Saturday 17 November 2012

Pixies Crafty Snippets - Week 47

Well, after the bonfire debacle, things seem to have settled down in the Playground - and I'm 'assured' that the bushes will grow back again :(

This is my Snippets offering for this week and it's also for a super new challenge called Addicted to CAS:
I fell in love with this stamp over at Elizabeth's a long while ago and it's taken me until now to try it out :(

I used:

- A6 white card stock

- a snippet of white card to stamp on and a snippet of red 'satin' effect card as a backing. If anyone knows where on earth I got this from I'd love to know - it's the very last of what I had and the satin effect is beautiful

- Penny Black stamp called 'berry red, snow white'. The reason I'd been a bit scared to try the stamp out was that the bush in the foreground needed to be black and the fence behind grey - but, me gritted me little teef and used Memento' London Fog' for the fence and then 'Tuxedo Black' for the bush, all in one go and carefully using teardrop shaped stamps. Then the berries were twinkled up with red Stickles - I'm too heavy handed to risk working straight from the bottle so I always squeeze a little bit onto a scrap of paper or summick and work with a very fine stiff brush

- after the red Stickles dried thoroughly I just used a Quickie fine glue pen and sprinkled Glamour Dust over to add some snowy effects

- the sentiment was stamped using Funstamps 'Small Merry Christmas'

My next try will be to mask off a moon and do a dusk background :)

So, who came to play? Sorry, it's a bit of a quick fly through this week - I just remembered I'm out most of Sunday so have a lot of other things to do on Saturday afternoon after I write this.

First into the Playground was Mags, bringing a really pretty 'Flowers for you' card - such a sweet image Mags and that bunch of flowers is almost as big as the adorable little elephant :) Something about elephants always makes me go 'aaaaah'.

Next to play was Brenda, and her first 'show and tell' was this fabulous Christmas card, using the cutest snowman stamp - a Penny Black of course. Love the corner die you used Brenda, sigh, of course I just had to go and buy one so I blame you if it's bread and jam next week here! And then, this one really blew my socks off - a big double wow from me! It's a House Mouse card cum gift bag and is really so gorgeous - Brenda kindly told us exactly how she made it - I love it, so, so clever! Do make sure you take a peek - there's real inspiration there, so beautifully made.

Jules was next, flying in to play in between all her other commitments. And what a pretty card indeed, yay, pink too! I adore the image and as always everything goes together so, so well. What I'd give to have a good rummage round your craft room Jules - and to have just a fraction of your fabulous ideas.

Hettie (aka Sam) came to play three times this week - having recovered from hiding with the chooks while the Playground firework display got out of hand and her baked potato in the bonfire was ruined.....I found it whilst clearing up the mayhem. First Sam brought us a gorgeous Christmas card, so beautiful and bravely using gilding flakes on the background - like Sam, I've sneezed when using those flakes and haven't ventured near them since! Next was a little beading project that Sam had finished after the WOYWW crop a few weeks ago, the snippets were some beads of her own - and of course, snippets can be anything crafty, not just paper and card. It's gorgeous! And finally, Sam brought us a really stunning tag - so much detail, it's beautiful Sam!

Mo (Maureen) is back in action now and playing catch-up with her Christmas cards. We had three visits and the first one was to show us such a cute Penny Black Penguins card, complete with the same corner die as Brenda is using - that's one fabulous card Mo, tons of lovely detail too. Next was one of my favourite Penny Black images, Overdressed Duck, strutting its stuff on another gorgeous card - and those delightful corner dies got in on the show again too!  Finally, take a look at this - a really jolly snowman card - lots of lovely touches and a great tip which is, you can give your snowflakes a haircut! By that, if you want a slightly smaller version of a snowflake, punched or even die cut, some of them do lend themselves to a few little snips to reduce the diameter - one I'll be bearing in mind 'cos I played for ages with a slightly too large snowflake here yesterday and this would have been an ideal solution.

