Wednesday 8 August 2012

WOYWW - 166 - and a 'production line'

This is my desk at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon:
Yup, the sky went really dark and it was like working in a coal house :( What's on the desk? The usual 'manky cup' of cold coffee - just for Brenda. The basket of cards still waiting for inserts, Whispers pens to the back looking bright and cheerful, used ink pads ready to put away along with the other stuff to the right. And in the deep gloom to the very right a little pile of (err, five in fact) SU stamp sets - I was lucky enough to be the first to leap in when Sue, a bloggy friend, decided to sell some pre-loved stamps. As you know, me loves a bargain - but I truly WILL use these as they're all great and I think probably discontinued as well.

After taking the photo I tootled off downstairs to make preparations for today's 'production line'. Thankfully a friend is coming round this morning to help, which should speed things up while we have a good old natter as well:
So, this is the dining room table right now - complete with a box of almost 600 ready labelled and stamped envelopes that I did over a week ago, a box of my old school's Association newsletters and two piles of different 'flyers' also to go into each envelope. Grin, I've left the other boxes of newsletters hidden, along with the rest of the 'flyers', in case she takes one look at the task ahead and does a runner!

I worked out that each overseas envelope (only 80 of those thankfully) is handled up to 10 times in the process - 2 labels, Air Mail Sticker, between 3 and 5 stamps, stuff inserted and then the peel and seal strip removed to seal the flipping thing! It makes wedding stationery seem like a walk in the park :( And, it's a task to be done every four months - I truly do think I need some therapy for 'taking on silly stuff to do'.

Anyone fancy calling by to help out? I'm making ham stottie sandwiches for lunch if that helps :)

Thought there's be no takers so off you go now, you fair-weather friends - over to Queen Julia's and then off on your travels to see what fun and games everyone else is up to on WOYWW.

Thanks for calling by and Happy WOYWW!



  1. I thought I'd get a head start on my desk hopping even though Mr Linky has gone AWOL ;D
    It's good to see someone else using their dining room table too...boy you've got a lot on your plate!
    I'd love to nip over to help but 12,000 miles is a little too much of a stretch even for ham stottie sandwiches!
    Enjoy all your new stamps...I'm sure you will.
    Neesie (no number as yet)

  2. Morning Honey. I would help if there was a glass of wine for me and if we lived closer! I see Mr Linky is not playing!

  3. Hmmm sorry, not this time.... good luck with the challenge!! Helen, 4

  4. I'd be there....if only you were a little closer. Help yourself to a giggle by reading my comment on Jozart blog today....Jo and I have had a good giggle about it.
    A x

  5. Hmm, suddenly I think I'm tied up today. Done a lot of envelope stuffing gin my time though, the moronic rhythm can be quite theraputic believe me! Love the sight of your desk..I see you have the pinky pens at the front all the time..wonder why...

  6. I'd have dropped in. I'd love a good natter, but it's rather a long hop from here. I hope you get it done nice and quick with some good company to help pass the time.
    Thanks for the blogger tips. They seem to have worked!
    Kate x

  7. So sorry up to my eyes with work....well that's my excuse!!! Anyhow you didn't mention shortbread biscuits so I'll have to pass.

    Your work desk looks productive...
    and your another one that can't resist a bargin!

    Have a good week
    X Julie(paperpathway)

  8. a production line, indeed! can you see a telly while you work?? the games are great company :)
    happy WOYWW!!
    No 11

  9. Tee hee Di!!

    Would love to help but I have a production line of my own to deal with LOL!!!

    Have a great day. I am sure you will have fun if it involves a good old natter at the same time.

    Love Jules xx

  10. Gosh I'd help too if only I lived closer, a lot going on there.
    Elaine #28

  11. Don't know what ham stottie is but if you make it a bacon butty I'll be right over.
    Happy WOYWW.
    Ann B

  12. Happy woyww. I don't envy your envelope stuffing task!

    Rebecca #40

  13. A bit too far away to help - sorry! I'm in the middle of my own production line here - quite complicated wedding stationery that needs to be finished soon.
    Bernice #47

  14. Good luck with THAT "little" job! Ah well, at least someone's coming to help you and have a natter . . .

    Happy WOYWW xxx

  15. See I would come and help but unfortunately I have a driving lesson, But I wish you lucky and speed to get it done :p PS your desk looks interesting, thanks for the peek
    Hugz Minxy #50

  16. Love your desk! Looka like you are all set for this morning! Good luck! Glenda 55

  17. Don't envy your task Di - when I worked at the Uni we would send out 2 brochures a year - 16,000 of them and we had 4 days to do it between 8 of us. It was hellish!

    If it's something you're going to do regularly, you ought to consider getting a royal mail print account - that way you'd cut the stamp sticking down as the right amount would be on the envelope in one go (and it's cheaper than stamps)

  18. I'd love to help but you would have to spot me the air fare :) I used to stuff envelopes and post them in my school holidays, such a huge but mundane job. Hope you get all the envelopes done quickly so that you can get back to your fun desk.
    Have a great week.
    Von #17

  19. Hello Di, that pile of SU stamps is making me green with envy - can't wait to see the cards you make using them.

    I'd rush round to help you if I could but you'd have them all done, and the stotties all eaten, by the time I got there.

