Monday 6 August 2012

And the reason for no crafting was...........

......because we were busy - and spent Saturday here:
Peppa Pig Land, snort, snort :)
Mia and Livi absolutely loved Peppa Pig Land, and one of the wisest moves of the day was to hire a double buggy for them to hop in and out of.
Which also came in useful for belongings (that's my 'lovely Len' with me BTW) when everyone else went up on rides.
Anyone guess I don't like heights? Just peeking over the edge and calling Len some pretty mean names to myself as he 'volunteered me' to take the girls for a 'hot air balloon ride'- it might as well have been the real thing for the amount I saw :)
Closer to the ground on a tractor so feeling happier in myself - Livi was not so happy as she was deemed too small to be allowed to ride in the front seat with Mia where she could have played with her very own steering wheel :( They're very strict on 'elf an safety', and measure heights too, which is reassuring but try explaining that one to a two and a half year old! And the little front seats were the size of tea plates so not made for adults to ride up front with a little one on their lap either.
Of course, Mia was totally fearless and loved this ride which children from about four years old can go on alone.
And Livi was happy to find anything with wheels, buttons and knobs to fiddle with - so nothing's changed there :) She's in a little car here and having some serious fun, toot, toot!!

But, when we asked later on at home which had been the very best part of the day - Mia's reply wasn't a particular ride, the Peppa Pig toys, balloons, the penguins, meerkats etc. - it was this:
Actually going 'inside Peppa Pig's House' - that was the very best bit to Mia :)

Aw, how cute. And, this house was soooo quiet when they left yesterday - we were both shattered needless to say. But, it was so worth it and brilliant to spend time with the little ones of course.

So, if you're wondering about a trip to Peppa Pig Land (it's within Paultons down near Romsey in Hampshire) I'd say 'Yes'. We were lucky and it didn't rain at all so I'd possibly not book tickets in advance even though there's a saving to be had (we hadn't booked up in the end and were served really quickly at the ticket kiosk) and then judge the weather on the day itself. Yes, you might have to queue for about 20 minutes for the more popular rides in Peppa Pig Land, although not all of them had such long queues. And, the rest of Paultons has a load of other rides which you can practically get straight onto. It was August Bank Holiday (what Dumbos we are, we thought it was the Bank Holiday!!) a weekend during the school holidays as well - so, although it was busy, we were pleased to see it wasn't a heaving mass of people as we'd half expected. There are plenty of places to sit and have a picnic, or you can buy food there. Do take some drinks and nibbles anyway though.

Normal service will be resumed now - just as soon as I have another loooooong sleep.



  1. TFS your outing with the lovely little ones. It was quite obvious ALL of you were having a wonderful time. Isn't it great to see these places through the eyes of a youngster? That's more fun than actually going on the rides I think. Lovely pictures BTW.

  2. This looks so much fun!!! Great pics. :)

  3. I know two other little girls that would love it there....just a shame it's so far away.
    A x

  4. Snort snort! Looks like you all had a fabulous piggy time!

  5. Looks interesting - perhaps I'll be visiting myself in a few years cos I have a granddaughter on the way - ooh, exciting! Lovely pics and great to see both you and Lovely Len :-)

  6. Aww . . . great pictures of your day out.

    Enjoy your snooze!

    TFS xxx

  7. Looks like a fabulous time you had with Livi and Mia Di and the hubby is enjoying himeself too! nice to see the little ones having fun and it looks an amazing place Tayla is well into Peppa Pig, don't they just love the rides great day Di and thanks for sharing it, xx

  8. Looks like you were all at home in piggy land there Di! Even the Two Legged Mouse! It's great to spend time with the littlies but I bet it's exhausting!


  9. Fab photos Di! Sounds like you had a brilliant time! I too have issues with heights and so for many years I have given hubby the job of going on the rides! Fortunately she is old enough to go with her mates now!

  10. Glad you had fun . We used to take our two to Paultons park when they were kids as they loved it. Will tell you the booby story tomorrow as it is relevant to where we are at present. We had a terrific thunder storm last night and had to go out in all the wet to get our icecreams so no loitering with intent was done! Hugs mrs a.

  11. Looks like you all had a fabulous day Di.
    Caz x

  12. Oh Annie - she is so inside my head! I was going to say the same P and L would adore Peppa Pig land - what a clever bit of marketing. x Jo

  13. Thank you Lovely Len and Di for the gorgeous day at Peppa Pig Land!!
    Really nice pictures Di, looks like an absolute Hit. Shame that I couldn't share .... but good to see my girls smiling and having fun :o))

  14. What a fabulous day out with Mia and Livi, it sounds as though you all had a wonderful time!

    love Mags B x

  15. Really great photo's and what a lovely place it looks, wish it was nearer. You all look to be having a great time.
    I must admit I did jump up and look at my calendar this morning when I read your post, Scotland Di.

    Kath x

  16. You all certainly look like you are having fun, I did wonder this morning when I read your post and kept crossing my fingers that it was a bank holiday and when I got to work it would be shut but no such luck lol. Well at least there is one soon to look forward to, I bet it will be really crowded and you will be glad you went this weekend. Have a well deserved break, chocolate and maybe a bit of wine. Hugs, Amanda x

  17. What a fantastic adventure you had with the wee girls! There is nothing in the world like it, is there?!

    I imagine Papa and I are going to have aching withdrawal pains when the twinks go home after nine days with us. But it's only Tuesday, so I won't think of that yet and just enjoy each moment!!


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