Sunday 5 August 2012

Pixie's Crafty Snippets Challenge - 31 & 32

No roll call today as previously explained, so you have another week to play. But, I still have a couple of packs of Pro Markers to give away to fellow snippets playmates:
I'll pick just one name from the sun hat next Saturday when the playground gates close - and the winner gets both sets. They are Spring and Autumn (not the Limited Edition though) and if you enlarge the photo you'll see the names of the colours at the bottom of each pack - just leave a comment, saying yes please (or no thank you even) and I'll take it from there.

And, just to brighten your day - this is my snippets folder:
And a peek inside, categorised into colours:
So not really toooo naughty, unlike 'certain lucky people' who have whole boxes and drawers full of snippets :) The Christmas snippets are stored separately, just in the Christmas papers box.

Snort, I went straight and scrubbed my nails after seeing this photo :)

Thanks for calling by, I might be busy but I'll be back with normal service ASAP.



  1. I have to admit that that doesn't look like a whole lot of snippets, I was expecting more! It's a yes from me for the Pro-Markers and congrats on your own win at PBSC too! Hope Peppa The Pig isn't driving you too mad!!


  2. Tee hee Miss Di

    I don't think my snippet collection will ever be as compact and organised as yours. Sigh !! But that won't stop me continuing the fight!!

    I love your positive outlook too .. .. names into a "sunhat" next week .. .. at least you didn't say a "sou-wester" !!! LOL!!!

    Have a lovely Sunday .. .. I hope you had a good day yesterday and aren't too shattered.

    I will be adding another snippet make later. Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without showing a snippet creation.

    Love Jules xx

  3. I can only hope that my snippets boxes...yes boxes...will one day be as good as yours. Where do I go to find this snippets challenge...sounds like fun and really something I need to do to achieve a small folder like this...
    By the way if I am eligible it would be a yes please!

  4. That doesn't look like many snippets Di, you are clearly very good at not creating tons of waste ends :)

    Well done on your win over at PBSC, clever girly.

    Have a lovely Sunday, big hugs xx

  5. Congrats on your win Di.

    I am more than impressed at how few snippets you appear to have.

    Glass of wine later?


  6. Oh my I thought I was getting better at using my snippets and that they were reducing quite a lot but they aren't as small as this. Very organised although I would expect nothing less, maybe one week we should have a show me yours week lol. Thank you for the opportunity to win some promarkers but I will let someone else have them as I will not hear the end of it if I start another collection of pens. Hugs, Amanda x

  7. loving how organised you are :) a lady after my own heart, it's a big YES YES YES for the pro markers so lovely of you to have a giveaway :) happy Sunday kerr

  8. Your so organised Di l reckon there's lots more to come from your snippets and this is only a small portion!! xx

  9. Hi Di! What a lovely giveaway, I'll say no thank you this time as I have both packs of those lovely colours. Thanks though :) I love your snippets folder! Mine is similar but just a binder, with different plastic wallets in (not as glamourous). Enjoy your Sunday.
    Laura xx

  10. I'm very impressed with your snippets folder! I tried that once, but it overflowed so much I had to go back to boxes! (yes, I'm one of the guilty ones) - the trouble is that I still cut into new papers, so I have more snippets! And I would love to get my hands on the promarkers. Hope you have a good week. x

  11. My goodness, I'm really impressed at how tidy and organised your snippets are! Mine are spilling out of an old shoebox! (Must buy more shoes so I can start filling up another box!)

    I have the Promarkers, so don't consider me, please!

    I hope your weekend is going well!

    love Mags B x

  12. Doh! And there was me trying to get my card in to the Playground yesterday! How was Peppa Pig Land after? Hee Hee!

  13. P.S Are you sure you don't have snippets filed elsewhere? I was sure you would have more!! And this is the first time I have heard of Snippets box envy!! LOL!

  14. My question is how small is a snippet before its not worthy of being a snippet. I only ask cos my snippet "STASH" has bits that are just thin thin strips and tiny tiny scraps from the just in case syndrome. I even keep bits of thread! Do I need therapy or just a holiday?
    Congratluations on your win.
    Hugs mrs A.
    p.s. Cos Wimpy refused to come out from under his blanket or eat anything he got carted off to the vets and had to have 4 different injections plus a liquid supplement so I have another nice bill to pay when I get back. I shall be Suing Miss Torties owners!!!!!!

  15. A pathetic snippets collection... I've heard that some playmates have actually been given snippets by other people.... have you been offloading your snippets, hmmm??? Either that or you are very diligent in using them up!
    Yes please include me in your prize draw, thank you for your generosity. Well done on your win too! :)

  16. Wow how organised are you, mine are just thrown in a draw any old how.
    Well done on the PBSC.
    Hope your weekend is going well.
    Going to make your Ploughmans Pasty's this week.

    Kath x

  17. Oh my, my snippets are waaay more than this! You must teach me more about using snippets. I have them in folders (also scattered everywhere one steps!) I'm awed that you have so few. And I must say Yes, please to the markers. They look lovely...however, I can't play on the playground as yet. Hope to see everyone real soon though....xxxx (that's fingers crossed ya know!) Thanks for your generosity in the giveaway.

  18. I would love to join in your playground but can't see the details of what to do. I would love to make an impression on my box of snippets, and would love a chance to win the markers.

  19. That's very generous of you, Di, and if we across the pond can also participate, then, yes, I'd like my name in the hat, please and thank you!

    You know I'm grinning at how lovely and organized your expanding folder of snippets is! Well done! Some of us, yes, have boxes or drawers, not only because we have the space, but because we are naughty, naughty and don't use up our snippets like we should and, thereunder, need much larger container vessels!

    Way to go on your win!!

  20. Oh my goodness.....I think I need to send you some snippets. You are so organized...I'm ashamed of the number I have. Let's just say... I have a few boxes....


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