Friday, 19 December 2014

Playground reminder

Don't forget, the Playground will close as usual at 11am on Saturday 20th December (tomorrow), then it will re-open at midnight that same day for two weeks. That gives you some time to come and play if you are lucky enough to have a little 'lull'. Personally, I love those quiet times during holiday periods when I have an hour or so just to play :)

There will be three bumper prizes to be won - to celebrate three years since I took over the Playground keys from Jules.

I'm very quiet on the blogging front here - rushing doing last minute stuff (we need to eat!). even finishing the Christmas decorations and also juggling prizes and my snippets makes :) But am still watching what's going on in the Playground :) Did I just hear a hiccup from behind the bike shed?

Image result for image of bike shed


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Little Spike

This is not a very good image, but it was taken from a CCTV clip of 'Little Spike' the young Hedgie when he visited on Monday night. He's right at the back of the photo, behind his food bowl. You can see he's almost ready to curl up or run for home as he's so unsure of the spot light - tee, hee, this is one little chap that doesn't stand on his hind legs and do a little tap dance for the audience :)
What looks a little bit like another hedgie in the foreground slightly to the right of his food bowl is actually the lid that Len carefully covers the bowl with, with a little stone on top to stop any other wildlife from tucking in. Spike just flips it off with his snout - wise little guy that he is.

As you can see, there's always a dish of fresh water, plus Spike even has his own gazebo (aka an old garden coffee table) to protect him from the elements as he dines.

Bless his little cotton socks.  Oh - and he already dined this evening (Tuesday) as well 'cos he left his messy food flickin' bits behind :)

We're blessed that he comes to eat but also worried about how he'll cope with very cold weather as he really did ought to be tucked up snoozing right now. I still think we might be out in the snow at some point with a sieve to hand trying to scoop him up for our local wildlife sanctuary - help! Right now he's feisty and so fast we don't have a chance of rescuing him - silly little sausage :(


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Less is More #202 - Snow

Having missed playing over at Less is More a few times lately, and even though it's a 'One layer' week (which used to terrify me), I made sure I found time to join in:
I used:

- 5" x 5" square white card blank

- the snowman stamp is by Penny Black and called 'Warm and Cold', stamped using Memento 'Gray Flannel' ink then coloured a bit with Pro Markers. Shame on me (yet again!), I bought this adorable stamp almost half price in Hobby Lobby with Kay in New Mexico, over two years ago now and this is his first outing

- tickled the snow with 'Crystal Ice' Stickles and touched up the snowflakes around the snowman image using a silver pen

- the snowflakes above the little chap (I think he looks as if he's juggling!) is stamped in Encore Silver ink using a Stampendous stamp called 'Snow Swirl' - with just a few sparkly gems added  

- sentiment is by Personal Impressions from their 'MAny Greetings' set, stamped using Memento 'Gray Flannel' ink

I do like Memento 'Gray Flannel' ink for stamping certain images, it's softer than black, as well as still being Pro Marker friendly.

That's it from me, short and sweet today! Aw, bit like that snowman :)

Whoops, almost forgot! Apparently the eye virus is subsiding, medication has been cut down to three times a day instead of five - and I don't go back to hospital for another two weeks. Yay!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Week 155

Well, it's been a funny old week - little done on the Christmas preparations side of things but my eye is better than it was and will know more after hospital tomorrow afternoon. Plus, I caught up with Playground commenting as well as very quickly rustling up some cheque holders which need to be popped in the post 'toot sweet':
I know, dreadful photo, but to be honest I truly haven't felt like tinkering around much. Please note, the idea of perching the little robin stickers came from the very talented Helen, over at It's All Fiddle Fart. I'm a huge fan of hers and both her blog and Mum's Monkey (which I do believe Helen has a little hand in, wink) are my first call of the day.

Although this cheque holder would fit nicely into Hazel's latest challenge (urgently needed Christmas creations) I'm not entering it as it wasn't my idea in the first place. Besides which, Helen's version is so much better than mine :)

I used:

- 8" x 3" long pearly gold cards

- snippets of LOTV holly paper from their 'Classic Christmas' paper pad - just popped a strip inside the back part of the right hand side of the holder and then used corner scissors to round the corner to allow easy access to the cheque :) before sealing down the left hand end with DST

- the tree branch was die cut  using a snippet of brown card and the Memory Box 'Woodland Branch' die

- then I popped some of the Paperchase 'Fingerprint Robins' stickers along the branch

- last thing, a greetings topper by Craftwork Cards

I made five of these in one go - certainly not my finest hour but they do the trick!

Moving quickly onto this week's picks:

Kate made this fabulous 'Shadow box', complete with its own lighting. Great explanation of how over at Kate's too!

I know, it's not often I show two snippets makes from one playmate in the same set of picks, but this week I truly couldn't pick between two, so Kate gets a second appearance with this fabulous pop up card. Something Len has kept suggesting I should try and I can see why!

This card, made by Sandy J, just stopped me in my tracks. I love the layout and use of snippets - but it's how well everything goes together that got me - right down to that perfect ribbon.

I just love the amount of detail in this great card, made by Ileana. Tons of snippets used and they all work so well together.

Sarn always makes such beautiful cards, and this is one of my real favourites. Beautifully designed and made - and I love how you feel drawn into the magic. Just gorgeous.

As always, I could go on forever with picks! But let's move onto our new playmate this week:
Lovely card Lulu - and the interesting twist is the ring where the elf is perched. It appears that Lulu keeps the inner part of spent rolls of double sided tape and upcycles them! Clever idea!

