Monday, 15 July 2013

I've been away......

....but didn't tell you in case anarchy broke out in the Playground :)

Is anarchy a spotty and itchy disease, freckles or wot then?
Photo of young woman with freckles

Just to say I'll catch up on emails and commenting in the already busy Playground once I catch my breath.............but part of the little trip did involve me finally handing over the school newsletter printing and distribution job at long last! Yay, Happy Dance :)



scrappymo! said...

So glad for you that it is time for someone else to take up the reins!

You have done your share and time to pass on the job...Yay!

roffeycreations said...

Take a break, relax, sit back, and I'll push you on the swings.... Mxx

ike said...

YaY - that will give you a bit more breathing time :-D Glad to have you back xxxxxxxxx

Kathyk said...

Welcome back - hope you had a splendid break


Sandra H said...

Hope you enjoyed your break Di we all need to take a breather sometime xx

Irene said...

Welcome back Di, hope you had a lovely time.

Its been brill in the Playgound especially the paddling pool.

Sarn said...

Yay! At LAST! I'm doing the Happy Dance with you! xxx

Mrs A. said...

We've been away too. Playing in Sweet Cheeks paddling pool. He has some awesome water guns wot The Doc got to play with. Bought some home for the playground. Let firing commence. Whose gonna be in my team then?
Hugs Mrs a.

Di said...

I'll be in Mrs A's team - don't trust her not to add summick nasty to the water in them water guns!


Hettie said...

Glad your back Miss!
I will be in Mrs A's team. I would rather be behind her firing instead of in front of!!

Kathleen said...

Well done, thanks goodness there was someone else daft enough to take the job on, I thought I heard a strange noise the other night, must have been you breathing a sigh of relief.
Well, if it is water in the guns I'm with Mrs A, if it is wine then I am on the opposite team.

Kath x

Karen said...

I'm going back behind the bicycle shed - you do know they let that ruddy parrot out while you was gone Miss?
I don't like things what fly!
OMG who gave her a water gun? There will be tears before bed time, which reminds me, time for bed ttfn xx

Darnell said...

I tried to get in using the "R" key, but I couldn't make it work. I think twas tears in my eyes from missing you. And coz I didn't spect Polly Pixie to call ME that name, seeing as I'm the one what taught her. Such disrespect!!

I'm ever so glad you woke up from your delirium and handed over that nasty thankless task! It's about time you sat back in your laurels and relaxed. Oh, Miss, not there, donkey's been there!