great idea Di, thanks.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That's a pretty and quick way of presenting vouchers or gift cards! I'm sure loadsa folks will pick up on this idea!
And may I add my non-PAT tested lights that I was refused permission to use at a craft fair recently?? The world has gone mad.... No elf n' Safety issues at the Playground, eh??
Hugs, LLJ #32 xx

Annie said...

What a fab idea Di...thanks for the demo too.
A #42
ps hope you 'like' me :-) [see my blog for more info]

Helen said...

What a great idea, and with instructions too!! Helen, 8

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh great card and tutorial - I was busy last week too and only visited a few desks and those whose visited me - it happens sometimes doesnt it! Have a great week. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl #25

Julia Dunnit said...

Snap! On my deckchair there's a christmas mini which includes agift card and the pink and black mini has a pocket in it for the same thing...very important for this time of year huh! Although, by the time I've done them all, 'Go Shop' is not the greeting I'd like.....'Go buy your own bloody present' would seem to cover it....!!

Carol Willis said...

Fabulous giftcard holder Di, will definitely have a go at this one.
Caz x

CraftygasheadZo said...

Great idea and so simple too. Hope you enjoyed your girlie day with Jan and Julia, seems you did a little shopping!!! I have coffee & I'm off to snoop! Take care Zo xx 45

Twiglet said...

Great idea Di - thanks for sharing. I love Julia's suggestion for the greeting in the gift card!!! Know the feeling! Sounds like you have had a fun day out with the "girls". x Jo

RosC said...

Great gift folder and I like the topper image with cold weather feel. Thanks for taking the time to create a tutorial.
Smiles to you,
Ros. #57

Sarn said...

Perfect gift card holder Di. Thanks for sharing the details.

Happy WOYWW xxx

Glenda said...

This is just perfect! Love the image on the front!
Glenda 65

Karen said...

PC has been fixed so am back on the WOYWW trail. Gift wallets seem to be the 'in thing' this year - I've made a couple myself (not this style though). Enjoy WOYWW! Karen 90 x

Anonymous said...

Might just have a go at doing some of these this year as a change from the usual fastening a cheque to the card job I do normally.
Thanks for sharing the idea.
Tricia #83

Cardarian said...

Lovely gift card holder... I am not very good at making these things but I find that they would be soo good for presents - I think you have passed the bug on me now!!!
Lots of hugs,

Anonymous said...

Oh, great idea Di and just what I'm looking for at the mo. I need to make a couple of Xmas cards to holder gift cards and this is perfect. Many thanks for the design :)

Happy WOYWW xxx

Anonymous said...

This is very sweet Di, really simple to by the looks of things. Pretty topper. Nice to see you back at WOYWW too.

Brenda 94
PS. I typed very slowly this time!!

lisa said...

You are a busy bee, Di. I love your gift holder. It looks beautiful and certainly not fast and simple. Whoever receives this will love it.
What's that about no mulled wine, do we have to wait for Dec 1st?????? One bottle of sherry has already been consumed in this house, we can't wait for Christmas to have a tipple, not that we are alcoholics or anything you understand.
I must tell you after last years "Greggs pasty" xmas do, do you remember???? Well, our Greggs has just been refurbished and is VERY posh now so if it's another pasty xmas do this year at least we will feel we have gone up in the world!!!!
Hugs Lisax #59

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Di,

Great gift card holder tutorial! I'm hoping to get around to lots of desks this week as I've having withdrawals......

Kay (108)

Darnell said...

That's a terrific gift holder, Di. Thank you for taking the time to do the tutorial for it!!

Happy WOYWWing! Good to have you back!! Darnell #54

Sandra H said...

This is a fantastic gift card holder and nice that you have done a tutorial too thanks Di for sharing this x

Anne said...

That's great Di and thanks for telling us how you've made it. Happy WOYWW Anne x #124

Kathleen said...

Love this and it is probably another thing I will have to make before Christmas as my youngest has informed me that she would like money for Christmas (wouldn't we all, loads of it, like a lottery win)
Love the pink and the paper lace.

Kath x

Unknown said...

Cute gift card holder.
Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #97

Caz said...

Love this idea!!! So much nicer than the gift cards you get with gift vouchers!!

mamapez5 said...

I missed you on here last week but I know what you mean about only posting if you can return the pleasure of comments. But you are so good at vising us all week anyway, so you don't need to worry about that.
this is a very clever little gift card, which I am sure a lot of folk will find useful. I don't often send money any more unless I know the grand children are visiting soon. Then euros are useful because they can't spend them before they get here!
Kate x #116

Apryl said...

Gift card holder is FABULOUS!

#17 Apryl.

scrappymo! said...

Love it and love the way you walked us through it. I find learning something new much easier with visuals!
The image is ever so pretty and I think I will make up a couple of these as we give money to two young neices.

Elizabeth said...

Great idea and fabulous tutorial, Di. I've made a few gift card holders in the past but I really like this one so might just make one or two over the next week or so, if I can just find the time. Late, I know, sigh, but I've been too busy cuddling my new great-grandchild, grin :) Hope you have a good weekend. Elizabeth x #67

Planetsusie said...

These are so much better than a plain old envelope! I love the image on the front. It looks a great project.

Hugs Sue Pxxx