Aha, and then we had Little Miss Mischief arrive for a play - that title is shared between a few of you, but this week it goes to Sarn. 'Someone' had to 'snitch' on her for what I'm sure would have been the beginnings of a 'conker cracking' league!! Conkers is banned due to Elf and Safety - not that anyone takes a bit of notice, sigh :(
Anyhow, Sarn's card this week made me burst out laughing, what a fabulous 'peek-a-boo' image, and such a lovely card Sarn. A lovely combination of colours and papers too!

Vicky was next, and she too is siding with the little rioters I see (I do read all your comments to one another on your blogs) - this is the bright and zingy card Vicky brought, isn't it fabulous? And, just now I really sat and read the backing paper Vicky and it was a walk down Memory Lane - I wonder how many of you remember the old mechanical typewriters where the ribbon was a double band of black and red? I do!

We had two visits from Irene this week and the first was to bring some of my favouite Penny Black snowmen stickeroos, made into delightful cards. Love the mix of pink and blue backing papers Irene and also the way you added the sentiment on the last card, very clever! Next we had some beautiful crochet wrist warmers and two beanie hats - my favourite is the hat with the pearl button centre Irene. Ideal for when patrolling the Playground in the cold watching out for hidden conkers on strings!

Laura nipped in to play next, with a brilliant card for someone young - a really traditional Santa possibly writing his 'to-do' list, something I bet a lot of us are beginning to do! It's super Laura and so traditional - sure to be loved by the little recipient :)

Lynn A was next, with a card and a money/gift voucher holder to show us. Love the card Lynn but the money holder and the link you so kindly added is something I think we could all learn from! I'm just starting to think about making five holders for cheques this coming Christmas so thank you loads for the link - and for showing us your lovely makes too!

Then Bonnie arrived, with the first of two visits. First with this fantastic Thanksgiving card - love those colours together and such a great design too! The leaves and banners work brilliantly Bonnie. And, later in the week Bonnie hopped back with two versions of another great Christmas card - more inspiration here girls - I love them both Bonnie and the lattice embossing folder is a favourite of mine.

Next to play was Sandra H, with a fabulous calendar - really clever idea and I love the vintage colours you used Sandra. And you're gonna make 10 of those? Eek, I can see a little production line being set up in your craft room :) But I bet the lucky people you make them for will be delighted!

Mary Mac hopped in next, with three cards in one go - all of them fabulous. I love the layered idea you used on the first two Mary - I can see a few of us copying that idea for a truly stunning result! The wrapped ribbon and a single flower works so well. I bet most of us have a box of single flowers we'd love to use up with this clever design. And the third card is also great, more layers and that single button is a perfect finishing touch.

We also had two visits from Amanda this week, firstly with this really elegant 'Art Deco' style card - I absolutely love it, and so clever to use the leftover punched squares as a finishing touch Amanda! And then we had some adorable Gingerbread Houses, as gift boxes for some little scented candles - another really inspired idea Amanda and I bet the recipients will be well lit up with these! 

Shaz from Oz came to play next, with such a pretty card. Beautiful embossing Shaz and the floral image is gorgeous, so beautifully coloured. If you haven't already been to peek - do go now and make sure you scroll down the posting to see the most amazing Rainbow Lorikeet having a bath and looking very much like a technicolour sodden sponge with wings :)

Carys came next to join in the Playground, to be honest (as our next to youngest playmate) she seems much more mature than some I could included :)  And Carys brought us a fantastic Wedding card with a real twist. It's wonderful Carys - do hop over girls and see the clever cutting on the rose heads - very Charles Rennie Mackintosh don't you think?

Professing her innocence in the 'bonfire debacle' much to vehemently for my liking was Darnell, with this card which I guarantee will make you laugh. Some very clever alterations there Darnell - he sure doesn't seem to know which way to turn :) Oh, and Darnell also kindly pointed the way to a new challenge called Addicted to CAS which you might want to go and check out - it looks like fun and their first challenge has just opened with the theme of snow, so my snippets card above is my entry!!

Next was Elizabeth - and her 'show and tell' for this week was such a beautiful Winter Tag. Gorgeous colours and the deer is really elegant - love the little pom pom braid border too Elizabeth! The stamped lace border and Washi tape are both perfect additions too.

