Wednesday 1 August 2012

WOYWW - 165

It's that day of the week again - Wednesday and time for a good old snoop round other desks. I took a quick photo of mine when I left it yesterday lunchtime to go on a shopping mission which involved driving to five different and quite far apart locations - I was doing really well until I ended it all up with a supermarket run. WHY do they keep re-organising a perfectly decently set-up shop? It seems they do it to confuse - or perhaps to get folk to buy more when they end up somewhere they didn't expect to be :( Grump, grump!

Anyhow, this was my desk, and it's exactly the same right now apart from one missing item:
The basket at the back holds over 30 cards, waiting for inserts - sigh :( In front is some luscious organza butterfly patterned ribbon and others, waiting for thoughts about a card to clarify. A couple of sponge finger daubers waiting to be cleaned. Towards the front are papers, ribbons and a sheet of Penny Black Stickeroos for another card and the little round thing in a cream and green packet is what's now missing.

I took it out with me to give it to my hairdresser, Any ideas what it is? We were chatting last week, on the day of the unplanned mahoosive hair chop, about forthcoming long haul holiday flights and how mind-numbingly boring they can be. It transpires that she's also a cross stitcher but no longer takes her 'work in progress' to while away the time on flights due to the 'sharp objects restrictions'. When I described a 'flight friendly' thread cutter she was bemused, so I got one for her and that's it on the desk. It's made by 'Clover' and is rather like a Tim Holtz distressing tool but sharper - it's a metal disk with lots of notches around a blade sandwiched safely inside, which can then be used to cut threads when scissors aren't allowed. I trotted into the salon with it yesterday afternoon on my travels and she's 'pickled tink', I didn't stay long though in case she decided to take even more off my hair :(

To see what everyone else is up to this week, hop over to Queen Julia's - firstly to see if those ladders are still in the garden and then to see who else has linked in this week :)

And above all, have a very Happy WOYWW!



  1. It's a bit dark to see if the ladder was still here...I mean the spade stayed out for months!! bit like my garden really! Had to move the plastic grden waste bag the cat was sleeping in as the grass had died!
    Love that butterfly ribbon, really pretty, and a cutter you can take on planes... Have a great week! Happy WOYWW!?
    ((Lyn)) #18

  2. Well, now I think I've heard everything about this crazy world where "health and safety" has gone completely mad - beware the demon terrorist cross stitcher lol! How utterly ridiculous that you can no longer take embroidery on a plane! Give me a break... Where can I emigrate to that is still sensible...

    Your desk looks busy and productive, Di!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #7

  3. I can sympathise with you about the rearranging of the supermarket - It IS a marketing technique to make us buy more! I have one of those wee cutter things, but didn't take my cross stitch on the plane as I didn't think they allowed needles now either!
    Bernice #2

  4. Love that idea of the cutter.. your wee box is full of yummy cards you are so good that you make insets I never do... naughty crafter that I am... Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#12

  5. Something else that's missing is your manky coffee cup, lol!! Very nice sheet of PB Stickeroos, don;t have that one, yet! Nifty gadget but I'm with Shoshi, why can't we all just be sensible? Pretty ribbons and himself has an idea for people who buy ribbon in lengths that allows them to still use a Ribbon Giraffe! Might send you an email to see what you think!

    Brenda 3

  6. The little cutter is a great tool. I have something very similar that I like to use in the car for cutting my threads and yarn. dani #26

  7. The thread cutter is very unique but what a sad state of affairs that we have to resort to this.
    Love the PB stickeroos, must look into getting some of those.
    Cheers, Elaine #22

  8. Hi Di,

    I have that cutter ---but I just wonder where it could be?!?

    Nice things on your desk. It looks like there's been lots of fun coloring.

    On the hair -- I was going to grow mine out and went to my hairdresser last week for just a trim. Well, a week later and I've decided to go short again. She loves me!!!

    Happy WOYWW
    kay #31

  9. The little cutter thingy sounds like a very clever idea in our crazy world. Lovely collection of papers and stickers on your desk.
    Sandra @36

  10. Must investigate that thread cutter but then are you allowed to take a sewing needle on board? I know you can't take knitting needles but my friend Jo takes a crochet hook and that seems ok. Queer - you could do as much harm with a ball point pen when you think of it.
    Love the desk - that butterfly ribbon is fab and those cards that I can see (hedgehog in a water can) are beautifully coloured in.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, neet xx #27

  11. Looks really tidy Di, cant wait to see the creations you make with the stickeroos. What a kind gesture I am sure she was thrilled. I took my copics on my last long haul and didn't even get them out of my bag lol. Hugs, Amanda x

  12. Great desk, love the flight friendly cutter. Happy WOYWW, Helen 24

  13. Love the sound of the thread snipper. Never seen one of those before. I have scissors or my little pink snippers always at arm's length here....they are scattered everywhere :-)
    A x #64

  14. Those colours on your desk look great! jenx 71

  15. Lots of fun things on that desk. All those cards...oh my!
    What does it mean when you say "waiting for card inserts"? Is that like a second page that you place inside with the sentiment?
    I hear lots of girls say it but was never sure what it meant.

