Sunday 11 November 2012

Pixies Crafty Snippets - Week 46

Today is always a day tinged with sadness - in the UK it's Remembrance Day, when we remember those who made the the ultimate sacrifice in giving their lives so that we might live free from oppression and war. Both of my parents had relatives with Forces connections and my Dad was in the Army for many years. My step-mum always has a poppy tucked into Dad's last photo in uniform, taken before he retired and as I'm not at home to call her today I sent this instead:
I used:

- A6 white card stock

- Penny Black's stamp called 'Poppy Poem', stamped onto a snippet of white card and coloured with Pro Markers

- red card backing from the snippets folder

- sentiment by LOTV

So, let's see what's been going on in the Playground now - from what I've heard there was a bonfire party there during the week which only ended up with the arrival of our local fire brigade! I turn my back for five minutes and mayhem breaks out :( Let me go blog hopping to catch up on what happened - it's bright here on the terrace so I hope you'll excuse a quick scamper and also forgive me if I miss any details as images aren't showing up too well in this bright light. But, I sure ain't gonna go and sit indoors right now - not after all the rain we had when we first arrived!

First last week to come and play was Elizabeth with a fabulous vintage look to her card, love the butterfly and organza ribbon as finishing touches Elizabeth. And, on a second visit we had this absolutely divine 30's styled card - love the soft colours and the ribbon and rose are beautiful - and pink too :)

Next was Jules, bringing such a pretty Christmas card, with the cutest little mouse image - and of course all the lovely finishing touches we know Jules always adds.

Then Kath came along, with this super Christmas card. Love the silhouette image Kath and it's a perfect result too. The pink backing card is great - Jules said it 's great as well and just shows you don't need a specific to Christmas paper or card for it to work wonderfully well.

Hazel had a busy week with nine visits to us - which I'll rattle through faster than usual. First was a lovely gingerbread men easel card, then this card featuring a saucy image rescued from a bought birthday card, and next a fabulous pink card featuring the same butterfly ribbon I have at home. Such a good idea to run it through your Xyron Hazel - I have one of those machines on my list for Santa this year :) All too often I die cut a really intricate die before thinking to back it with double sided adhesive sheet and am hoping a Xyron would come to the rescue. Another pink card followed, this time using a MS punch to such good effect, followed by a card using a drawing done by a very talented friend and then a really seasonal harvest fruit card. After that, Hazel brought us a great silhouette card (and I agree she is rather like Mary Poppins Hazel), another card featuring a hand drawn bird and finally a card to kick start this week's challenge which Hazel runs - a card for a man or boy, with such a fun snowman image :)

Sandra H was next to come and play - with a gorgeous baby card, made especially to celebrate the arrival of her new grand son Nathan (his photo is there too for you to see). Lovely card Sandra - and an even lovelier brother for little Tayla :)

Sam hopped in twice this week - first with such a great album, made for her Hubby. Fantastic Sam and those photos of amazing Gipsy vehicles have been done proud by you. Next on Sam's 'show and tell' agenda were two lovely Thank You cards - both lovely Sam!

The plot began to thicken when we had a lovely newcomer join us this week, Marianne, and the girls were leaving excited comments about the forthcoming bonfire and such. Anyhow, Marianne brought us a whole load of gorgeous cards made using snippets (about 20 in total!) - I love all of them but my very favourite (if I had to pick) is the one with a wreath of Autumn leaves on. Hope you come back to play regularly Marianne :)

Next was Sarn and she brought us one of my favourite Get Well cards, using a LOTV bunny image and some lovely orange colours to cheer anyone up. If you look closely, even the medicine bottle has orange carrots on :) So sweet Sarn - and I have noticed that you were left a comment by Rach basically saying the party could begin as the coast was clear!!

As proof that there were shenanigans here's an excerpt from an email I got the other day:

I mean, what woz we supposed to do? Hettie (aka Sam) wasn't keen on the idea of a Bonfire Party in the first place, due to 'elf n safety or summink. So she INSISTED on doing a Fire Drill first. 

So there we were, all lined up to test out the fire stinguishers . . . and let me tell you it wasn't easy . . . I mean some of the stinguishers were TALLER than the peeps wielding them (mentioning no names) . . . and so we practiced a bit and discovered the joys of foam. So . . . okay . . . we MAY have had a teensy weensy little foam party first.

