Sunday 5 May 2013

Pixies Crafty Snippets Playground - Week 71

I bet we've all done it, bought a new stamp that we absolutely LOVE  and almost been afraid to play with it for fear of not doing it justice? Well, I've had a stamp on my desk for a few weeks that falls bang into that category - but I tentatively used it on Andrew's bookmarks last week and now here it is being used to the full:
What made it even more scary was that I only had one tiny snippet for paper piecing on the fish and another little snippet for the background with no spares - so here's how I made it.

I used:

- A6 card stock with the front totally covered with a snippet of SU's 'So Saffron' card. 

My tip for covering the whole front of a card is to cut your covering paper or card slightly larger all round than the card stock you want to cover, say a quarter of an inch or even more. Fold the base card and then add your glue, tape runner or DST of choice to the front part of the card you want to cover - NOT to the paper or card you wanna stick onto it. I use a tape runner as it allows a little bit of 'play', glue would do the same - DST might be fiercer if you're just slightly 'out' in the next step. The secret is to fold your base card first so you have a 'spine' to eyeball when lining up the top piece of paper or card onto the tacky surface. Only worry about the spine, line up carefully and press onto the base card leaving a margin of overlap round the other three sides - which you then just trim off, and there's no sticky to worry about 'cos you only added it to the base card. I do this from the back then gently run a thumb nail down the cut to ensure that if there is any slight ridge it's flattened

Sigh, this really might be Granny and egg sucking stuff but sometimes really simple things take me an age to work out for myself - lost count of the number of cards I wrecked before turning to this solution

- then I worked on the image using a piece of blue kinda 'marbled' paper from the snippets folder. Bought many years ago and it did mean I didn't have to get the brayer out :)

- I stamped the green fronds using Set 3 of the Oriental Clear Stamps from The English Stamp Company and VersaMagic 'Hint of Pesto'

- then came the fish, which was real 'heart in the mouth stuff' - bearing in mind I had NO spare paper so no room for boo-boo's. I bought the stamp really cheaply online in the UK - would prefer a more detailed one but really he's perfect for paper piecing. First he was stamped onto the background and then onto the smallest snippet of Rainbow paper, which luckily had yellow transitioning into orange - then I paper pieced him

- at this point I ran away for a break 'cos the next part could be a ruined card with no extra card and paper as a fallback - sigh

- back again, I got out my fabulous stamp, inked it up with Memento 'Teal Zeal', took a deep breath and stamped on top of the image. Lots of people seem to use black for this stamp but I liked the idea of the blue

BINGO! I suspect a few of you have already guessed that the stamp I'm so in love with is called 'Water Droplets' by the uber talented Canadian designer Ryn Tanaka :) Oh my word, how realistic - and also hard to get hold of. I searched and waited for quite some time until Ryn got another run of these stamps into her online shop here. So much so that when they did appear I raced in and out so quickly with my shopping basket I totally overlooked the gorgeous sea life stamps Ryn creates. Be patient, perhaps follow Ryn's blog and her Facebook page for news of fresh stock as I did.

OK, onto this week's makes - I made a little list as the week went on and ended up with masses of makes to feature in 'show and tell'. Sigh, I'm only going to cover a few though, otherwise I'd be back to writing a full roll call :( But, they are all there in the thumbnails here for you to check out if you haven't done so already.

I absolutely had to include this stunner by Darnell - really elegant and one of my very favourites of Darnell's cards - and she makes some real beauties.
Brilliant use of snippets by Hazel - a card to sigh over and such well matched colours.
A whole herd of zebras made by Carol L - just look at how the theme of stripes is carried through the designs.
The most gorgeous easel card by Karen P - tons of snippets and so much detail.
This brilliant card, made by our new Playmate Sandee, is made from the wax paper used to line her spray box - how clever is that?
I love this all white card made by Kath - showing perfectly how to use up some of those white snippets, I seem to have shed loads of white and cream snippets here.
And I really can't leave this gorgeous card out - made by Kimbo especially for the Playground after I'd admired a previous one, it's beautiful! Plus it uses the trick of 'gutting' the centre of a piece of paper and then using the leftovers as a backing mat.

