Sunday 5 December 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #416 - results


Cold and grey weather right now, when the sun does come out to play it's such a delight. We had about an inch of snow last weekend, and a few flurries since, but nothing to compare with the snow and storm Arwen in some other parts of the UK.
Now for the picks from our previous challenge. Many thanks to Amanda for being our Guest Designer!

And here we go:

Oh wow, I adore this card - made by Bunny. The light bulbs are so realistic - die cut from snippets of Brusho coloured paper or card. Don't they look just like glass, fabulous!

Makes me want to have a little play with my own Brushos again. I got dis-hearted when, due to being overly enthusiastic/heavy handed, I often ended up with very muddy looking results. Bit like a child painting really - sigh.

I know, I picked Carol L for two challenges running ☺ But this really elegant card totally jumped out at me - brilliant use of monochrome snippets and the pops of red and silver.

I truly do try hard to spread the picks around, but it would be unfair of me to bypass a card like Carol's.

And my final pick this time is such a sweet card, made by Helen F. House Meece images are a huge favourite of mine and this card is cute as can be. I adore the addition of the curls and snippets of 'wrapping paper and ribbon'! Such a great touch.

I've stayed with three picks again - life is a bit busy right now. Thankfully the pre-Christmas panic I got myself into a few days ago has abated - mostly just through slogging away at things and ticking stuff off a long list of things to do.

We had two new Playmates this time - both of whom I sort of 'poached' from the brilliant Christmas Kickstart Challenge which ended on 30th November. A new Christmas Kickstart challenge begins on Tuesday morning folks, over HERE!
I really do urge you to hop over to Bobby's blog HERE - plenty of wonderful ideas using snippets strips in the same post! 

And Prudence joined us via Instagram as well - go HERE to see her great Christmas tree card!

Do come back and play again soon ladies!  

I know that some of you do prefer not to link in from a blog, but use other social media such as SCS, IG, FB and Flickr. Whilst I may choose you as a pick - sadly I can't always spend what often is quite a bit of time fiddling around trying to get your images onto Blogger. Often I have to save images, if I'm even allowed to do so, to my own hard drive, resize, save again and then pick them up from there. In future I will give links but no image in those cases - sorry! You'll still be in the prize draw of course. Some folk merrily predicted that Blogging would come to an end a couple or so years ago - I have yet to see proof though.

That's the picks from Challenge #416 in the Playground and we had 40 entries, including two new Playmates. Now for the prize draw which is a Pink Ink set of stamps and matching dies, from me. And the winner is:

Lesley G

Congratulations Lesley - a little while since your last win so this one is certainly due! I think you'll love your prize - enjoy!

Please send me your address, even if you know that I know it already, with your full name at the top as well so it can be can be copied and pasted for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course.  Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Remember folks, there's still almost one more week to run on the current Ruby's Memory Challenge #417 which you can find HERE. There are two lovely prize bundles to choose between - kindly donated by two of our Playmates.

Breaking news: Next Sunday, 12th December, is the start of the Grand Christmas/New Year Draw in the Snippets Playground, with lots of prizes to be played for on many of the days during the four weeks it will run. I'll publish all the rules as usual next Sunday - but basically it will run along the same lines as previously. You must clearly use snippets remember!

Last Sunday's Ocado delivery was a total repeat of the other week when Dudley ran and got 'Honka Duck' to show to the delivery person - a young lady this time. Dudley adores most ladies, she almost melted on the spot, and of course he then did several of his tricks (dancing on his hind legs, few spins and plenty of cute smiling looks) - flirty little show-off that he is ☺. 

I said at the beginning we had about an inch of snow last weekend. Here's Dudley doing zoomies around a far corner of the back garden clipped from CCTV footage. He uses the 'plug' for the rotary washing line socket as the marker for one end of his chosen circuit. The netting fence is to keep him off a huge patch of bare soil left after we had gardeners in to remove some massive shrubbery not long ago, about four times the length shown, in readiness for a project next Spring. He would love to get in there and have a good dig for sure!  

I love the top 'action' shot. Although Dudley has seen and been out in snow in previous years, it was still a huge novelty and his absolute joy was a delight to behold!

He blends in well here doesn't he - good job he's got those lovely dark eyes and button nose!

