Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hunky Dory card in a frame

Playing some more with the 'Shimmering Watercolours' Hunky Dory win from QCME here - and once again l almost lost the will to live. It's a really lovely prize but they didn't include any instructions on making the box part that sits behind the scalloped frame - almost made a big boo-boo but thankfully realised what I was about to do wrong just in time.The kit came with four of these cards which stand up on little easels at the back - first two:
The name of this design is 'Poppies in Bloom', to be honest they look like anemones to me.
 Creamy white roses and probably delphiniums
And a (blurred) close up view to show the layers.

Even avoiding my potential boo-boo, I had trouble with the first one, the box front 'lip' which the die cut foiled front sticks onto is a gnat's whisker larger than the widest cut out on the filed front - no matter how much you juggle it around. I learned from that and trimmed a sliver from each side of the next 'box' before assembling it!

I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth but wouldn't you think that the measurements would be fit for purpose when things are sold in kit form?

Oooer, I'm such a big kid too - and our eagle eyed Darnell spotted it on Monday. Finally got round to adding a watermark to piccies - and now spend ages moving it round the photo in 'Gimp' before making my mind up. I got the watermarks from Karen Giron and they're $2 per design - a snip I thought - go and peek here. Super fast service - I think Karen must have done them within just a few hours, and that's with a time difference too!



scrappymo! said...

Two gorgeous cards...glad you got the
box problem sorted as these two are so pretty.
I love the watermark signature...looks so professional!

mamapez5 said...

A beautiful card Di. I love Hunkydory designs but wish they didn't use quite such heavy card. They are not good for international posting. I like the shape of this one. Kate x

Cathy said...

Very pretty projects Di, love the watermark! Cathy x

Carol Willis said...

Beautiful cards Di. Love them both.
Caz x

Sarn said...

Well they're very pretty despite the difficulties they presented!

I agree . . . they look like anemones too!

Like your new signature. I keep forgetting to add mine!

Sarn xxx

Mrs A. said...

Gosh I'll you lousy look at those layers.! I newly gave up the ghost doing me little snowman

Don't you just love predictive text! Left it above as it gave me a chuckle. This is the corrected version.
Gosh will you just look at all those layers! I nearly gave up the ghost doing me little snowman. Need to go and lie down now. Think the heat is getting to me. Hugs Mrs a.

Anonymous said...

Patience is a virtue
Find it if you can
Always in a woman
Never in a man!!

Lovely cards, glad you got there in the end. I agree, Anemones in that first pic, not poppies! Love the watermark, hadn't spotted it until now! Prolly should get one too, sounds like great value.


Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

so beautiful
hugs Tamara

Hettie said...

Gorgeous Miss Patient! I think it would have gone in the "Sod it" box by now!
I spotted the signature and have been trying to rack my little cell how to do it! Now I know.
Love Mrs A's comment!

Kimbo said...

Don't think they look lousy at all. I too would have given up but glad you got it sorted as they are beautiful x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Di, I missed these cards yesterday but you have only got yourself to blame ... your washi tape card is so eyecatching I only had eyes for it :)) These are lovely cards but got to agree, those look unlike any poppies I've seen. And you would think they would be fit for purpose to, no matter that they are a gift horse :) I've had my 'signature' for a few years now but the person who designed it seems to have given up, such a shame. When I want a new one I'll check out Karen's site. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Darnell said...

Yes, you'd think it would be better measured, but gee, Di, they certainly were worth the trouble! They are so gorgeous!

Thank you for the info on the watermark. I'll check her out. I won't copy yours which I am aswoon over, but I could do with something with a little more personality! xxoo Darnell

Bonnie said...

The layered flowers are gorgeous! I love the frames but can see where they would be a tad difficult! You did an amazing job of figuring them out without any directions!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, gorgeous and so elegant! Love these.