I could keep going, but can't due to my self-imposed time limit, so I do urge you strongly enough to go and check out all the fabulous makes and cards made over this past week. I think you're all going from strength to strength with innovative ways to use up those pesky snippets!

We have two new playmates this week - welcome to Sarah and Sandee, do please keep joining us!

Plus, Shaz in Oz is recovering well from her recent cataract operation - and (wahoo) Bernie has posted a really heartening update about her current battle! Way to go ladies - happy dancing here in the Playground :)) Maggie has also done a little update if you'd like to go and say Hi - sending you love from all of us!

And now for the winner of last week's prize of Wedding papers and those Whimsy Corner dies:

Well done Lynn! I still have the email with your address in so I'll post the prize to you pronto!

And now for this week's prize - any guesses? Yup, I couldn't order just one 'Water Droplets' stamp from Ryn when they were in stock (I just spotted that they've sold out again) - we just had to have one for the Playground:

 Plus, a little fish stamp the same as I used on my snippets card for today:
I have to say straight up that there is absolutely no comparison in quality. Ryn's stamp is on deeply etched red rubber and mounted on cling cushion, absolutely top of the tree. The (rather grumpy looking) little fish came in a plain cello bag (I stamped the image onto card with my own stamp and also added some protective acetate backing in a fresh packet) - but it would get you started. I did try to also get another seahorse stamp like I used for the bookmarks here but they didn't have more than just the one :(

One thing to point out is that Eileen is a great fan of Ryn's and her blog has some brilliant makes using Ryn's stamps. Eileen's very talented and well worth checking out.

The Playground is open all of this coming week, will close on Saturday 11th May  at noon UK time and Mr Linky is below as usual. Just enter a snippets make into the Playground this week and I'll do a draw after the Playground closes next Saturday.
As usual I am asking for a snippets make please, maximum of three entries and please say 'No thank you' in a comment if you wish to still play but not be a winner of  the stamps - I suspect there will be a few fingers and toes crossed this time next week for Ryn's 'Water Droplets'. And also, even if you've won previously, if you love this stamp as much as I do then please don't be polite this week and say you've already been lucky, you could miss out on the chance.

Hope you're all having a great Bank Holiday here in the UK - it's raining in the Playground as I type this but I think sunshine is forecast.



  1. Ooh, Aah, I won't get to play I fear, but just had to say how much I loved your card. I love Ryn's stamps (don't own any yet!), and that water drop one is to die for. I've seen some of them used at other sites. You did a bang-up job with this one, and thx for tip. Guess I'm a granny too, cuz I never thought to do that way. Would save a lot of aggravation and maybe a few blue words?! And YAY shoutouts to Shaz & Bernie too. Ya'll have fun in the Playground, don't do anything I wouldn't do. And if you must, then be sure to tell me 'bout it! Huts.

  2. er, um, make that "Hugs" not Huts! I'm still hurrying & scurrying. And it rained today too. Was windy & colder. Didn't help all my errands & last minute running.

  3. I love your card Di, Fab idea to do the water droplets in blue they look amazing.
    I visited Eileen's blog, WOW!!! She has some beautiful cards. I hadn't looked at Ryn's store since I bought my droplet stamp ages ago, must revisit for some more drooling!!
    I'll be back later with a card but I'll say no to the gorgeous stamp as I have one already :) Cathy x

  4. I'm back! Looks like I'm rattling the gates to get in again!! It's 4pm here on Sunday and nearly time to make dinner, sigh. Have a great week :) Cathy x

  5. What fab snippety cards from the playground Di and your own card this week is a beauty! I love the droplets and the way you've made your scene look so translucent. Don't know if I'll get to play this week but happy skipping everyone! Vicky x

