Wednesday, 10 July 2013

You're a star!

On Sunday, at Newbury, Mrs A and I found loads of stands selling toppers at six A4 sheets for £5 - instead of around £1.69 each.........bargain :) So, we trotted round selecting three (or even six) each at a few stalls, and quite a lot of the sheets were Kanban ones. I fell in love with the 'Simply Fabulous' sets at the very first stand we encountered and this card used one of the toppers:
Neeldess to say, it was really tricky to photograph though!

I used:

- 5" x 7" black card stock, trimmed down from 7" square as I figured the embossed backing card would go further - am such a meanie at times

- topper by Kanban from the 'Simply Fabulous - Burlesque Blush' sheet

- ready embossed deep pinky red and very luscious card is also by Kanban - a snip at 50p an A4 sheet I thought

- ha, and then I found that the matching sentiments sheet I'd bought was largely badly foiled (some you win and some you lose) so a quick rummage through other sentiment toppers turned up the plain gold one I used - aptly with the sentiment 'You're a star' as she really does look such a Diva

- three black stones in each corner - job done!

LOVE her huge and totally OTT bow.

Towards the end of the day when we were flagging a bit, we did yet another 'Let's choose three sheets each' and I think I forgot my manners.

Mrs A held her three out to the chap taking money, then I waved mine too whilst squeaking 'So that's six altogether - a job lot please'!  The guy just raised his eyebrows while Mrs A was 'stood standing' there snorting with laughter. I think by that point all sense of propriety and me being on good behaviour had totally gone outta the window :(



scrappymo! said...

ahahaha...a job lot...well it was worth a try!!!

Love your totally elegant lady!Your card is a lovely design...You both chose wisely methinks...
I think spending whole day giggling and shopping with a girlfriend is great fun even without a "job lot"... lol

I can just imagine the giggles!

Di...I have blown up my monitor on my computer. Am using the brand new laptp...errr...DH's new my address book is not in this one.

Wanted to email you to see if that Wednesday or Thursday worked for you...the exact date is in my other computer email trail but I think it is the 7th or 8th of Aug. We will leave Hemel Hempstead on Tuesday and get down that way later in the day...wanted to run some B%B info by you in case you know of any nice ones anywhere between Highclere and your area.
My email is
or you can use my other email you have used before but I don't want to put it here as it has my full name in it. You know the one

Darnell said...

Wowza, that lady is truly a star! I can imagine how amazing this card looks IRL! I'm so pleased that you and Mrs. A came out alive and found such bargains, well, in the bargain! Propriety is overrated anyhoodles!!

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Sounds as though you two had a great time together, spending lots of money and generally having fun. Good for you. I have turned the carpet shampooer into a positive by buying another one (it's only money, as one of our friends used to say), and I will have the old one fixed and keep it upstairs to avoid having to carry it up and down. Anything to make life a little easier. The roofers are working hard and should soon finish that part of the job. They have the front to finish, then need to do the porch and the sloping roof over the dining room. Neither of those two have any felt or insulation so they will put that right which might improve the heating bills next year. I had the gloves on with British Gas yesterday and won, after they had increased my payments by £20 per month, despite the fact that I am still well in credit. They had also said that my meter readings were wrong, but agreed that their three months of estimated readings (while they sorted out the new account) were what was wrong. Result! I am on a roll now. Just the caravan brake to sort out - they will not beat me! Have a good week, playing with all your new goodies. xx Maggie #10

Sarn said...

Cool Kanban card Di . . . and well done for nabbing a bargain. Gotta be done!

Sarn xxx

Sandra H said...

Morning Di, What a great bargain and your card is gorgeous such a beautiful topper your card is gorgeous love the embossed back ground and the colour too have a lovely day xx

Annie said...

Love the card Di and at least I know now what I've dot coming to me.....meeting up with a bad mannered friend hehehe
See you soon ;-)
Annie x

Elizabeth said...

Morning Di, love the card - the pink embossed card is gorgeous, as is the topper. Needless to say you've had me chuckling at your escapades with Mrs A ... as the EM would say, 'what are you like'! This is always accompanied with a shake of the head :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Sue - said...

Great card and sounds like you got some good bargains!

Mrs A. said...

And a very nice card it is that you have made Miss even if it did nearly bring the house down!! Cos it was the one hanging right at the top of the stand and I had to reach up and grab it down for you, only the display lurched at an alarming angle till I gave it a good kicking and it righted itself. Phew!! I had visions of us being chucked out of the show and it wos only the first stall inside the entrance to.
Hugs Mrs A.
P.s. dun we do well with all those Kanbans.

Lunch Lady Jan said... two must have been a force to be reckoned with!! I bet you used your elbows too ;-)
I found that owl fabric I bought in Salisbury with you...had forgotten all about it. Do you still want me to make something with it for Our Mutual friend...and if so, what? Could you please email me and I'll get cracking in a couple of weeks. Thanks!
Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

Carol Willis said...

Fabulous card Di, love the topper. Sounds like you had a fantastic day out.
Caz x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

oh Di you loosing all sense of propriety really!! :D

..ha can see it now, with my mind's eye!
Oh, such a great bright pink card, TFS! Shaz in Oz.x

Kathleen said...

You don't get if you don't ask.

Not often that you get real bargains in the craft shows and sometimes it is not till you get home that you realise that you haven't, I sometimes wonder if it is the men that think they can pull the wool over the eyes of us women, bet they would be more careful if it was all male,s that were crafting.
Great card, lovely colours and a fabulous bow image.

Kath x

Hettie said...

If a bargain is worth having then manners just go outta the window ey! Bwahahahaah! Pity about the duff one but you still had a bargain ey!

Mrs A. said...

Stop Washing. Simples!!!!!!!!!
What the eck is an iron. Isn't that wot golfers use.
Hugs Mrs A.

roffeycreations said...

Lovely card Di - and it is a very OTT bow... you two sound like a lotta fun to hang around - with Cathy and I arguing over music paper and you two "topping" up would certainly make things lively... LOL Mxx