Wednesday, 29 August 2012

WOYWW - 169

All is fairly quiet in the craft room this week:
The beginnings of a House Mouse Christmas card, towards the back a sweet little bag of 'sea glass' (thank you Mrs A!), a finished card on the baby pink netbook, to the right a lovely thank you card from Victoria after her Pro Marker win and a recently used Martha Stewart edge punch waiting to be stored in its rightful home.

And, to the right:
Coo, that huge pile of stuff 'just dumped' finally got sorted out and its all been put away. Truly - the file tray is always there along with the green basket holding new stuff (stamps mostly) to be used. I daren't put those away lest I forget I've got them! The little pile in front of the green basket consists of stuff pulled out ready to make some cards - and there are just three snippets of paper/card in the very front ready to be put away.

More organised than usual - truly:)

That's my rather pathetic 'show and tell' for this week - off you go now, over to Julia's for a snoop (yikes, I think she might even be buried under the mess creative stuff on her desk) and then onwards to see what others are up to :)

Have a lovely day!



Amanda said...

Oh I love seeing new stash, can't wait to see all the stuff in the basket used. I need a system like this as I lost a set of stamps the other day and searched for ages for them only to find them right in front of me on the desk, gremlins I think lol. Love the hm card too. Hugs, Amanda x

Anonymous said...

Good idea to have a basket for new stash as mine sort of merges with the other stuff!

Can't see the basket of cards waiting for inserts, did you get round to them in the end?

Happy WOYWW Di xx

Annie said...

Wahooo it's all so tidy today go and get messy! :-)
A x #68

Jules said...

Hi Di

Lots of lovely goodies on your desk there .. .. and that green basket looks a tad interesting too!!

Much more exciting getting everything out than putting it away don't you think? LOL!!

Have a lovely day.

Love Jules xx

Julia Dunnit said...

*emerging from avalanche of stash*
I'm OK, I'm here and I'm a bit jealous about your missing pile! House Mouse? Christmas? You too - oh I can't bear it. I've made two. Not helpful when I need 15 for the Marathon!!

inkypinkycraft said...

looks like a really tidy space! have a great week trace x 48

Helen said...

that is quite a basket of new goodies... lol! Have a great week, Helen 40.

Helen said...

So tidy and organised, love it xx

Helen #71

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Top marks today Di. Very neat and tidy. 10/10.

Happy WOYWW.

Sarn xxx

lisa said...

It's lovely to be back with you Di and your lovely organised desk. There are some yummy things lurking. Are those Whimsy stamps I spy?
Would love a closer look at the sea glass, I've missed that one!!
Hugs Lisax #93

scrappymo! said...

So lovely and organized, oh my! Didn't have time to do WOYWW this week. Extra babysitting days and down with the flu...Ugggh.
Enjoyed your organized desk!

Cardarian said...

I am not even close to doing Christmas cards - you are very good! I hope you will be going to the WOYWW crop - I would love to meet you!
Lots of hugs,

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Wow - you definitely win the Gold Medal for tidiness today...yay!!
I'd like to have a closer look at the sea glass too..what are you going to do with that then??

Hugs, LLJ #71 xx

Mrs A. said...

Glad you got your sea glass. I sent some off to USA and Australia and was told at the post office to send it by air otherwise it wouldn't be getting there this side of Christmas! I have that punch too. Love it to bits. It cuts beautifully too unlike some of the cheaper models I have.I did see a tip on cutting a piece of tin foil through a punch if it sticks. Must remember to try it.
Peeing down with rain here so indoors today. Got some butterflies need embroidering onto fabric and off to make some egg cosies for all those eggs that we will be getting in the chicken coup! Hugs Mrs A.

SueH said...

Is that really clear desk I can see Di….bet it doesn’t stay that way for long!
I’m loving the look of the Whimsy Sentiment stamps that you’re about to use on your Christmas card….I might have to investigate those further.

Happy Crafting!

Helen said...

Hi Di - are you really going to put that little red/orange snippet away!!!? It is so tiny......I know, I know it might just come in handy ;-D WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 72

Anonymous said...

Ooh House Mouse! And a stamp at that, looks like the baby card at the back is also HM? I'd like to rifle through your green basket and see what lovely goodness you have in there! Is that really all the snippets you have????!!

Brenda 18

Planetsusie said...

Oooh I am soo jealous of your desk Di - I don't know where to start with mine LOL. It is so bad that I have had a parcel arrive this morning and haven't opened it yet 'cos I know I will have to put it away - eventually. How sad is that.

Hugs Sue P xxx

mamapez5 said...

You are looking very neat and tidy this week. It is a nice feeling when it is all sorted isn't it, even if it doesn't stay like it for long.