  6. FAB snippets card Di . . . and lovely showcases everyone.

    Sarn xxx

  7. Morning Di, Took your advice "wow" what gorgeous cards and many congratulations to you all and well done Lynn, welcome to the two new playmates, great card Di l just love that gorgeous 'Water Droplets' stamp l thought you had used some 3D Glue l use blue a lot on some of my images it makes a pleasant change from black it looks fantastic on your card and the fish stamp too l would love to take part in winning its so effective great card all round Di enjoy your weekend xx

  8. Morning Di, popped in oh so late last night to admire this super card - love the bubbles and the whole fishy composition is fab. So glad you got over your fear of using that stamp - it's brilliant :)

    Once again you've chosen some fabulous cards to showcase - can't say I have a favourite, I love them all.

    Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  9. He is a very nice Fish but 'Miss' did you a cut a frame out of the saffron card afor you stuck the blue over? Waste not want not!!. Please do not add my entry at No.4 into the draw this week cos it is strictly out of time zone but will add a legit one later in the week.
    Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. Tried to stay awake last night to be first in the queue but had a bad hay fever attack and took an extra pill to curb it and kept falling off me perch so to speak.

  10. Gorgeous card Di and fabulous use of the water droplet stamp. Love it.
    Caz x

  11. Hullo Miss, good eveing Miss!! or is it afternoon tis early morn here now..!

    woohoo!! playground her I come will try an be good really but WHOLE week to play wow!!!!

    I am being ultra cheeky sharing a card kinda like yours...

    ... but had to pop over and say how I do love the bubble card - recognised the stamp right away as Eileen uses it with PP what's more will try find link for you.. wow every week the work by other ladies is just amazing ..
    I do hope you like my "snippety" take on your card me dear
    ... and God bless you for your kind offerings in candy.
    love Shaz in Oz

    PS joined the bubbles blog too such lovely work and what do you know but Eileen,s work is over there too!!

    PPS. took ages as Eileen sadly does not have a search bar on her blog.. really and essential tool. I use mine on my blog all the time!!

  12. Afternoon everyone . . . I'm dropping by with a thank you card.

    Lovely prize Di . . . might even have to pop back with another entry to increase my chances!!!!

    Sarn xxx

  13. Love the water droplets and the fish - super snippets card, Di. And what a lot of lovely things were shared in the playground this week. I don't deserve my card to be among them, but thanks for showing it. x

  14. Oh wow Miss Di .. .. how fabulous is your snippet make!!!

    I really thought there was going to be some glossy accents involved or something.

    Those water droplets look amazing!!

    Lovely showcase choices too.

    Hope everyone is having a good Bank Holiday weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  15. Fantabulous card, Di!! And what a great tip on covering the whole card, says I, smacking my forehead!!

    Thank you so much for the highlight of my last week's entry. I appreciate that! It is one of my fave-ever cards, too.

    Those droplets are seriously amazing. I have seen these Ryn stamps before over at Paper Creations by Shirley. She does amazing work with them and I saw them over there. So ...

    Yes, please. I'm going to be a pig and ask to be included this time as I'd love to have those droplets. I've already broken my promise and bought new stamps (shame), so now it's like going off my diet. Bring on the buffet cart!!

    Such happy news from Bernie, too. I was starting to worry.

    xxoo Darnell

  16. wauuu
    I love this gold fish and droplets are amazing.
    Does she accept wishes?
    Hugs Tamara

  17. Fabulous card die, love the bubbles, great snippets post and thank you so much for choosing to showcase my card, especially as there were some stunning entries in last week.

    Kath x

  18. OOhh Miss. Lovely your Fishey card there. Fabulous stamps too!
    Some great Snippets cards done....must pull my finger out!

  19. Oh my - how gorgeous is that card - luckily - if I NEED to use Brynn's water droplets stamp I just have to BEG it from my sister - maybe I'll let her hang onto my celtic stamp as a bargaining chip!!
    Thanks for posting Brynn's blog - I will def be cruising her place At work at the mo so will be back to play later... of course no need to enter me into the draw thanks Di... but to have my own...mmmm...LOL Mxx

  20. Boy, you are quite the sales person. I went running to Ryn's site and guess what...that stamp is sold out...I think everyone loved your card...There are some really great stamps there. I'll check back when I have more time. Thanks for sharing your great little make...

