Monday, 29 July 2013

Great minds think alike

On Saturday morning, as soon as the new 'Less is More' challenge was announced, I knew what I wanted to do. This was such a change for me as, lately, I haven't really 'clicked' with the chosen LIM themes - but I got my comeuppance 'cos someone beat me to it with the self same image anyhow :)

The LIM challenge inspiration was this photo - and I opted for the super-high black stiletto heel, plus the stamp was lying on the desk here hot from the post!
I used:

- 6" x 6" white square card stock

- stamp made by Creative Expressions 'Heart and Soul - UMS028', stamped with Black Archival Ink and coloured with TH Distress pens plus some touches of silver, and Cherry Ice stickles on the largest hearts

- black card from the snippets folder

- sentiment is by Whimsical Designs 'Whimsical Fun - Vol. 1' - it looks badly aligned in the photo but the card also looks barrel shaped in the photo, sigh

Crumbs, I remember tottering round in heels like these, but not quite so high. At just over 5'2" tall they were essential (so I thought) when working as the only female equal with a load of power hungry chaps - if only so they didn't pat me on the head!

But, the morning I got a stiletto heel stuck in an escalator coming out of a London Tube Station on my way to the office certainly cured me of commuting in anything other than flat shoes................ with my 'power shoes' safely tucked inside briefcase!

Edit: After initially writing here that I wouldn't enter, then being seriously threatened with a long spell on the naughty step by Mrs A, I've linked into Less is More anyhow! 



Mrs A. said...

Now you get that card entered PDQ or it's the naughty step for you all week. Yours is completely different any hows.
Hugs Mrs A.
I'm watching!!

Diane said... this one Di, I have always had a thing about shoes!

Sazzle Dazzle said...

Oh beautiful card Di and I had to giggle at your stiletto heel story too! Good luck with the challenge. xx

scrappymo! said...

Oh my...this looks like a pair of shoes my Glamour Girl would wear!
She is a shoe girl for sure!

This is just lovely and I am so glad that you entered it in the challenge.

The sentiment is perfect for this gorgeous card!

mamapez5 said...

A lovely card and I am sure we each add our own little touch to a stamp to make it different from everyone else's. I have to say this is the LIM theme that wouldn't motivate me at all, but to each his own! Kate x

Annie said...

Fab card Di.....think my highest shoes had 6" heels and 2 " platforms and I walked about 3 miles one night in those when I fell out with a boyfriend :-)
A x

Sarn said...

I think it's a great card and wonderful image. Glad you were persuaded to enter regardless. xxx

Carol Willis said...

Beautiful card Di, love the shoe image. I could never wear shoes like that, I'd break my neck!!
Caz x

Planetsusie said...

I love this stamp Di - I have been into shoes for as long as I can remember and despite only being able to wear 'almost' flatties, I still keep all my heels in my wardrobe - just to look at!!!

Love the LIM look as well.

Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

Kimbo said...

Gorgeous shoe Di and I see those TH pens are out again - may just have to treat myself on payday x

Squirrel said...

LOL Gorgeous! Much nicer than mine. Glad you entered it!
Rosey x

Hettie said...

Lovely shoe there Mrs. Can I have a pair but with lower heels please? I get nosebleeds up that high and I am only 5ft 2 and a half!
Glad you entered or else Mrs A would have got you into mischief!

Anne said...

Great card. I vaguely remember wearing heels that high!!! :-) Was 5' 3" once but think I've shrunk!! :-) x

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

OK, Di, but what does Dixx mean? I am not too well up on text speak. As my cleaner and my shopping all arrived two hours early this morning, I am intending to have an afternoon up in my room, partly to start the tidy up and sort out, but also to give myself some time to create. I might even get a snippet done. Yippee! Love your shoe card today, just enough glitz there. As for your raindrop card, it is lovely but I do wish you and Shaz (Silverwolf) would stop encouraging me to spend more money. Those stamps are so pretty. xx Maggie

Bonnie said...

Wow! That's a power shoe for sure! I used to wear heels for the same reason. Now I just take the pats on the head and my back works much better. Unless the pat's a bit too hard!

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

My brain was not working very well, with everyone coming early. It was not helped by the fact that Ocado decided to substitute the two small punnets of fresh raspberries I had ordered and give me two large bags of frozen raspberries instead. Didn't notice that until the driver had gone. To get those in my seriously stuffed freezer, I had to eat the remains of the Carte D'Or Chocolate Inspiration. Well, I couldn't waste it could I, and there wasn't much left, really. Not sure what that will do to my points for today, but lunch proper has now been postponed till tea time. xx Maggie

Sue said...

lol @ shoe story Di fab card huggles Sue xx

Linby said...

Gorgeous card. I once got my heel stuck in the grove in the tube door, so know what you mean!

Kathleen said...

Mrs A was right, fab card and well designed CAS card, too right to get it entered.
Those were the days my friend, my Daughters now were shoes like that and I tell them I once did and they don't believe me. Stylo comes to mind
19 shilling and nine pence, I believe was the common price of a pair of shoes in the 1965 plus era.

Kath x

Julie said...

I love the sentiment and the lovely shoe! Great card.

MaryH said...

Such a lovely shoe, and indeed I do remember those high heels. Not worn any such for eons, now, and my feet thank me! As does my back occasionally. This one was more appealing on your card, than would have been in real life too! Loved the glisten & shine on your flowers. Very 'power' looking altogether. And isn't it so grand to not have to worry about an office these days? We can just make cards or do 'whatever'. I LOVE it! TFS

Mrs A. said...

Ok. I will remove the handcuffs now and you can come down off the naughty step!!! Hugs Mrs A.

Unknown said...

Ah Di! you know what they say he who hesitates! ROFL! I nearly didn't post mine until the end of the challenge and then something told me to post it! :)

Yours is different anyway and it is, for me, all about the fun of entering! You have done a lovely job I had to really resist the temptation to add more. I am totally our of my comfort zone do less is more.

Crafty Hugs
Heather xx

roffeycreations said...

Good grief - I cant understand how people - read young girlies - get around in these - I don't think I ever got up that high LOL... Mxx

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, fabulous card - that shoe is stunning - love the glittery hearts and the sentiment is super - a great fun card. I'm glad Mr A 'persuaded' you to enter the challenge after all. I, too, wore stilletos back in the day, and for the same reason ... it's no advantage to be vertically challenged :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

MagsB said...

What fabulous shoes! (I lust after shoes like that, though I've been restricted to 'flatties' for years!) I love all the glitter, too!

love Mags B x

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Fabulous!

G Peplow said...

Fabulous Sjhoe card Di, loved reading about your tottering on your power shoes, hope those chaps took you seriously :D xx

Darnell said...

Finally, another work week done and only one to go! I am happy to have some time to come over and catch up with you while Mister is making Friday night spaghetti! I'm sure it's gone Saturday where you are.

Your high heel card is spectacular, Di, and I'm with Mrs. A, it's only right that you entered it anyway! It is bound to happen from time to time with all the great minds and great stamps we all love!