Friday, 31 August 2012

Rock & Roll

Looking through boxes here yesterday, I came across some toppers (I think by KanBan) and this was a real quickie to make:
I liked the way the different toppers sort of slot together one above another - trust me, Dumbo here had some really weird combinations whilst sorting through the shapes :)

I used:

- white DL card stock

- KanBan 'Rock & Roll' toppers

- a snippet of music printed ribbon (snort, I wonder if it's rock or classical?)

Friday, and the weekend beckons - yippee!



mamapez5 said...

The're useful these toppers sometimes aren't they? They have made a great card for a music lover.
Thanks for your kind comments on my posts this week.
Kate x

Amanda said...

Love this card, very elegant. Oh and the ribbon is definetly rock lol. Hugs, Amanda x

Sarn said...

FANTASTIC card . . . my hubby would certainly love this one.

Sarn xxx

Hettie said...

Great card there Di! Did you have some blonde moments putting this together then?
I see Sandra is hinting strongly! Hee Hee

Sandra H said...

Wow what a fabulous find Di, and your card is stunning!! x

Mrs A. said...

Good mans card. If its Friday then it must mean I can have a drink! Oops silly me I mean I can have a cup of tea! Gotta go and paint me some little houses whilst I still have a steady hand. Hugs Mrs A.

Victoria said...

Funky shapes! I like the musical notes down the left hand side.

Kathleen said...

Brilliant card, love the images and I am all for quick and easy cards, especially when they look as good as this one.

Kath x

Elizabeth said...

Great card - I like the way the toppers fit together too and the black & white colour combination is perfect for a male recipient.

Sometimes it's quite nice to just put together a card quickly without having to think about the whole design too much.

Goodnight, Elizabeth xx

PS: no recipe today - did you eat out?