Sunday 12 December 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #418 - Christmas Draw - Prize A

Hi there and a very warm welcome to the Christmas/New Year Snippets Playground - which is starting extra early this year and will run for FOUR weeks, right over Christmas and New Year. 

Warning - this is a really horrendously looooooooooong post as it sets out how the draw will work, in a lot of detail and also repetitively in places to be sure to get the points home! 

There are several reasons for such a long challenge. First of all we have absolutely loads of Christmas themed prizes in the Toy Box - some are from me and a good few have very kindly been donated (huge thanks to Darnell, Jackie T, Val and Zoe!). As some of the donated prizes were sent to me with Ruby's challenge in mind, I will be making a double donation to the rescue centre who saved Ruby and her siblings - before she then found her forever home with Lynne and Greg. £40 with £10 Gift Aid from the taxman makes it £50. I hope that sits well with those of you who might see a Christmas themed prize pop up that you donated with Ruby in mind. Lynne is happy with this by the way.

Some prizes may have 'samples', but by no means all of them will. Running over four weeks keeps us nicely in step with fortnightly challenges and results. I would really love the Grand Draw to go out on a 'high', this really will be the very last Grand Draw spanning several weeks with lots of prizes.

Plus - it gives you time to follow the theme! Did you get that? The theme is actually very simple - it's snippets as usual but this time I'd like your entry to be made following the theme of Christmas and/or New Year.  And please, not just something you think qualifies - I do like clever and thoughtful use of snippets. In fact, I might even exclude anyone who is rather cavalier with their entry!

So - it's time to celebrate both the Christmas and New Year Holiday - plus, it's now almost ten whole years on January 2nd since I took the Snippets Playground over from the lovely Jules! And there are exciting times ahead for our new decade as well, that I totally promise you. Just watch this space.

By the way, the prizes all vary in value and their letter in the alphabet is purely for reference purposes.

Here's my snippets card for today (it's been shown on here previously) and just the embossing folder is the hint: 

I used:

- 5" x 7" white card blank, tent style

- a piece of Centura Pearlescent White card, embossed using a Sheena Douglass folder called 'Christmas Greetings' and trimmed to slightly smaller than the card front

- Poppy Stamps 'Snowflake Ribbon' die and satin deep red mirri card

- stuck the die cut in place onto the embossed panel using very narrow red line tape and left a bit of overhang. Trimmed off the overhang from the reverse side to get a flush cut along the edges of the embossed panel

- next, die cut a larger snowflake from silver holographic card backed with medium grade sticky sheet, using a Memory Box 'Lindeman Snowflake' die and popped it on top of the deep red snowflake

- final touch, a sparkly diamante snowflake embellishment in the centre of the layered die cut snowflakes

So, here we have Prize A of the Christmas/New Year giveaway - as I said, the above card is just a partial hint!

It's a set of five approx. 5" x 7" embossing folders by Sheena Douglass. They aren't in their original packaging as I bought them pre-loved - but never used. Not my photo and I bought all five folders purely for the 'Christmas Greetings' folder! Someone was desperate to own it, having seen it on my blog ages ago apparently. She then followed a lead that I sent her in the USA where she lives and hit lucky. But these popped up on Facebook over here at almost the same time! So we ended up with her finding one in the USA and me at the same time with a batch of five folders.☺

For the Grand Draw this year, the Playground Mr Linky which is below will run for four weeks and closing time will be 11am on Saturday 8th January 2022 and this post you are looking at right now is also where to add any entries - with a maximum of just one entry - over the four week period. 

NB - I repeat - your entry must be Christmas and/or New Year themed. If you link something not themed then you won't be in the draw.

One, and only one, entry into Mr Linky means you're in the draw - and the more prizes you say you'd like to win in the comments in each 'additional prize' post does increase your winning chances. You have four weeks to play but you can only win one prize during the draw at the end, to give others a fair chance.

At the same time as the chance to enter your themed snippets make into Mr Linky closes, I plan to also close all commenting on all prizes on offer, and may even close some of the prizes as we go along - so be on your toes.