Welcome to the Playground, and do please come and play again.

And the draw for last week's prize of the two embossing folders - our winner is:
Well done Vinita! Can you please let me have your address ( and I'll pop your prize in the post as soon as possible!

And of course this coming week's prize is linked to the cheque holders:

It's a Memory Box 'Woodland Branch' die plus a couple of packs of the Paperchase Robin stickers to play with. I really dithered about buying myself the branch die but am so pleased I did and can see all sorts of uses, wouldn't it look sweet covered with little punched flowers a bit like apple blossom for example? And Helen has used hers to dangle Christmas stars from - told you, she's got shed loads of great ideas! Whatever you do, it's likely to help you use up some of those pesky snippets!

The Snippets Challenge will run for one week and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 20th December and will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

Maximum of three entries and please say 'Yes please' (or similar) in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. As always, if you're only interested in one or other of the items making up the prize, just say so and if you win then I'll do a further draw for whatever it is you don't want. But, please do go for both if that's what you'd like of course.

Mr Linky is below - do please let me know if you have any problems linking, it's easy for me to sort out so don't struggle on alone :)

We've been trying to catch better images of baby Spike the hedgehog here - at one point we did wonder if we had a very wily rat. However, on Friday evening, baby Spike appeared - nudged the cover off his food dish and happily tucked in, at least three times. Any move by us to even open the back door in an attempt to catch him was quickly met with a rapid scampering away into the darkness. We just have to keep on feeding him and hope that does the trick.

NB I've been thinking about how we handle Christmas and the Playground as so many of us will be busy over the holidays. What I propose to do is to leave the gates open for two weeks - from midnight on Saturday 20th December until 11am on Saturday 3rd January. And, to celebrate Christmas and New Year as well as the fact that it will be THREE years since I took the Playground over from Jules - the prize will be a bit of a bumper one - or I might split it, not sure as yet! Any preferences?

I think we'll probably stick with a maximum of three entries over the two week period, partly as you'll all be busy but also to ease the commenting for me.
But this coming week runs as normal of course!

Di (and the usual happy wave from Parsnip of course)

Friday, 12 December 2014

Sneaked into craft room

 ........and made a Christmas card for our lovely Postman, Steve. He brings tons of post to us throughout the year in all weathers, never points out to Len just how many parcels are for me and is unfailingly cheerful. He always gets a generous tip from us at Christmas and I'd seen a 'post box' card over at Lucy's blog here which I loved! In fact, it featured as a Snippets Weekly Pick and you really should check it out over at Lucy's - I made a simpler version for Steve:
I used:

- 5" x 5" square white card blank

- snippet of silver holographic card for the frame

- snippet of LOTV 'Frosty Christmas' backing paper

- the image is by LOTV, from their 'Winter Wildlife' Bumper Art Pad and I unashamedly copied Lucy's lovely idea which was to snip right round the curved top of the post box taking away the little bit of blue background at each top corner. That means the image sits so well on the snowy backing paper

- final touch, three snowflakes, punched out of white card which was covered with sparkly film - and a little clear gem in the centre of each
Update on the eye, eye, Captain Birdseye!

Progress is slow my lovely friends, but I think there's some improvement. Not quite as red, angry and sore thankfully, but still not too good (and so not a good look either!), sigh :(

However, we think I've also got a bug of some sort - not to put too fine a point on it I'm very good friends with the loo at the moment. Thankfully not been sick, although am fighting that as well. Bet you didn't need to know that :) Camomile tea is going great guns here right now.

But hey ho, I did find some time to at least work out this coming week's prize from Sunday, albeit not quite how I planned.  With luck the Playground will close as normal and reopen as usual with a new prize and a prizewinner from last week. I've spent some time catching up on commenting and hope to cover the weekly picks as usual. But bear with me if things don't go quite to plan.

Thank you for all the lovely get well wishes and comments - and some of the cheekier ones, which have cheered me up no end :)


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Word Verification fix - maybe!

I know, I shouldn't be sitting here at the laptop...........but, it's really been niggling at me that Word Verification is appearing on my blog when I don't have it enabled. Len just played with some of the laptop settings and it was STILL there.

But, I've just tried a little trick - and Word Verification immediately disappeared. I'm not saying it's a long term solution as Blogger are tinkering about a lot these days but here's what I did:

1. Went to my dashboard and selected 'Settings'.

2. Once that popped up I clicked on 'Posts and Comments'.

3. Under the heading 'Comments' there's a sub heading which says 'Comment location'.

4. I changed that to 'Embedded'. In effect that means it isn't a pop up or a new comment page - the comments just appear right after the blog post, and that seems to do the trick.

Teee, hee - I just bet someone now hops in to let me know that Word Verification is still there - but at least I can't see it. In fact I truly can't see it....... if I close my right eye :)


Reduced service in the Playground

Hi folks

Just to let you know things here ain't too grand on the vision front so commenting and crafting has had to take a back seat.

An old eye problem has flared up, which means blurred vision and pain in the affected eye, constant tears running down my cheek and basically I look like Len punched me in my left eye. Hey, what? Maybe he did?

In truth it's a virus from the same herpes simplex family which gives folk those cold sores - only sometimes it diverts down the nerve into the eye and causes ulcers on the cornea - and yes, it's very painful and just rotten luck. 

Been to hospital, got medication which usually works and  will be blogging ASAP. But am planning to take it easy for a few days if needs be. Be good and play nicely!