And, squeaking in at the last minute came Hazel - after a hectic week making 300 Christmas cards for an order. Crumbs, I needed to lie down just reading that! Hazel's card is to kick start the latest Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge - which is to 'use something more than six months old'. Hazel's card is absolutely beautiful, I love the deer especially - and I just bet all of you have goodies that are over six months old to use up :)

So, another roll call done girls! Thank you all for playing so nicely this week (and always really).

Now, I'd better give a little 'heads up' about changes afoot. As many of you know, the roll call takes an age to do - I do love doing it but often find it's hard to make enough time in the week. There are two options - or maybe three I suppose.

Option A is that someone else takes over the Playground at the end of this year and also takes on the roll call - and I step down.

Option B is that I continue - there will be a new Mr Linky each week, my own snippets card and a possible very quick and general round-up of events but no long list of links and individual comments. They take me about three to four hours or more (truly!). I've tried beginning the roll call during the week but that means I don't have the full picture and often end up going backwards and forwards. You do mostly hop around one another's blogs from Mr Linky anyway during the week so I think that could work - with occasional treats thrown in.

And, Option C of course is that we close the Playground altogether - which would be a real shame :(

My preference is Option B as I've already put some feelers out for a new 'Miss' and (quite sensibly really) people have realised it's a big commitment! So, do feel able to say what you think girls - we'd still have the same silly goings on under Option B - and, as I said, these would be generally covered in a weekly post each Sunday with a new Mr Linky but without all the individual linking and coverage of your lovely makes. That saddens me but I do have another project here waiting on the sidelines - if I ever get the time that is!

I already know that this coming week is very busy here and I have an even busier weekend next week so there will be no roll call next week. BUT, during the week I'll be doing a little post showing something small but nice you could win if you do join in with a Snippets make this week.

If you want to join in the Playground and keep using up those snippets - the Playground is open all of this coming week but it will close on Saturday 24th November at noon, UK time. Mr Linky is below as usual.


The only conditions to playing nicely in the Snippet Playground are that your card (or anything else you wish to bring here to show) must be made by using up snippets (card, paper, lace and ribbon are all fine), and a link back to here in your own blog posting will mean that you'll be included in the Weekly Roll Call. Oh, and no nipping or hair pulling of course :)


  1. Wow, you surely have been busy. Beautiful cards this week made by you....and still finding time to comment on all of our creations. You are the Queen. About the marshmellow sticks.... question, are there security cameras on the playground? If not, no those were not my marshmellow sticks. And no, that was not me running to hide behind the shed. And I did not see Sarn or Mrs. A on the playground that night....

  2. Ok, I'm being a comment hog here. I've wondered how you find time to fit the roll call in. Just posting on my blog and making cards keep me hopping. I think keep Linky open, but you can only enter one time. We can all use the links from there to travel to the blogs of others and we can comment on their blogs. I'd hate to see you close it down completely. But I have been wondering how you find the time. That's what I'm thinking.

  3. Beautiful card!! Love that stamp set. Thanks so much for playing along in our first challenge at ATCAS! xx

  4. My lovely, this is a fab CAS card! So elegant!

    love Mags B x

  5. Also, though I love reading your fab detailed comments on everyone's entries, it IS hard work and very time consuming for you. And we really appreciate it! If you're happy to continue, Option B would be my preference - but not if it becomes a burden to you, hun!

    love Mags B x

  6. Your card is FABULOUS Di!
    I don't know how you've managed the roll call as you have. I can't even manage to post on my own blog with any regularity. Most the time I don't know what's going on in the playground as I can't manage to read all the comments. I am all for Option B if you are up to it.