If you see a prize you'd like to be in the 'pot' for then please leave a 'Yes please' (or similar) comment in the same post where I show you the prize. AND, don't be shy about wanting each prize as it appears - that way you'll have more chances of winning something.

So for today's prize, leave a comment below. Please don't leave it right until the end and nip through all the prize posts adding 'Yes please' to each in one fell swoop. Remember, they will show up serially on my dashboard in the comments section and if you do that I certainly will notice and wouldn't feel that it's in the true spirit of the Playground so you do risk not being in the draw at all. So, if you want to play then do pop in over the festivities to see what's on offer :)

As I already said, there will only be the one Mr Linky for all entries - which is at the end of this post of course. I'll remind you where to go to link each time I post a new prize on the blog if you haven't already added your one card. 

I hope I've explained how the coming four weeks will work in the Playground? Please just say if it's left you confused and I hope it doesn't seem too draconian. My main priority is for everyone to play fair and hopefully be in with a chance of winning something they would like.

There will be a new Mr Linky on Sunday 9th January 2022. The picks and also the results of the multiple raffle/prize draw will appear as soon as I can manage, hopefully on Sunday 16th January - but I'm making no promises!

Please also remember to link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw, as well as saying what snippets you used on your entry. I'm going to toughen up a bit on this requirement.

Now, this is important girls, you can leap in throughout the whole giveaway and say 'yes please' to as many prizes as you like .... even if you haven't already made and entered your snippets make into Mr Linky at that point in time. But don't miss the closing date and time of Mr Linky!

As usual, I think it's only fair that the way I do the draw is from A onwards, regardless of value or number of prizes. I won't be using the Random number generator, if you win a prize, your slip is then removed from the pot.

Please let me know if you have any problems linking, it's always fairly easy for me to sort out so don't struggle on alone.

Sorry this is so wordy and I've repeated a few points but I didn't want to leave any issue not covered - even more than once! Do please ask if anything isn't clear. 

Dudley continues to be a smart little chap here. His breeder told us he was an intelligent boy and on that score she was so right - but it comes with the price of him cottoning onto things so fast that we often look at one another and say 'Can he speaka the lingo?'. We spell things out (T. R. E. A. T), and even use a smattering of Thai, Spanish and German but he soon learns - probably from intonation. Clever little monkey!  

He had a bath/shower earlier today (Saturday) and as I type he's lying flat out on his back, fast asleep, on our bed - all nicely dried and brushed. And of course he ran off and hid, the moment he spotted his big fluffy bath towels being gathered along with his shampoo! Len and I are still drying off - I think it would be easier to just pop on swimsuits before tackling the bathing session! And possibly masks and snorkels too ☺.

Love from Dudley and yours truly, do come and play and get into the festive spirit. Speaking of which - Dudley has a nose like a little bloodhound and will 'snitch' if he finds a certain Head Prefect doling out mulled wine and sausage rolls - without including me for the wine, and Dudley for a sausage roll!


  1. Oh, my.....your card is just absolutely stunning, Di!! I literally gasped when I saw it. Wow.
    This amazing prize is an embosser's delight!! I would love to play for this beautiful package. Thank you for your lovely generosity and that of the other playground mates who donated prizes, too. What a lovely way to spread holiday cheer!
    I will link up a card later, but wanted to get a comment in right now before I forgot!! (It happens...)
    Oh, that Dudley is a clever little scamp!! I had an elderly cat that needed occasional assistance with bathing her south end. She too knew all the non-verbal cues we give out when it was B-A-T-H time...and would hide in some secret place that we never did discover. Crafty old creature. Animals are so smart!!
    Merry Christmas!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  2. Oh, my!! What a great way to start off the grand draw!! This prize is fabulous and I am definitely a "yes, please!" I think your explanation and instructions were clear and spot on! Thanks for the chance to win--I know all the prizes will be fabulous! I'll definitely get working on my Christmas-themed snippets card!

  3. What a wonderful set of folders, and a stunning card. I'm not promising I will get anything made for the challenge, as I'm in a serious crafting slump at the moment, but as there's plenty time to go I hope I'll be up and running again in time to play along - and if I DO manage to, I'd love to be in the hat for this prize.

