Friday 31 May 2013

Milk cartons

Way back in April I met up with a crowd of lovely buddies, from the Snippets Playground, at Ally Pally. These are what I took with me as small gifts:
 I used:

- SU double sided patterned card stock

- instructions from You Tube here.  What I liked about this was that you don't need a special template or die, just measure up a piece of card, score, snip, fold and stick - it's a really clear tutorial too, even I followed it without any disasters. And that was before I even had a Hougie board :)

- butterflies punched with X-Cut punch and topped with little pearls

- labels punched with a Hobbycraft label punch and the stamped sentiment is by LOTV from their 'General Greetings - small' set

- white organza ribbon to tie the tops together and hold the labels

And the contents? A scented 'Colonial' votive candle, nestled in tissue paper. The size is just about perfect for one of those.

I have a couple of 'Yankee Candle' votives that Irene sent me a while ago (to remind me of the sea air that I miss so much) and, even though still unlit, here in my craft room they give off a lovely smell - thank you again!

I think before I do light them I'll remove them from the craft room though - waaaay too much paper and inflammable stuff flying round for safety, there could be one 'poof' and me eyebrows and fringe could disappear.

How do I know this little fact about naked flames, inflammable stuff and disappearing fringes and eyelashes? Yup, been there and got the T-shirt - one of the most frightening experiences of my life about eight years ago. Refilling a gas-operated candle lighter over the utility room sink, thought 'I wonder if this is now working', CLICK, BOOM. Unfortunately there was butane liquid over my hands and that burst into a fireball - thank the Lord I was standing at the sink in fast reach of water. Spent weeks with bandaged fingers and agonisingly painful burns, minus fringe and eyelashes and was so very lucky for it not to be worse.

Of course the office had enormous fun at my expense - it could only happen to yours truly :(



  1. Hi Di, love wee milk cartons..
    And deep commiserations re the singed hair eyebrows and hands.. funny how such things happen to such folk..

    I was full of instructions to my year 2 children about keeping safe at fireworks night that weekend (back in olden days when we were allowed to buy fireworks now banned here) and not getting too near playing with ones that dont go off etc..

    Yup that's right I came back with singed hair, no eyebrows and red face . .. from one that did not go off and went to investigate.. of course then it did!

    I did have wry smile and tried to pretend to one and all of course that it never happened..

    ..but your hands really would have been bad could relate another story of my accident prone life on that but wont suffice it to say i did something was told NOT to and result burned hands, love Shaz in Oz.x

  2. OMG Di I don't know whether I should say sorry or have a little titter! It's exactly the sort of thing I do to meself. I once got off a train before it fully stopped and did my knee in and then when me and OH got together I 'fell' up the stairs of the flat we were moving into and took a lump out of me shoulder. Ever get the feeling there are some peeps you are supposed to meet? lol! Love your boxes will check that tutorial and am thinking about getting a hougie for myself! Beautfiul little boxes - i do love anything like these Karen x

  3. Ok, what's a Houghie? I learn the most fascinating things around here! Next, what lovely little treats you created for the girls, and how sweet of you to do it. It's those little thoughtful things you are always doing, that make you such a wonderful Pixie! I'm so thankful I got to 'know' you! I bet your buddies adored them. (Nothing better than nice Yankee candle votives! What flavors do you like?) Hugs & TFS

  4. Oh Di how scary.....and I'm saying that cos my hubby did the same but he was out in the shed and he did it with a camping gas cylinder....frigtened us to death but thankfully it was just eyebrows and the hair on his arms that got the huge ball of flame!
    Annie x

  5. OMG . . . where's my cotton wool gone to? I need to wrap you in some . . . but well away from the butane gas and matches of course! I dread to imagine that scene and if you managed to lose your eye lashes . . . it doesn't bear thinking about how much worse it COULD have been. I worry about you!

    Now . . . onto the cartons . . . they were just delightful Di and I still have the UNLIT candle in my plastic craft drawers - makes them smell LOVELY. (NO unnecessary comments from Mrs A to this PUR- LEASE!)

    Sarn xxx

  6. These are great Di. I was going to get a die but this has saved my pennies. Sorry to hear about the eyebrows - hope they've grown back now x

  7. Love these boxes, Di, and will pop over to watch the YouTube demo soon. Filled with candles they make a lovely gift. As usual you tell the tale of the burnt eyebrows and eyelashes with humour but I know from experience that burns are painful and you must have been in agony. Hope your weekend has started well and that you got everything packed in time. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  8. Why? Oh Why? Do you tell people about your mishaps? It is no wonder they extract the urine at your expense Miss!


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