Snippets Playground Rules

As of January 2017, the Playground rules (aka rools) have been updated. The objective of this is to ease pressure on myself, allow more time for you to make your entries and also hopefully give you more time to hop around and visit one another:

1. The Snippets Playground will normally run from midnight every other Saturday until 11am the next-but-one Saturday (UK time). So, it's a two week long challenge now.

2. In the main snippets blog post every other week for a new challenge there will be my own snippets card, details of the prize to be won in the forthcoming fortnight and also a new Mr Linky.

3. To give me more time, the 'picks' I like from the previous challenge as well as the draw result will be posted on the interim Saturday at midnight. I hope we'll manage to have a Guest Designer (GD) slot in that post. If not then I'll try to add a snippets make of my own :)
4. You can still enter only ONE snippets make in a single fortnight, to even out the chances of people winning the prize - plus it helps enormously with the commenting I do single handedly, as well as those of you who try very hard to visit your Playmates. I really would love to see you being even more proactive in visiting one another, although I know a good few of you already are and also that real life can get in the way :)

5. Please only enter new work - I do allow a day or two's back linking but that's normally when I spot something you might not have thought to enter when I'm doing my normal blog hopping, or perhaps you realise just a day or two later that you meant to link.

6. If you've had a real run on snippets for some reason and wish to share more than one of the results via Mr Linky, that's absolutely fine so long as they're in just one linked post during the fortnight.
7. You can combine your entries with as many other challenges as you like - within reason.
  8. All you have to do is make something using one, or more, snippet(s) and upload direct to Mr Linky (using the actual URL of your snippets post - not just a generic link to your blog as people might not find your snippets make and I have to alter those) and do please add a link to the Playground in your own blog post to be in the draw. You can enter ANYTHING, not just a card, using snippets of paper, card, material, wool, lace, ribbon - whatever you think fit.

9. If you want to join in, AND fancy the the prize on offer, please make sure you say 'YES PLEASE' in a comment, otherwise I shall assume you aren't interested in it. I won't chase people who forget to be positive enough to make it clear they're playing for the prize in a comment on the prie post on my blog - just saying a general 'Yes to prizes' on your own blog won't count. If there are two items or more making up a prize then normally I will not split that prize - it will be one complete package. Unless I've stated that the prize can be split - then I'll do a further draw for whatever you don't want if Mr Random selects you. But, this will not be a frequent occurrence due to the overheads of keeping track and also extra postage of course.

10. By joining in with the Snippets Playground, and linking your entry, you agree that my fortnightly 'picks' round up may include an image/copy of your entry as well as a link to your blog post. At no time will I use your entry other than the way just outlined, unless I've asked you - although I might run away and buy a stamp, die or whatever that you used :)

11. And the most important rule, apart from no nipping or hair pulling, HAVE FUN!!

Di (and Parsnip of course)


Sarn said...

PLEASE put the RULZ here . . . otherwise, HOW are we supposed to know what to break? Hmm?

Sarn xxx

Hettie said...

Rools? What Rools? No one said nuffink about Roolz! Rools are meant to be broken so no point making them is there!! Wait til Mrs A finds out there will be anarchy you know!

Viv said...

I know a good ROOL....
'The ROOL is ... there ARE NO ROOLS'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (With apologies to George Bernard Shaw...and my spelling teacher..)

Mrs A. said...

Roolz! isn't that what you draw straight lines with or flick rubbers across the class room. Dun finck Miss will allow Dat.

Unknown said...

Welll just cos I like being teachers pet... I like the rools - they really aren't that hard to follow - #7 is the best!!! Mxx

Donna said...

It's funny reading these comments!
I like No. 8 best :)

Di said...

Donna - I did warn you they're a little bunch of rebels!!

Sandra H said...

Lol......lots of fun reads and rules do we ever read them!! xx