Thanks for your kind wished for baggins. Sadly his condition deteriorated over night, and this morning I made the difficult decision to let him go. he will leave a big hoe in my life, and especially in my craft room, but there was nothing else we could do for him.
kate x #75

Cath Davidson said...

Fantastic, a lovely clear desk :) Christmas cards! eeek! actually i have usually started by now, but this year i am severely cutting back, can't afford the stamps (postage variety).

Twiglet said...

Now I am feeling really guilty about my scruffy dumping ground of a work desk today!!! AND I am not tidying it until I have made half a dozen pieces of felted backgrounds for me and Annie! x Jo

Eliza said...

Your desk is super tidy today and puts mine to shame. I hang my head....

Eliza #36

Sandra H said...

Your desk is really tidy today Di, love that House mouse stamp is that new?!! xx

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oooh house mouse, only recently bought my 1st item with these cute mice, I see more coming my way. Looks all fab and dandy at your place. Take care Zo xx 118

Samantha Elliott said...

Too tidy by far Miss. And what with the "snippets waiting to be put away"? Don't put them away. Turn them into a new card and then you won't have to put them away! Simples!!
Are you putting that sea glass into the pond then? Watch you don't slip in if you do. I hear Mrs A has been running in and out of the pond with her wellies on and it is very slippey now. Not that I am telling tales or anything but I wouldn't want you to get your pink tabbard dirty!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

So where is the Martha punch's rightful home? Since my punches are taking over (the punch that ate Palmer-land) I'm curious to see where/how people store theirs. It could be that I have too many (crazy talk, I know). Anyway, the desk is looking quite good. I like the basket of new stash at hand. I think it is helpful to keep it on hand until you play with it otherwise, like you said, out of sight, out of mind.

Anne said...

WOW you are a tidy girl. I've had a go at tidying up and trying to find places for stuff that are easily accessible cos if they're not I don't get stuff out of em or put stuff back in em!!! Like the idea of the new stuff in the basket so you don't forget been there done that!!! Anne x #134

Gita said...

House Mouse stamps are so cute! I had some and got rid of them awhile not thinking I'd really get back into card making!! Lots of new stuff...have fun with it!! Brigita #124

Kathleen said...

New stash, what's that? Kept to my NYR for 6 months so in between Filey visits had a bit of a fling myself with a few paper pads and die cuts, not used them yet though.

Kath x
My next resolution for the second half of the year was to use loads of ribbon and crystals to get rid of some of my collection, month gone already and not really used any.

Victoria said...

Blooming eck, am I at the wrong desk?!!

Paula Gale said...

well, that a couple of punches I have that you've already got Mrs! I have the list for you -need to type out - spent ages on the internet researching the names cos for the life of me I couldn't remember them.

Anyway - I spy a lovely christmas HM stamp - such fun aren't they?!!!

Quite neat - v organised with your piles! I had a filing tray - in fact still have it - 3 trays, but it looks an eyesore with all the stuff in it - it's now bannished to the floor lol...

thank you for sharing your desk my lovely crafting e-friend...

Paula x x x

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Di,

Your desk looks nice and organized. It looks like you'll be doing some coloring in your near future.

The side view looks very organized too!

Thanks for visiting me already. It's still Wednesday here; I'm slowly making my way around.

hugs, Kay #17

Darnell J Knauss said...

Well done with the tidying up! I should do that with my unused stamps 'cause I do forget, but if I left them out, I have a facial tic in no time ... Darnell #125

Tertia said...

Well done on cleanin g up. My problem is that I find very inspiring things when I clean and then I have to start creating and then... Well, you get the picture, don't you?
Lovely new stamp. Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #49

Elizabeth said...

Hi Di, lagging behind as usual but it's lovely to see your oh so tidy desk - even the off to the side bit is looking fab.

I'll be most interested to see what you do with the sea-glass - I have some collected from the shingle beach at Dunure but have not used it on anything so far.

It's a lovely sunny day here today and the garden is beckoning - if I can get through the lounge, past the Painter & Decorator, and out of the kitchen, without being asked if the kettle is on :))

Nice stamps on your glass mat and the finished card is very pretty.

Elizabeth xx #101

Roudi said...

Hello Di!
What a neat desk you've got here! Great idea, the new stash basket! Happy WOYWW! ♥
Roudi #154

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Di not been over here for ages blogging has taken backseat lately ah my sea glass arrived yesterday, isn't it wonderful? and love your scrummy cards here off to peek above Shaz in oz.x #28

Terry said...

Cute House Mouse stamp! I just spent 8 hours today helping a crafting friend organize her stamping room. Seems we all fall into the same rut - having piles of stuff to put away when we'd rather just sit down to create!


Terry #60