  4. I agree with Janis that your card is just spectacular! The combination of embossed background (which I love) and the sparkly embellishment and unique asymmetrical ribbon die pulled me right in immediately.
    Yes please to this embossing folder bonanza!
    Thank you again for your generous prizes, and for your support of the Animal Rescue center in Ruby's name.Animals have a special place in my heart, and it's wonderful that sweet Ruby has gone on to inspire her own challenge.
    Once I get my cards addressed and sent, and get a few gifts wrapped, I'll have time to work on my snippets card for the themed challenge. I get further behind every year, and at a certain point I think I'll end up meeting myself in another time zone!
    Big hugs to Dudley, and enjoy his sweetly groomed self until the next time he manages to escape into the garden and end up covered in slush and mud!

  5. I have read everything (good for my knowledge of the English language!!) and I understand! You are like Santa, who is bringing presents to the people...
    Today I say yes to the prize and do I see St. Pauls Cathedral at one of the embossingfolders? We are mad about England and London and it's so sad that we can't go there now for 2 years already. We went every year for more than 30 years and we miss it!!!
    Hugs and thank you!
    Lia xx

  6. Morning Di

    BEAUTIFUL festive make to show off what can be done with embossing folders.

    I've put you a chair in the Treehouse and a dog basket for Dudley.

    The Treehouse is all festive and there's plenty of mischief to be had. EVERYONE is welcome!

    PS: I'm playing just for fun thanks.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    As always Di you come up trumps with all of your cards and this is just perfect l like the embossed background folder and the simple snowflake with the colours of the background so beautifully put together, how kind of the people who have donated several of the prizes for this wonderful draw and your donations to the rescue centre who saved Ruby and her siblings, l am almost certain this draw will go out on a high because its one that should not be missed, wow nearly 10 yrs Di that's some challenges you have done an amazing job, keep up the progress of Dudley he sure is a smart boy its such a delight to see how he has grown and what a lovely chappie you must be so proud to be his family bring such a lot of happiness in your lives hes one of his own take care xx

  8. Phew I’m glad head prefect has sent you invites already, I’d hate to have been in a dilemma;)!
    What a fabulous thing you are doing for us all, and so generous of the prize givers.
    It’s a YES PLEASE for me!
    That’s not shouting, just helping you to find the answer easier teehee.
    I still have that/similar card from you, it is gorgeous!
    Rushing off to put a note in my diary lest I forget to enter ;)
    Much love to you, Len, Dudley and all the snipetteers xxx

  9. Wow - almost 10 years of running the Snippets Playground - you've done a fabulous job Di!
    A beautiful snippets card for the first post - embossing on pearlised card always looks so elegant!
    I'm a 'yes please' for this prize draw.
    Helen x

  10. Yes, please to the prize. Your example is so pretty with that sparkly snowflake. I have a similar die and it didn't even come out to play this Christmas. Thanks so much for hosting this challenge and your Dudley stories. I do look forward to reading them. I have a card fold in mind that I've wanted to try. It doesn't use a lot of snippets but is perfect for those odd bits.

  11. Such a stunning card, Di! That pearlescent white cs is magnificent and with that awesome embossing folder is perfect. I love a texty BG like this. Always a fave look for me. And of course, it's a yes, please for me. It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! Merry (early) Christmas!!!

  12. Beautiful set of embossing folders and yes I would like my name in the hat for the draw. Now getting the snippits out I have many to choose from. Now hopefully I can add it to the linky.

  13. I can't believe it's time for the Christmas Draw already - where has the time gone. I'll be linking a card over the next few weeks, but please don't include me in the Prize A draw as I have a couple of these folders already.

    Kath x

  14. Oh, WOW!! I LOVE your card! Glistening beauty! This prize is fabulous but I have plenty of embossing folders so I will pass but I will be joining in and I'm sure I will find many to say YES to :) Thanks for the chance to win--I know all the prizes will be fabulous!Time to get busy on my Christmas-themed snippets card!