Then of course, we had to light the bonfire in order to dry us all out. And it's not true that we had an effigy of someone called Dave - although I heard somebody mention "Prime Minster" if that means anyfing to you?

Anyhoo, I'm sure it was only a few sparks . . . but was enuf to do damage as already outlined in someone else's email. Corse, we rushed to use stinguishers, but for some reason they had stopped working (we MAY have used up all the foam beforehand). So Fire Brigade had to be called. But, someone said 'Dun u worry bout nuffin' as it's all been cleared up now, and the sheep have been returned. I mean WHO said THEY could join in anyway???

All will be tickety boo by the time you return.
Dun u worry!

This cheered me up immensely needless to say - more so as we'd been fighting a flood here.........inside the apartment!! Long story but imagine some Spanish Mr Fixit guy going up onto the flat roof to clear a blocked drainpipe that runs right through everyone's kitchen wall cavity and splitting it in the process. So a roof's worth of water gushed everywhere - it was even pouring out of the kitchen electrical sockets at one point. And until it was repaired, every time it rained it was buckets and mops to the ready :( No wonder I'm delighted to see the sun shining!

Tammy was next to come and play - with this fabulous Happy Harvest card - lots of layers, including doilies, patterned papers, twine, and decorative tape - and all in such bright and cheerful colours - I love it Tammy! And I hope you didn't fall for Sarn's request to rush over to the playground with more sparklers :(

Next was Bonnie with a Christmas card to make you sigh with envy - it's so elegantly made, champagne and gold make such fabulous partners and the bauble and bow are truly stunning. Great that your Christmas cards are all made Bonnie - and your observation about there being mischief afoot whenever I'm away was so very true!

Lynn A was next to visit - with a beautiful card - crisp white and mauves. It's lovely Lynn, I'm working in sunshine on my little pink laptop here so it's hard to really check out detail but I'm almost sure that's a little key you used down the butterfly's body - such a clever idea! Do go and see for yourselves girls, it's an idea to remember!

We had two visits from Mary H this week - firstly with one of Penny Black's amazing ducks as the centrepiece on a lovely Christmas card, one of my favourite stamps there Mary and I love the papers you used too. And then Mary returned with  an adorable 'Carolling Duck' image, this time on a gate fold card - another stunner! Penny Black do the most clever Christmas stamps and these two are among my own very favourites too Mary :)
Amanda also came to play twice this week, her second card is gorgeous, really perfect for a girl and I love the blues. Did laugh about resisting cutting into a fresh sheet of card Amanda - know how you feel! And then, before that (I got mixed up with the order of postings), Amanda had brought us a terrific Birthday card - it's gorgeous in itself but do go and see the amazing colouring, isn't that hair great?! Love it Amanda!!

Next to play was Vicky, with a lovely card using some brilliant over stamping - do go and see what I mean. Vicky always uses SU products so well - and always seems to have me adding to my wish list! And not only that - would YOU go to the Post Office and stand in a queue acknowledging Vicky as a friend when you read her post and hear what she announced?! I did laugh I'm afraid Vicky :)

Then Jackie came to play, with lots of lovely gift tags and a super robot card (love the layout and those buttons are a super touch) - you can see them here. Good to see you back playing Jackie - trust me, nowt would scare me right now after the bonfire bedlam in the playground last week and the in-house flood here!

Irene was next, with one of her really elegant cards - made for a Wedding Anniversary. It's really gorgeous Irene, I love the edge punch you used and the beautiful flower and fronds are just perfect! As well as the delightful card, there are some terrific photos to be seen in the same post.

Next was Bernie, and it's been a while since she played. Bernie brought a few fabulous cards to show - all to say a thank you to US Veterans and also their Marine Corps. That sort of links in with how I began typing this and showing my own snippets card what seems like hours ago! Great to see you again Bernie - you missed some real playground antics, but at least it meant you escaped detention :)

Then Mary Mac called in to say 'Hi' with a lovely Christmas card featuring mail boxes and Winter birds. Fabulous colouring there Mary and I adore the sumptuous bow! I do love the Red Cardinals that feature on American Christmas cards - that's not to say I don't love our plump little British robin of course :)

So, that's the roll call done. Time here (late Saturday afternoon) to marinade some chicken for Mediterranean Chicken Pilaff for dinner - the recipe is here.

If you want to join in the Playground and keep using up those snippets - the Playground is open all of this coming week but it will close on Saturday 17th November at noon, UK time. Mr Linky is below as usual. 