  7. Terrific card, Di. I just love that stamp and I'm so pleased to see you do too. Now on to the snippet question - I have often wondered how you find the time, in an extremely busy life, to do the complete roll call - I think I've even mentioned it on occasion - so I'm very happily voting for Option B. We do hop around the links - easy enough to do - so wee general round-up would be perfect. I'm not even entirely against Mary's suggestion of limiting entry to one a week - one would be enough for me but I do realise that others, the more industrious of us, may not want a limit set. In any event, I will go with whatever is the unanimous decision :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

    PS: so envying your Friday jaunt :)

  8. I like Plan B but wee no need to limit the number of cards. If there are 5 links for on crafter, you have a choice on whether you widh to check out all five and leave a comment.
    personally I would like to see all 5...i would just glance thru the links and make note of who has multiple entries and then when Ai came to that blog, I would page back through that blog till I saw all 5.

  9. Loverly card. I have that'n, still uninked. You did FAB-U-LOUS on it. Can't wait to see your next one. On the playground roll call: I'm with the others on Option B. I've imagined the time it must take to do all the writing (and fixin' up, for those of us who are challenged, and I will 'fess right up to being that'n!). Lots of work & I have enough to get a card to post, try to scurry around to blogs. So whatever works best for you, Dear Lady, and we can all check links as we have time. And thank you for all you've done up to now. Applause, Applause! take a BIG bow! You deserve it. It's been fun, and it was my first 'challenge', thanks to Bernie. Met so many lovely ladies, had so much encouragement & help. You all will NEVER know how much it meant to me. Hugs to yourself, and all the other little Playground Pixies! (and I didn't have time to play this week. Sorry)

  10. Love your snowy scene and all the sparkly bits Di. Thank you so much for joining our very first ATCAS challenge. I look forward to seeing many more of your lovely creations.

  11. A beautiful Christmas scene Di, absoloutely stunning.

    It's Option B for me Di. Go with what is best for you.

    Thanks for the link to the new challange.

  12. Wonderful winter scenic card here Di. FABBY!

    I know it takes you a very long time to do the roll call with all the linking backwards & forwards and keeping up with the,ahem, playground shenanigans. I have admired your stamina and take my hat off to you.

    I'm happy with Option B if that's the general consensus. Also happy with limiting the number of entries. If you continue to do it, please do what's best FOR YOU - we'll all comply (well, MOSTLY anyway!).

    Sarn xxx

    PS: MARY = Thanks for alibi xxx

  13. Fab card Di, love those stamps, I think option B sounds the best answer, I don't know what I would do with the mountain of snippets if I didn't have this challenge it has made me think differently and I would certainly miss it. I can understand the amount of work that goes into the roll call and would miss the anecdotes that you include but I also understand that time is precious. Hugs, Amanda x

  14. Love wintry card Di.
    I haven't been able to find time to play for a couple of weeks now. But I do like to drop by. Option B sounds good to me too. I also wonder how you find the time to do it all and be witty at the same time!

  15. Morning Die, Great new challenge and your card is just so gorgeous lovely winter theme looking here and its a fabulous stamp you have used beautifully coloured and a lovely layout, nice that you have used a silver sentiment makes a change from the black that we most use although l have started using green now on some of my Christmas cards what you have done with the berries Di looks stunning what a great idea too so effective and thanks again for your lovely comments yours always very complimentive have a lovely week ahead whatever your plans xx

  16. Your card is delightful, Di. I'd already put that new challenge on my list and hope to play along this week. At the risk of repeating what others have said, I think Option B would be the best. I have much appreciated all that you have done and love reading the roll call, but I have always wondered how on earth you fit it in and have thought that you shouldn't be doing so much. I am happy to go along with whatever the general feeling is, but I think the most important thing is that you should be happy with the decision. Sending you hugs and thanks x

  17. I'm sneaking in quietly after being MIA again!

    Love your card Di, the red card looks like it may be the satin mirri card Joanna Sheen used to stock - she doesn't sell it now and I don't know of anyone who sells it :( (it was a favourite of mine too).

    I'd be happy with option B too - you've done a fab job with your roll calls, they're always a pleasure to read.

    Carol x

  18. Hi Di

    Well I wrote you a long comment here .. .. but where has it gone?!?!?!

    Basically it was saying what a fantastic job you have been doing .. .. I know only too well how the snippet playground takes over .. .. and that was before it was this busy.

