Wednesday, 14 November 2012

WOYWW - 180

Not much to see on my work desk this week - apart from a load of detritus shoved to the side. But, I did just this minute unpack this from my suitcase - innit cute:
It's a bracelet, made up of little painted 'jingle bells' threaded onto elastic. I spotted it on Sunday in a local Spanish market and could see potential if I took the scissors to the elastic - just one snip and there's be a load of brightly coloured bells for Christmas card embellishments :) Bit different to the gold and silver ones I already have - at 3 Euros it truly was a snip - and not something to wear as it is unless you want to be heard coming from a long way off!

To see what's going on in the world of sensible (and not so sensible) crafters - hop over to Julia's here. I'll be following just as soon as the last of holiday stuff is either put away or into the laundry.



  1. Hello Di, so your back, welcome home :) That bracelet is a brilliant find - love that the bells are coloured too. Wouldn't wear it though - you'd sound like Santa's reindeer approaching! Have a lovely WOYWW - unpacking - hugs, Elizabeth x #43

  2. For one moment I thought you were going to start Morris dancing Di. :-)
    What a fab find...and you only bought one?
    A x #74

  3. Sadly this was the only one left Annie - I'd have bought more if they were there! Di xx

  4. Such a perfect idea, us crafters are always on the lookout for crafty items aren't we lol. Hugs, Amanda x

  5. Ohh, I'm so jealous! Those little bells are quite expensive in our shops aren't they? And those are so pretty too :) Have fun using them in all sorts of lovely projects!
    I'm really looking forward to catching up with you soon :D
    Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

  6. Neat!

    Actually, I think Mrs A and I need one of those to go round each of our necks!

    Happy WOYWW.

    Sarn xxx

  7. I am always finding useful bits in our markets, but I haven't seen these.
    I'm not sure which bit of Spain you were in, but I hope you had better weather than us. We've had rain every day for nearly two weeks, which is almost unheard of here in November, and yesterday there was snow on the mountains! But today the sun is shining and everything feels so much better for it. Rain again tomorrow I think!
    Kate x

  8. No creeping over to the cookie jar when you wear that!

  9. I can just hear that coming through the post, give the postman something to think about

  10. Love the bracelet idea - I could not wear it with all that jingling lol - look forward to seeing what you create with all those little bells have a great week - Nicky 61

  11. Well spotted - that was a great find but definitely not for wearing!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you add them to......
    Happy WOYWW

  12. Hello Di,

    I hope your trip was a blast. You scored quite well on the bracelet - love the colors! Too bad you're going to snip it. I could just see you wearing it and creating your own music, dancing around the house!

    I'm not joining in this week but wanted to see if you were here.


  13. It is cute! Bet is sounds really cute too!
    Karen 115

  14. Hmm I could tie them around my sticks? What do you reckon? But I think you'd hear me coming anyway cos I don't do quiet!!! Ha ha. Great find though. No desk from me am preparing to go off for the weekend and meet my fellow Crafty Boots DT ladies. But I wanted to pop by and say hello anyway and of course have a nose at your desk!! Take care Zo xx

  15. That bracelet is a great find. I love finding little things that can be altered and reused and go so much further - all part of the fun I think.
    Carolyn #117

  16. Brilliant - I have added little bells to my Christmas dollies' feet or hands but was wondering where to replace my stash. I have a sister in law in Spain - I wonder if she might spot some on their market stall. Yours are fab. x Jo

  17. Hi Di,
    This bracelet is gorgeous, love the coulours of jingle bells- Did you colour them?
    Hugs Tamara

  18. Yummy, that is so sweet Di but not sure how you'll be able to cut that elastic, l'd want to wear it and tell everyone that 'it's Christmas time'!

    Thanks for your comment yesterday, it means a lot :)

    Will certainly take on the cake challenge.

    Big hugs xx

  19. Hi Di, Well that's a bargain if ever l saw one!! xx

  20. What a fab idea - such pretty coloured bells too!! perfect! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog today! Sarah x

  21. Obviously what came straight into my mind was "the bells, the bells" if you were wearing it that is.
    Great idea, looking forward to seeing your creations using them.

    Kath x

  22. Welcome home Di! What a fab find! I found some tiny colored bells (not as nice as these, mine don't jingle) and used them on my craft fair makes. I'm sure you'll find lots of uses for them.

  23. I want one!! Are you going back over before C? Pleeeeeeease Miss. I will help you clean the Treehouse up!

  24. Happy WOYWW. We are off to Spain in 2 weeks time. Will keep an eye out for a bracelet like that! Ali x #71

  25. Good idea and love all those colours. The Doc is used to me rootling around on the market stalls for bracelelts with as much stash on em as I can find for as little money as possible. After his first inital look of horror and exclamation of 'your not intending to wear that are you?!!! he leaves me to it. Don't chuck that elastic away mind!!!!!
    Right. Just been downstairs to check I have a bell of my own.I dun want extra detentshun for not doing Elth and Safety proper like.
    Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. I hate the letter 'C'!!!!

  26. Lovely bright colour and what a great find too. I'm dog sitting for the next two and a bit there's no hope of me finding anything like that!

    Happy WOYWW! (LYN)#22

  27. Well, that really is a good buy! What a great idea to use them for Christmas crafting... Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  28. Hi Di

    A fabby find indeed!!!

    Hope you pretended you were buying it to wear .. .. and kept jingling it annoyingly like I would!! LOL!!!

    Lovely to have you back.

    Love Jules x

  29. Welcome home and hope you had a great time. love the colours of the little bells hope we get to see the cards you make. Anne x #126

  30. Good to have you home, Di! I'm here catching up. I think you're idea of using the brilliantly colored bells on cards is terrific. Especially this year as non-traditional colors are all the rage in holiday cards.

    Just one thing ... ain't you never heard the spression, "I'll be there with bells on?" I think, however, even that statement wasn't meant for that loud bracelet, which was obviously meant for hoochie-hoochie girls. Not that I would know.

  31. Hello again Di,
    Those bells are fun. I have to confess that my first thought was of you with the cocktail and flower in hair (your photo). Add to that the bells around the ankle and doing some wonderful Pacific Island dancing. It's the best fun dancing with those lovely people. On a serious note, they will be lovely for Christmas decorations.
    Miles of smiles,
    Ros. #94


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