The only conditions to playing nicely in the Snippet Playground are that your card (or anything else you wish to bring here to show) must be made by using up snippets (card, paper, lace and ribbon are all fine), and a link back to here in your own blog posting will mean that you'll be included in the Weekly Roll Call. Oh, and no nipping or hair pulling of course :)


  1. Erm are we all in detention then Miss?
    Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Lovely poppy-thinking of you card.
    Have a nice sunday, Tamara

  3. So glad l wasn't at the bonfire, can't be blamed for nuffin now!

    Lovely card Di, l'm sure your Step-Mum will love it and hold it very dear.

    Sorry to hear your teacher training isn't going well, fingers crossed you get some R and R!

    Big hugs xx

  4. Fab roll call there Miss!

    BEAUTIFUL poppy card - a stunner, and I'm sure it was much appreciated.

    Mrs A: Lets hope not! xxx

  5. Good morning Miss Di

    Mum is still sending me to bed early every night with no tea or TV until she gets a note from you saying I have apologised properly and am forgiven :-(

    I have told her I did a proper apology but she is saying "How can she trust my word if I go round blowing up peoples bloomers, causing mayhem, and involving our emergency services for such a long length of time when they could be needed elsewhere".

    I explained that you were away on teacher training abroad and that it would be a while until you are back and she simply said .. .. "well you will be having even more early nights then won't you".

    Don't feel under pressure to come back to the playground early though Miss Di. I appreciate I need punishing.

    Your snippet poppy make is lovely and I am sure your step Mum will be really touched to receive it. What a lovely thing to do.

    Hope you are enjoying your time away.

    That is probably the best roll call yet, LOL!!!

    Love Jules xx

  6. Well, how can I follow Jules' comment - mine will be really dull in comparison! Love the poppy card and it will be appreciated by your stepmum, Di. I steered clear of the bonfire ... didn't want any of that smokiness getting into my chest, but did sit on the sidelines with my sparklers. x

  7. Well I have risked entering the playground again with my make for this week .. .. but if I am banned then I understand.

    Just let me know and I will have to think of something else to do with all my snippets and left over bits and pieces.

    Love Jules xx

  8. Di, Your card is a lovely thought and l'm sure your step mum will be overjoyed with it its beautiful and thank you for your lovely comments again xx

  9. This is such a beautiful card Di and a very fitting tribute to all those souls who gave their lives. A lovely thought to send it to your step mum too.

    I'm always so impressed at your writing and the Playground roll call is another entertaining read. I was assuming that we were all in detention and have been practising saying "It weren't me!" and "I NEVER!" all week!

    Hope you've dried out now! Vicky x

  10. Great card and fabulous Roll Call Miss.
    Now about this Bonfire Party, I wanted nuffink to do with it. I stayed in the coup with the chooks reading them stories like Lickle Red Riding Hood hoping to take their minds of the bangings and pops. I will admit I did have a spud in the bonfire but never got to eat it due to the foam party, hedge burning, sheep and fire engines arriving. The fire got doused out so my spud was a lickle soggy and rock hard!
    I have to say that the Firemen were a bit hunky though so it was not all bad! I tried to see if one was called Christian or Mr Grey but no-one would own up to those names!
    Tee Hee. Hope you are not too flooded out now and are enjoying your holiday.
    Hurry back though Miss, I would hate for another mishap!

  11. Hey ho, tears and pride were the order of the day for me, it does this to me, I am dead soft,. I love all the Pomp and Circumstance, the memories, of attending Remenbrance Parade's as a Brownie or a Guide. My Dad was a Bevin Boy, but he was still dead proud that he played his part. It would have been as hard for him to go down the mines as it was for my Uncles to join various services. He was a pen pusher and had no DIY idea at all, I think he always felt be-littled by his BIL so I was really chuffed when Bevin Boys were allowed in to the Parade.
    Just a little laugh, while a Bevin Boy a certain Christmas he sent my MOther to be a Christmas present and she had these fabulous idea's of whayt is was going to be and it ended up it was a hot water bottle, the Wedding was nearly called off. lol
    You card for your Step Mum is absolutely fabulous.

    Kath x

  12. Oops sorry, me again. He used to listen to Radio 2 and there was a programme by CHarlie Chester (you won't remember him, slip of a lass as you are)
    A young kid had written to say he was collecting the Bevin Boys 'tags' if any would like to send them in, so my Dad did and got a mention on the programme and a lovelyt letter from the Boy.