  15. Your card is lovely, and I got all excited when I saw it cos I thought, ooh embossing folder prize. But 5 embossing folders!! Wow, YES please to be in this draw, cos I am a bit of an embossing folder addict. So much so that last year Jo and I started the first embossing folder challenge in the universe, Let's Squash It! But you knew that didn't you??? Anyway, I seem to have missed the last playground but I will definitely be trying to link up for the christmas mega-go-round. Might have to drop by the tree house with some mulled wine. Your Dudley stories are a highlight of the week. Take care. Hugz

  16. Hooray, what fun. I'd better get creative with my snippets mountain. See you in the treehouse and thank you for all the hard work in organising this. Your card is really pretty with the added snowflake. x

  17. I'm going to have a go I hope - booster tomorrow so may not be soon if I feel ikky! Yes please to these wonderful Efs. Love the card you made and await the new decade - can't believe it is 10 years since you took over.

    L x

  18. Ooooooooh, how exciting this is! I am loving the theme aspect and will see what I can come up with! I do love a challenge and I certainly have lots of snippets! Your card is stunning, simple yet so effective! The embossing folder says it all, and I can see why you fell in love with it! As for today's prize, I'm a "No, thanks" as I don't tend to make 5x7 cards. Thank you for the fun event and I'm looking forward to this very much!

  19. Yes, please for the prize.
    Wow, 10 years, that is amazing, as is your card, Di. Love the way you have paired that lovely snowflake swirl with the ef.
    I haven't been playing in any challenges as much as I would have like this year, but I'm hoping to have a go at a snippets card once I have all of my Christmas cards finished and out of the door.
    Happy to hear Dudley is doing fine. Dogs are really smart, aren't they? Our Bernie knows when I'm having my breakfast smoothie outside, when I'm picking up my sunglasses and he'll be waiting for me at the top of the stairs to go down to the front door.
    Marianne x

  20. Wow, your card is stunning and SO elegant!!! Thank you for the annual big Christmas giveaway challenge, you are always so kind and generous to do it! Absolutely LOVE those EFs and I will surely make something with snippets and also following the theme in these weeks, so I say YES for the prize A draw. :) Thanks also to the kind ladies who donated toys for the grand challenge.
    Dudley's stories always make me smile! :D

  21. Super, elegant card to start off your generous Grand Draw, Di. I’m just playing for fun for Prize A as I already have a couple of these embossing folders. Sounds like Dudley is still up to his usual tricks at bath time! Lol xx

  22. Super fun idea to have the theme this year, Di! So neat that you've given so much to the rescue in Ruby's memory! You need a video of a Dudley bath! Can't imagine a little guy like that causing all that chaos--haha! Love the look of the embossing folder on your card which I do remember loving the first time I saw it! Great prize, but my box of folders is overflowing, so I'll stay out of the prize A draw.

  23. Beautiful card! I love the embossed design on the shimmery paper, and the addition of the lovely Snowflake Ribbon!
    I have so many embossing folders already, I'll pass on this Prize A drawing.

  24. I thought I had already commented, but can't see it.
    I will pass on this prize thanks, but I am sure there will be others to say yes to

  25. Your Christmas embossing folder looks lovely in the pearlescent card Di and a beautiful ribbon die too. A fabulous prize but I have so many embossing folders not used much, I will bypass this prize thank you and thank you for all your hard work and generosity for the Prize Draw x

  26. Wow, Di, that was quite a read! I am hoping to win the embossing folders. They are way cool. Merry Christmas to you, Len, Dudley and Parsnip :-) Congrats on your decade. I love to play at the Snippets Playground.

  27. A beautiful CAS Christmas card Di, my favourite combination of embossing folder and die!
    Congratulations on your 'nearly' 10 years, and a big thank you as always for running this amazing draw!
    I will play for fun for prize A as I have a couple of these folders in my collection.
    Janice x

  28. I too love your glamorous Christmas card. Gotta get some of that pearl paper. I also thank you for the super draw going on again. Really fun holiday draws and so generous of you. I'll pass on prize A, thanks. Wow, 10 years? Not sure when I first joined. Hugs to you!!

  29. Well Di, what an amazing Grand Draw this is going to be to celebrate your 10 years of running the Playground. Thank you for running it. I haven't linked up my Christmas/New Year themed snippets card yet but will wait until I have time to craft this week. I LOVE this card! The snowflake and ribbon feature really bring the embossed background to life.