    Anyway...desk looks great and you have been busy creating!

  16. Have you got funky short hair now?? I bet it looks great! Not long til you go away, how exciting!!
    Thank you for the birthday wishes!! I've been given some lovely beads/findings etc and a storage case. That's gonna keep me quiet for a while - maybe that's why the boys gave it to me!!
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  17. Yeah . . . you gotta watch out for those Demon Cross-Stitchers as Shoshi put it! They're on a mission for World Domination. LOL!

    I think I wanna come and play with the stuff on your desk Di . . . see you in 3 hours!

    Sarn xxx

  18. Well at least she didnt test it strand by strand on your hair!! Typical generosity, no wonder she was tickled. Would it be against the law not to have inserts then, if you don't like doing them? Radical, huh!!

  19. Great idea that thread clipper. Yes, like Julia, I had visions of her doing a quick razor cut style on you with it. lol. x Jo

  20. You know of course the supermarkets pay good money for people to keep switching things around so you will have to stay in their store longer. What a crock!
    Glenda 93

  21. ooooh Di, do I detect you might not be happy with the new hairdo? oh no! Trish #10

  22. Hi Di, l have a basket too full of cards for inserts they take the longest to do don't you think?!! l see you have some lovely butterfly ribbon there and stickeroos! great seeing what's on other peoples desks you cand take ideas too, xx

  23. Love the pretty daisy and butterflies (stickers??) BUT 30 CARDS! You are a 1-woman shop!

    Actually, I've probably got more than that sat in baskets,categorised into reciptients (kids/men/gneral/special occasions etc)but[preens herself in a self-satisfied, smug way] mine already have inserts lol!! Only problem is hubby tends to rummage when there's a work birthday he's fogotten - makes a right mess grrrr!

    Happy woyww - not linked yet cos at work blog hopping on lunch break :-)

    Debs x

  24. i am guessing you dont like doing the
    have a super woyww
    kay #82

  25. I'm trying to force myself to do the insides of my cards at the same time as I make them now as I used to end up with a stack to do something with like you've got.
    Lots of interesting things on your desk as always.
    Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.71

  26. I've got one of those cutters. Great aren't they? Sadly my eyes don't allow me to do much sewing right now.
    I too need to have an insert session. Mine are mostly Christmas cards that need them, but I keep putting it off. maybe next week...
    Have a good Wednesday. Kate#100

  27. I want one of the thingy cuter things now. That ribbon is lovely - I have a thing for ribbon sad I know. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

  28. I have one of those thread cutter things. It was in a grab bag of goodies I got once, not that I'm a traveling cross stitcher. Have you ever seen those plastic dental pick things--with pre-threaded dental floss? Those suckers are SHARP at the pointed ends. You could totally take down and airliner with one of those, just stab a few people and they'd be willing to fly you to wherever and you would have walked through security just fine.

    Since I haven't said anything about your desk I'll say that I love the PB stickeroos and you'd best keep an eye on them or else I'll snitch them (and I'll be armed with a dental pick!).

  29. Awww... you're too kind, Di! Thanks for the lovely comment.

    Shoshi #7

  30. Sorry for the 20 questions...but I have just one more about the inserts.
    Do you glue them at the fold edge in a thin line or do you glue the whole back down?
    Sorry but I want to try this tenique and i am just not sure how to do it correctly.
    Thanks in advance.
    Maureen (Scrappymo!)

  31. Looks like there's lots of fun happening on your desk. I love the Penny Black stickers!! Can't wait to see what you make with them!

    I'm having a giveaway, open worldwide this week. Come check it out if you get the chance!

    Amy E. #30

  32. Really interseting desk! Don't you just hate doing the inserts?!?!?!?!?
    Need to invest in one of those thread cutters - didn't know you could get one from clover - will look out for that now.
    Happy (late) WOYWW

  33. Hi Di, that gadget sounds useful - I suppose it cuts in much the same way as the cutter on your sewing machine. You've beaten me it to use that sheet of stickeroos - mine is still tucked away in my basket of new items to use :) Hope you have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x #63


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