    Seriously, that's the trouble with being a girl who just can't say no! You find yourself posting out 600 or so newsletters :) Anyway, hope the job will be done quicker and with less pain with your friend to help you.

    Happy WOYWW and have a great week with lots of fun. Elizabeth x #18

  20. Looks like you're going to be busy I know the feeling with the convention last week it was a busy one if I wasn't so far away I'd be happy to hop over and help.. lucky you getting some new stamps think you'll be busy playing soon can't wait to see what you come up with have a great day

  21. Good luck Di with that 'not so small' job, least you have some company. Would offer my services but am just too far but will be with you in thought :)

    Happy WOYWW xx

  22. Stotties did I hear.. I'm on me way..boy o boy you are a busy girl.. Thank goodness you have a friend to help.. love those SU stamps you have there.. Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

  23. A bit to far for me to travel Di so good luck and great you have a friend to help out, x

  24. My goodness you do have a big job ahead of you, lucky you have a helping hand.
    Sandra @74

  25. Good luck with your production line - just think how pleased you'll be when it's done! Enjoy your new stamp sets too - that'll be a nice treat when they work is done. Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.53

  26. Blimey, thats dedication for you Di!! Good luck with it all! Trish #27

  27. I zoomed right in to see what stamp sets you'd got hold of, but can't make them out.. I'm sure whatever they are you'll LOVE playing with them! Good luck with your production line, I know what that can be like. Hugs, Becki (79) xx

  28. Good luck on your production line. Have fun with your new used stamps. FairWeatherFriend LisaDV #86

  29. That sounds like a huge task ahead. Good luck
    Famfa 83

  30. Hi Di,

    Your desk looks nice and neat, as always. The production line is ready and waiting too. I hope you have a great time with your friend in the stuffing!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #96

  31. Gosh, you certainly have a busy production line, Di. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #99 x

  32. Oh I do like the subdued lighting, the coffee mug looks no where near as manky!! Good buy on the stamps, I got some recently from folks de-cluttering but they're still in England for now. You really do need to learn to say no you know! That task is mammoth! Although for some stottie sarnies I'd gladly help, but you'd have to stump up for the airfare too!!!

    Brenda 38

  33. I would help if I lived on the same continent LOL I will do anything for food and besides, its warmer over there, I am freekin freezing!
    Hope you get it all done at breakneck speed and have a good afternoon of chatting and eating after that.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia 86

  34. Wow that looks like a lot of work, glad you got help for the day! Take care & enjoy snooping this week. Zo xx 77

  35. Coal hole and stottie cakes? Your post sounds like a Catherine Cookson novel. LOL!! Complete with forced labour (envelope stuffing that is!)
    Like your pink pens :)

    Hugs, LLJ #13 xx

  36. Look at you at number #3. And those mailings? Lordie! Do you think you're a bit of an over-achiever maybe, possibly, the girl who can't say no, maybe, possibly, hmmmm? Wish I was nearby, I would definitely pop over to help, knowing you'd do the same for me! Good luck getting them all out the door and have a great rest of the week!! Darnell #102

  37. A willing pair of hands here - except today I was at M's ironing and cleaning windows while I waited for the delivery of her new fridge. x Jo

  38. Oh, mass mailings. They used to be the bain of my secretarial existence, but I confess I rather enjoyed the routine of getting those envelopes folded, stuffed, sealed, and ready to go. If only the private jet weren't in the shop....! I think we need to get you a sun lamp in your craft room. It seems to be in gloom more often than not. You be turning into a mushroom soon!

  39. I'm late getting started this week. I blame it on the Linky snafu. So glad that's you, not me. I only had one out of country envie to post this month, and I know what you mean by all that extra you have to go thru.

    BTW, I'm number 22.

  40. Oh I love pre-loved stamps, I had some arrive yesterday and there was even an elzybells in amongst them too. Wow that looks like a lot of envelope stuffing Di, I am sure you both had lots of fun. Hugs, Amanda x

  41. It went really dark here, too, and we heard thunder in the clouds going over. It didn't actually rain, it was just passing. It often does this. The weather map on tv says we'll get a downpour here, but we don't get it. We see it going up the road instead. We think it goes off to Ipswich (15 miles away) and offloads there. Who can blame it.

  42. late responding and My Linky is the problem. A good use for the dining table. No idea whats tottie ham butties consist of. Sorry i missed the chance to help.

  43. Love the mood lighting on your workdesk in the first photo, Di! Very atmospheric!

    You sound as if you're very busy with projects at the moment.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #49

  44. I find envelope stuffing to be more fun with friends, if friends are not available a nice radio discussion or podcast about scrapping or a book on tape fills the time nicely :D. Congrats on your SU acquisitions! Belated WOYWW! #128

  45. You had me at stottie.

    If you fill it with boiled bacon and pease pudding, I'll do anything for you!

    My Nan and Mam were from County Durham and my first husband was from South Shields hence the love of stotties!
    Nice desk BTW!
    Jakix 73


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