    Since I have a grand total of 3 embossing folders in my stash, I'm going to say YES PLEASE to the draw for these gorgeous folders!

    Bathtime with Dudley made me smile and never mind the mulled wine, I'm pretty sure he will allow himself to be bribed with sausage rolls!!

    Hugs, Vicky xx

  30. Lovely card, Di, and those embossing folders are fabulous! My comments throughout will be short because I'm recovering from hand surgery and my typing is somewhat limited (meaning one-handed). So, "Yes," I want to be in on this one for sure. :-D

  31. I love these little hops Di! Your card is beautiful and yes please to the set of folders. They look like a wonderful addition to what I have and thank you so much!

  32. Hope my card has followed the rules - all beautifully explained as usual. I won't put my name in for this prize, but watch out for me as the story unfolds!! You really do a grand job with this and all at what is usually the busiest time of the year. Take care and stay safe, Hugs xx

  33. What a fabulous set of embossing folders! They lend themselves to such elegant and beautiful cards.

  34. Hi Di … thanks so much for this challenge and all the fantastic prizes … you are just toooo generous and kind. I have just entered my card and explained in my blog post about my snippets .. I would like to say No Thankyou to prize A as I don’t really use embossing folders so they should go to someone who can do them justice 😀xx

  35. Is it time for the Christmas draw already? I'm glad you're giving us four weeks, because I am loaded down with work at the moment, but surely I'll find time to make a qualifying card in the next month, right?
    Your card is lovely, and so is this prize, but I'm passing on this one because I'm not sure that size of EF will fit in my little Cuttlebug. I'm sure I'll be in for others.

  36. Thank you for doing this draw again Di as I know it is a lot of work. I love the Sheena Douglass EFs and if I manage to get a card in I am a 'yes please' for this prize. Your card is beautiful using the sentiment covered background with that shiny mirri element die cut into it with the gorgeous snowflake and gem centre and can see why this one especially appealed to you, but the others would be great to have too. x

  37. Hello! Sorry for the short note but so far none of my comments has published. Yes please to the embossing folders. Thank you very much!

  38. Di, Your card is just fabulous! Love the crisp embossed background with a cute snowflake!
    I don't have any Christmas themed embossing folders, so it's a great chance to win. Thanks for offering this generous prize
    Yes, please!!

  39. Your card is so elegant and simply stunning with that beautiful shimmery embossed background and wonderful sparkly snowflake! CAS designs are wonderful and I admire those who do them so well! Thanks for your incredible generosity and giving nature throughout the years, but even more so with this end-of-the-year challenge and giveaway! Your donors also deserve praise for their generosity too and I can't hardly wait to see all these wonderful goodies unfolding in the days to come! It's a yes for me for this prize!

  40. Wow, your Christmas card is so wonderful and elegant. I love it.
    Yes for these amazing embossing folders, please.
    Valerija xx

  41. Di, I love your card! So, yes please to this set of Emb Folders. Also, as usual, your Dudley's antics make me smile. He is both cute and smart? I mean, he speaks/understands more languages than many of us!

  42. Thanks for another fun special Christmas draw Di. You started out the challenge with an amazing prize and a gorgeous card to share. Yes Please to this assortment of beautiful embossing folders. I love the way they add texture, but don't distract from the sentiment or main design. Anyone would be impressed to receive one of your cards.

  43. Just playing for fun. So no to the embossing folders.

  44. your card is absolutely amazing.
    yes please for this stunning prize, I am embossing folder addict. Thank you for all your generosity and to the other playground girls who donated prizes, too. I totally agree with Lia, we miss London too, your embossing folder remembered me on this.
    Oh, yes, Dudley is so smart!! I can totally relate to all this because we have similar problems here with our dog Emma, so smart and such feelings, uf.
    Thank you for your beautiful card with gnomes which arrived yesterday, it is amazing and so festive, I love it!
    crafty hugs xx

  45. Thank you so much Di for all of your hard work in keeping this challenge going. As most of my cards are mainly inky, I don't always get the chance to join in but I'm alwys happy to join you when I can. Your card is beautifully CAS and I love the sheen on it. 'Yes Please' I would love a chance to win this fabulous prize xx

  46. Your card is stunning. Thanks for all the fun. I will play along!! Merry Christmas!

  47. Just added my entry and YES PLEASE to an entry in the draw

    Seasons Greetings to you and your and to all my fellow snippet users!!!


