This is primarily a card making as well as The Snippets Challenge blog, but one little guy does deserve his own space. I'll try not to be too sickly sweet but don't bother reading more if you're purely a paper crafter! A lot of this is for our own record as he grows up and becomes a 'Dudley the Dude'!

Introducing Dudley the Havanese. Born on 22nd July 2018 - these are the photos we took when we went to choose him on Saturday 1st September (aged 5 weeks and 6 days) from the litter. Len is holding him:
Well, you seem to smell fine - for a human
Don't worry, this pink nose is what I was born with. It'll be like a little black button very soon, I promise - I'm working on it!
Len opened his hands and he was happy to sit there without wriggling away - a sign for sure!
Many  puppies (typically those with white hair and from the Bichon line, which Havanese are) can be tear stained whilst they are teething - poor little mites. Mama here has cotton pads to keep his eyes clean with pure water as a start - he has a whole area set aside for his 'dressing room'!

It took us ages to choose his name, Len came up with Dudley quite quickly as a contender and we went round and round the houses with various options, bringing his lovely Auntie Sarn into the 'name game'. We already had treats and toys from her waiting from mid-September! Mrs A also signed up to be a puppy sitter cum Auntie - join the queue folks.

We settled on Dudley as his name (before that he'd been known as Little Boy to us purely to differentiate from his big brother, who we dubbed Big Boy). Dudley (LB) as a name reminds us of Dudley Moore - small, amusing and even cute!

Cherie, the breeder kept us well updated with photos and video clips whilst we waited (for what seemed like forever) before we could bring him home on Thursday 27th September: 
Aged about seven weeks, what a difference one week makes - he's obviously doing some serious thinking here! Sitting on a fleece and deciding what to do next - perhaps even a whoopsie?
Aged about 8 weeks - our favourite puppy photo of him at this point! See how much blacker that little nose is?  And his coat is really growing in nicely as well.
Watch this space for more! x


Jeanne H said...

Love him!!!

ionabunny said...

Adorable. Hugz

Kath said...

He's adorable Di!
Kath x

Brenda in IN said...

I love that Dudley has his own space and we can watch him grow.

Greta said...

Just noticed this page--so, so fun to see pictures from the beginning! He's a cutie pie!

Sarn said...

HOW did I miss this Pupdate page on your blog! Just noticed it and RUSHED over to see my favourite little puppy EVER!

Please give Dudley an extra Duddle from his Auntie Sarn.

Mwah, mwah xxxxx

Linby said...

only just found this page! Nice to get a Dudley fix.