Lots of love from Dudley Dog and of course me,


  1. Congratulations to Lesley on her win.

    Brilliant picks Miss Di - congrats to all - plus a wave to the newbies.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. Firstly a huge thank you……doing a very happy dance indeed here….good job you can’t see, or hear the creaking knees! What fabulous picks, so much talent out there, and so many different ideas. Just love seeing Dudley, such a cute happy chap, full of fun, and mischief! Thanks Di for all you do, I’d be lost without blogland, and look forward to your special Xmas challenges xxx

  3. Great picks as always and welcome to the newcomers along with congratulations to Lesley - sure she will enjoy her prize. Didn't realise snow had fallen in southern areas - thought it had been confined to the north but Dudley seems to have had a wonderful time chasing around the garden.

  4. Big congrats to the winner and to all the Top picks, especially to my dear friend Carol!! :)
    Wow for the shots of Dudley running happily in the snow! Spectacular and so cheerful! :D How fun!!
    Hugs to you and cuddles to him!

  5. Gorgeous cards, Di! What beautiful examples of the noble art of the snippet! Love the pics of Dudley - such a happy chappie! Jo x

  6. Congratulations to the winner and the other top picks. I almost had a fit because I actually sold this card this past week and I keep an inventory and saw I made the exact same card and posted it in August 2019. The difference was the way I laid out the word "Merry". I was so scared it was the same card and I had posted it twice. Whew!

    I love the Dudley zoomies in the fresh snow. It's like he had a pattern going on.

    Brushos can be a mess. You don't see that little speck of dry product left over but let water touch it and you've got it everywhere.

  7. Fabulous picks Di and hello to the newbies!
    How happy does Dudley look in the snow!!! That is so funny that he flirts with your delivery person, bet they love the drop off at your house!!

  8. Congratulations Lesley enjoy your win....ooh Well Dudley certainly blends in with the snow Di as you say if it wasn’t for his eyes and nose you would miss him he’s just so entertaining xx

  9. Congratulations to the winner and wonderful top picks! So much talent out there, and a great use of snippets.
    As for those photos of Dudley...he's just melting my heart! He reminds me so much of our Toby in his younger years, with his fur and feet flying as he runs off all that energy.

  10. Thank you for the warm welcome Di! So happy to have found your blog. I look forward to participating in future Snippets challenges and hearing more about the adventures of adorable Dudley.
    -Prudence @_penguinparade

  11. Fabulous picks Di and congratulations to Lesley for winning the super prize. I love the photos of Dudley zooming around the snowy garden, and laughed at his antics with the presentation of the duck to the delivery lady..he's a funny little show off, so cute too. x

  12. Congrats to the winners! Wow, how fun to see Dudley running around. So happy you showed us in blogland. My Willie doesn't seem to like snow and hates the cold. But he is old, almost 13.

  13. Congrats to Lesley. Some great snippet inspiration highlighted too off to check them out.
    Dudley action shots are wonderful!

  14. Great picks and pix of Dudley. I know I've been saying this for forever, but after spending over 3 hours yesterday die cutting flowers from offcuts of parchment, I will be back playing in the new year! xoxo

  15. Great choices Di, Congratulations to the Winners. As for Dudley? He is so adorable.
    Faith x

  16. What lovely snowy pictures, Dudley having a ball! Do get your brushos out again, they are such good fun. x

  17. Fabulous pics, as always. I haven't tried Brushos, but those fab blue lights from Bunny make me want to try.
    That's such a fun picture of Dudley running around -- amazing you can get such a good shot off CCTV.

  18. Wonderful picks! Wish I could deliver to your house & be entertained by Dudley! Love the darling pictures!

  19. What gorgeous picks Di - those blue glass lights are mesmorising - and great to see the lovely Lesley having a win too :) Your photos of Dudley in the snow are wonderful - if only we could bottle the joy of our pups! Vicky x

  20. Congrats to Lesley G on her win, and thanks for spotlighting my card with the other snippets makes - I am truly honored :) Dudley looks like he's in his elements zooming around in the snow! Cute pictures for sure :)

  21. Congrats to Lesley and the top picks. I've popped over to see and they are well deserved!

  22. Thank you so much for selecting my card as one of your Picks Di!! It is such a thrill and I'm so pleased you liked my fun HM card. Congratualtions to Lesley and Carol. Great cards ladies!!

  23. Sooooooooo cuuuuuuuute! Dudley is precious! These photos make me smile! Congrats to the top picks and winners! I am so behind but just checking to see if I missed anything else! Merry Christmas!

  24. Sooo cute in his zooomies .. love it Di. Love Shaz,x


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