  48. Yes, please. Your card is lovely. Tendonitis is killing me so I'll be brief. Thanks for all you do all year.

  49. WOW what a lot of effort you are taking continue to amaze me. Hoping I get time to visit my fellow crafters entries and make something too! Count me in on the prize.
    Cheers, Dr Sonia

  50. I am new here, found you via Sandra (Nanagramps), lovely blog and creations are just amazing. Wishing you all a very Merry, Crafty & Safe Christmas, love Jane x

  51. Ooooooh what a stunner Di, set off perfectly by your beautiful snowflake!
    Dudley is a clever boy, our Ruby knew w-a-l-k even when it was spelled out in the middle of a sentence, Miss Molly has a way to go yet hahaha

  52. I love the simplicity of this card Di, great for multiple makes : )

  53. Inspiring festive card using the sentiment embossing folder! I have something similar but have not use the embossed image as the main focus of the card. Learned something new.
    Yes please for the chance to win these wonderful embossing folders. Thank you Di and have a great week ahead.
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

    Warm hugs from sunny Malaysia.

  54. Hi Di! You create another great adventure in Crafters land. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your beautiful prizes. This card is so elegant and the embossing folders are amazing. So yes for the prize, please.

  55. Fab card Di. Yes please.
    Hope you are all OK. xx

  56. Gorgeous and elegant card, Di! Fabulous prize A. Too bad I don’t use EFs very much, otherwise I would be all over this. 😂
    Thank you for running this fun and generous challenge each year. Love the new twist of Christmas/New Year’s theme.

  57. Hi Di, so sorry for absence finally blogged again, I’ll say no thanks to your lovely prize but there are a few others I’ll join I in with so will just pop around .. praying you are all well, pray fir you each day still. Sending loads of Christmas hugs!
    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  58. Stopping by to post my card and wish you,Len and Dudly a lovely Christmas. (I took your challenge to do a serious snippet card to heart and used up a bunch of ridiculously small snippets that I probably never should have held on to.)

  59. The embossing folder makes a striking background that's beautifully enhanced by the snowflakes, this is such an elegant card!

  60. This card is gorgeous. So elegant and festive. Love it! xx

  61. Yay! I just linked up my snippets card and I love how it turned out, especially since everything on it is a snippet! I hope you like it!

  62. Have just linked a card - thank you for running this challenge for so long, Di, and for this fabulous giveaway - please count me in
    Stay safe

  63. I finally got my A into G and sat down to do some blogging! I half expected all the challenges to be closed by now but am so delighted you're running this again as I really wanted to wish you and those you love a merry Christmas. I'll say no to this prize - I'm sure others will put it to better use than me! I will however enjoy watching the prizes as they pop up! God bless you Di!

  64. Again my picture is too big to post here is my url
    thanks. I don't know how to resize my pictures as I don't have photo shop.

  65. What a great way to start new year - thanks for sharing so much joy and thanks for the opportunity to win one of your beautiful prizes. This card is so elegant and the embossing folders are amazing. So yes for the prize, please.

    Have just linked a card - thank you for running this challenge for so long, Di ;)

    Hugs, Majda

  66. No thanks to prize Di, however I truly want to thank you so much for love care and diligence in running this huge challenge!

    You’re wonderful and much appreciated! Had a chuckle at Dudley dog 🤣🤣❤️
    I’m sorry I’m not blogging as much hence not joining in its two fold, I’m slow and time poor, also I’m on mobile devices to blog and now can’t do lots on iPad since it’s recent update.

    I have a dear family member but told him at Christmas they’re sometimes my least favourite people.
    Thanks for you time to comment, too, pray you’re blessed of God this Christmas.

    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love,
    Prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}