    Kath x

  13. Goodness Di, sounds like you've been have a very watery time down there - perhaps you would have been better booking into Fawlty Towers :)

    And what about the shenanigans in the playground - happily all of it happened in the playground and as far as I can make out no chickens were injured in the making of the conflagration (today's big word).

    Enjoyed the roll call and hope to visit those I haven't been to already this week.

    Hope the sun stays out for you for the rest of your break. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  14. Finally got going on my Christmas cards...Here's the first...hopefully of many!!! teehee

  15. Trying to sneak in early to get brownie points for good behaviour xxx

  16. The rain in Spain stays mainly on the..... kitchen floor! No, that's not right is it! Hope that little problem gets sorted out soon, sounds like we need all that water in the Playground to stop the naughty peeps from getting out of control! I only had time to pop in really quickly yesterday so didn't get to leave a comment. Lovely card for your step mum, always loved that poppy stamp. Hope the sun is shining for you both today.


  17. Hello Di,
    A beautiful Poppy card which I am sure will be much appreciated. The roll call really made me smile - of course I did not know any of this was going on! Hope you are enjoying your rest. Lynn

  18. How sweet that your step mum keeps a poppy in your Dad's picture! This is such a pretty card, and I'm sure she loved receiving it!

  19. Lovely poppy card Miss Di.
    I have risked entrying twice this week. Does that mean double detention.
    Firstly let me say that Jules and I have made up anf are the bestest of friends again. We shared our cookies together today.
    Secondly who got caught going home with an empty spray can of green paint. Huh huh. The police said "no not you again!!" and stuck me in a waiting room for 3 hours afor they would beleive me story. "I wos only painting the burnt bushes honest gov." They let me off when i told em that Len does it all the time. He may be expecting a little visit now!!!

  20. Me again...feathers are aparantly my thing this week!

  21. You ask for it Miss and I obey. Especially as I am not sure how much trouble we are all in yet. Thanks for the offer of half a spud but I will pass on that on account I am not feeling that clever at the moment!
    As for the insurance, surely one of us could be classed as a "responsible" adult?? On second thoughts.... I was thinking maybe Jules but she has been caught blowing up Mrs A's bloomers! Enuff said!

  22. OMG...I spent weeks trying to convince my mum that you girls were nearly sainted. And then the bonfire and the bloomers and spray paint...I am writing this from my room, which is where I'll be staying for some time. Mum does like your poppy card and I'm sure your step-mum will be very pleased. It is beautiful. Right now I'm tying all my bed sheets together and am hoping to slip down them and run to the playground. Shhhhh.... See you all soon!

  23. Broke out of the winter bird mode to make a snowman card...I'm off...back to the birds now!

  24. Ha ha Di, loved this post you are all such fun...
    ...and of course the poppy card is smashing!! I love poppy cards and tried to get one done, too, a bit of it showing on my desk today maybe it will show up one time in Snippets huh??

    Oh and am so sad I was not at the excitement of the bonfire, and all that!
    I was away down at Dr's in the big smoke ..where there were not bonfires, just storms which closed the Sydney airport for couple of hours very convenient but opened before toooo late... home at 9.45pm in stead of 7.30pm, a very long day as left at 5.50am.
    Now tonight I am tapping away with sore right hand as had surgery for skin cancer on it today, it is just going to stop numbness from the surgery this arvo - five stitches, take after my dad.

    Oh, and have great rest of hols dear head teacher, off to try my favourite swing out, will be good I will ;D
    love Shaz in Oz.x

  25. Hi Miss! Back again. Have you dried out yet?
    Hope you have settled back at home now. How is the Treehouse looking now? Is it safe to come back to yet?
    Big hugs

  26. Hey, hey, I get to play again! I was down to my last piece of sahara sand paper today, so I was putting everything I had into cutting that circle and not messing it up! I'll be back to catch up in a bit. Off to have some chicken broth for din-din, yum. Hope you made it home safe ...

  27. Listen up everybody, I got this straight from Sarn so it must be true! There's PEANUTS for free all this week in the playground. Go and get yours before they all disappear. Darnell, I hope your broth isn't THE chicken that's gone missing!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs Mrs A.

  28. Had to come play again! Maybe the chicken is looking for peanuts?


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