Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Tim Holtz giveaway draw results

OMGosh - how I wish I had enough TH stamp sets to give away to all of you lovely people who commented, I included all the yeses up to 11pm. But, there is only one winner I'm afraid, and it's lurking there, in my 'folding up sun hat' for hot holidays - and in also use in the UK right now:)
Rummage, rummage.....................hurry up Len!!! Choose one NOW!
Well done Dee - the prize will be on its way ASAP. I'm happy for anyone who wins, but I hope you're extra happy for Dee as she deserves something back for her kindness. Karma for sure!

Well done honey - hope you make lots more tags and have a blog really soon!



  1. Congrats Dee, enjoy your Sir Timmie stamps.... Hugs May x x x

  2. Well done Dee...enjoy your win!!! xx

  3. Woot woot . . .congratulations Dee. No excuses now . . . get a blog up n running!

    Have fun with your new stamps xxxx

  4. Is that a crochet hat Di? Looks just the thing to pack for hols xxx

  5. Hi Sarn! Bought a lot of years ago in Thailand - it folds beautifully into small spaces too. Would look good when tending to the chooks :) Di xx

  6. Congrats Dee!!!! Enjoy your candy!


  7. Well done Dee, and many congratulations enjoy your candy and thanks Di for the chance of taking part:)x

  8. Thanks everyone. Thanks too to Di. I'm quite pleased ;-) Dee x

  9. Just wanted to add my congratulations to everyone else's Dee. Elizabeth x


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