  21. Thank you so much for the very kind comments and the link that has sent loads of people my way. great post and a great card.. Ryn's water droplets are FAMOUS all over the world! lol E xxx

  22. Back with another entry Di, just love playing along :) Cathy x

  23. A brilliant card Di, the bubble and fish stamps are amazing.

  24. fab make!! I LOVE the raindrops! Hugs Juls

  25. wow...those droplets look great. Fingers crossed for me

  26. I feel absolutely flattered that you have used my Water Droplets design as the prize for this challenge! I am curious to see who wins it :) Glad to see that you got over your fear of stamping it. You did a beautiful card :) A big thank you for all of your kind words as well! Talk to you soon,

  27. Thanks for liking my ATC and giving it a shout out! ♥ waving hi to everyone from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  28. Evening Di, many apologies for not getting over sooner and hugs thanks for showing my card! I love your wee fishy and Rynn's stamps look wonderful - I'd already seen them on Eileen's blog - another lady who inspires me to do better and play with my stamps much more!
    I hope my cheeky chappy is allowed - and nobody takes offence to him. If it's a probelm just let me know and I'll delete him from here and the link on my blog. I love the blue ink and try not to use black so much these days hugs Karen x

  29. Wow, Di, your card is magnificent, love both the stamps. Have had a quick peek over at Rynn's stamps and blog - may have to try the bubbles myself, and the seahorses, and the ... (I need to stop now I think). A lovely surprise to see that Mr. Random Generator picked my number, thank you.Lynn x

  30. There you go Miss. Legit entry in at No24. Hugs Mrs A.

  31. New ironing board cover anyone? Now we don't need to look like scruffy little tykes in the Playground, though we do need some adult supervision to use the iron!

  32. Dear Miss

    Sorry, its me again messed up the system i think.. the previous snippet card made early in week has disappeared when tried to add today's effort.. and so have now two cards the same .. is there only one allowed??..

    .. understand if so.

    I did it as two links... so dont understand it, thought if tried again would only mess it up more and could not delete one as would not let me do that either.. just plain did not like me.

    here is the other link for other photo which was number 5
    thanks sorry be a pain, Shaz in Oz.x

  33. I'm back and this time I have a card. Since my work is done, I can get out on the playground and enjoy the day. I hope you are having more sunshine than we are having today.

  34. Love this fish and the fantastic bubbles!

  35. Love this card, and the stamp is awesome!! Not had much time to play recently, but have some snippets calling to me......hope to get to them before the playground gate closes as I would love that stamp
    Debs x

  36. Finally got a masculine card done...Don't do very many of them so it will be soon needed I'm sure.
    Hope to visit the playground again this week...time permitting!

  37. Lovely fishy card! I'll pop back later to look at some of the other creations - but got to go out now!

  38. I'm getting in just under the wire this week! Whew! I've been running late all week long! Thanks for spotlighting my zebra cards! I hope they'll bring smiles to the children who receive them!
    I love your underwater card with that adorable fish image and those cute water droplets! Well done Di!

  39. Hi Di, just added my third, and so final, snippet make for the week after playing with my new pens. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

    PS: how's the reading coming along :))

  40. I love Ryn's designs too! I was waiting for the water droplets one to come into stock again as well! It arrived this week, along with a leafy one and trickling water. Can't wait to be able to buy more!

  41. Hi Di, was going to enter my dotty hexagon card but the linky thingy says it expired 10 hours ago, never mind, there's always next time :) Cathy x

  42. Hi again, thanks for letting me in, I linked up so no worries :) I'm still saying no thankyou to the gorgeous water drop stamp as I'm lucky to have my own :) Cathy x

  43. Thanks so much for showing my fan card and particularly for the time extension as I wouldn't have made it otherwise. I so love that stamp - just hope it comes back into stock soon as I need it x


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