    I think you should do exactly what "you" want to do and what feels right for you.

    Love Jules xx

  19. Oh I really love this Di, it is beautiful, a fabulous card.

    Kath x

  20. Thank you for the great roll call, with everything else you have to do, Di!

    I can see why you fell in love with this image, me too!! I think it is trying to push my 'favorite-of-all-time' SU! pine tree off its perch. You've done a brilliant excution of it!!

  21. I forgot to put in my two cents, Di! Lord knows you won't be able to make a decision without it!!

    On my blog I link to challenges and, for me, it's that linking business that takes the most time and is the least fun (although I do WANT to do it, please don't anyone misunderstand). Putting myself in your shoes, and understanding I'm fairly new here, this is what I would do:

    Put the roll call UNDER the prior week's list of names, not ABOVE a new week's Linky. Then you could do your wonderful witty commentary about each one, but without the busyness of adding all those links to our individual blogs. We are capable of simply scrolling back up ourselves to the Linky list and clicking on the name to take us to the relevant card.

    You correct me if I'm wrong that the linking back to our blogs isn't the most tedious and time-consuming part. If I am, then delete me!! Ha.

    Otherwise, while I appreciate the option of giving us choices, I think you should just make a decision based on what works best for you. Even if it's to close down. (Eeek, pies in my face right and left!!) It may take that to get someone else to step up.

    The bottom line, it is not worth OUR pleasure if it is causing YOU pain and stress. Bless you as you struggle with this. We do all love you very much.


  22. Beautiful card there Miss Di! Love the lickle bits of red on the branches.
    As to your options, maybe B will be the Best way forward! You do such a good job of being the Boss.

  23. I love this beautiful scene with the sparkling snow! I think that commenting on our blogs is quite enough. I appreciate all the time the roll call has taken. I know it was a labor of love.

  24. I absolutely love that stamp, it's on my PB wish list. Love the simplicity of your card, it needs absolutely nothing else. As to the Playground, definitely option B, it'd be great to have it around still, but I can appreciate the write ups take forever.


  25. Hello Di - beautiful card. Thanks for joining our first challenge at ATCAS.

    Karen x

  26. Another for the snippets challenge but I just squeaked by with this one as the only true snippet is a snippet of ribbon!

  27. Hi Di, sorry for late post, just not had a mo to get round recently and obviously after reading your post l'm not alone. Do you think someone has the fast forward button on life at the mo?

    Gorgeous card, love the shiny red berries, so perfectly Christmassy.

    I echo everything everyone else has said, you do an amazing job with the playground and really have your hands full with certain, ahem, characters so do what best fits in with your life. I certainly will jump into line with whatever you decide :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment today, l will post the cards l 'pinky' promise.

    Big hugs xxxx

  28. Thank you so much for joining us for our first ever challenge at Addicted to CAS with your fabulous card, love how you have used the stamp and the pretty colours and those berries are just fabulous !


  29. Oh this is so beautiful Di - I love these simple looking cards. So clean and gorgeous. I honestly think this is one of my favourites so far this Christmas - someone is going to be lucky to receive this.

    Hugs Sue Pxxx

  30. I have made a lickle something to go on the Treehouse Door Miss. Hope you like!

  31. Beautiful card as always Di. I am always amazed you have been able to keep up with the playground roll call, it seems a major commitment. Option B seems like the best option however understandable if you wanted to take a break. Thanks for all your hardwork over the past year. X

  32. This is a super duper card Di. Very effective. Just popped in with a little box I knocked up. (Dun you go getting any ideas for a larger size!)
    Yep Fluff and Sweetcheeks are one and the same. I see your following as is Jules. Speaking of which even though she did try to blow me big bloomers up they still won a challenge.
    hugs Mrs A.

  33. Having only recently come into the playground to make a mess erm... I mean play along, I probably should keep my mouth shut. Except I really do have to say you're amazing Di, your writing is so witty and warm and I will never know how you've managed to fit writing the roll call in at all! Vicky x


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