Sunday 19 December 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #418 - Christmas Draw - Prize H

Picks and results from Challenge#417 can be found lower down. 
Here's the 8th prize in the 'Snippets Playground Christmas Draw':
It's a simple prize of a Do-Crafts 'Traditional Sentiments' stamp set from me. An all round useful set with some nice fonts.

All the rules can be found on the post for Sunday 12th December 2021, along with Mr Linky for your single entry. I do suggest that you read the rules thoroughly - particularly about the theme for this Grand Draw Challenge. Just leave a comment on this post you're currently looking at, if you would like the chance to win today's prize.
And here are the results from Ruby's Memory Challenge # 417!
First of all, the picks:

What a great way to use lots of small snippets - as well as little stamps and a snowflake punch! A great card from Kitty - and it's pink, even better! 

What a super card, made by Linby.  She used a really great John Next Door snowflakes die - so unusual and also versatile as you can use both the die cut 'fall out' snowflakes as well as the negative whole piece. For more ideas do hop over to Linby's blog HERE.
I instantly fell in love with this fabulous die - ran off and bought two .......... one of which is a prize later on in this draw. Not saying when, you have to keep on checking! ☺
Pauline hopped in with a set of three delightful bookmarks - using plenty of snippets. They're perfectly designed and beautifully made - the recipient is sure to be delighted with her very pretty gift.

These gift card/money holders, made by Diane, are fabulous! A wonderful way to use up lots of snippets and such fun! If you nip over to Diane's blog post you'll read that she's made some snowmen as well - shown in the post after the one with the Santas in.
That's four picks from Challenge #417, just couldn't whittle it down to three and if I'd had more time there would have been a few more as well.
We had 47 entries in total with no new Playmates.
Now for the prize draw, bundles A and B.
The winner of bundle A is: #33 Diane H.

And the winner of bundle B is: #20 Liz Cavill.
I've had real trouble with this post and the font changing size for no obvious reason. In the process of fixing it as best I could (dabbling in HTML code is always a total nightmare), I deleted the images I took from the Random number selector as I suspect they might well have been the root cause of the problem. So you'll all have to believe that I didn't tinker with the results. Luckily I had made a hand written note of who the two winners were!
Well done girls! Hope you enjoy your prizes. Can you both please send me your address, even if you know that I know it already, with your full name at the top as well so that it can be can be copied and pasted for speed and ease. It's a good prompt for me and also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

I won't be posting your prizes until after Christmas Day, perhaps even New Year's Day and will send you an email once it's safely on the way. The postal system is jam packed right now so it makes sense.

Challenge #417 as I already said was in aid of Ruby's Memory and I just sent off a further donation to USPCA, the rescue charity who saved Ruby and gave her the chance of the wonderful life she had with Lynne and Greg. That means, thanks to your generous prize donations, and the addition of Gift Aid tax relief onto my donations in lieu of buying prizes, we've raised £200 for USPCA so far. 

It's wonderful to see so many of you commenting and also joining in with the Grand Draw - what a happy way to end what's been a bit of a rubbish year for all of us.

Finally got all the indoor decorations finished yesterday, hooray! With the aid of my little four legged helper of course ☺ He's so funny, one rustle of tissue paper as I'm unpacking boxes of decorations (we have far too many to be honest) and he's beside me, with his paws on my lap. Every single item I unwrapped had to be held out to him - for a good look, sniff and then a 'nose dab' of approval.

He has a vet visit this coming Tuesday for his annual booster jab and check-up. Not our choice to leave it so late, apparently with COVID precautions you're lucky to even get an appointment, unless it's an emergency - or your pooch is right at the end of their vaccine protection from the previous year. Dudley is usually as good as gold ............ once he's actually inside the consulting room! Before that point there will be the accusing glares and 'You are so not my favourite person right now' vibes from him. Wish me luck - I drew the short straw to be the one to actually take him into the vet's. Thanks Len! ☺

Love from myself and the usual happy 'high-five' and woof from Dudley. Ha, but Tuesday might be different of course.


  1. Yes please! I absolutely love the bookmarks and the Santa’s! All of the crafts are very nice you always do such a lovely job! Happy holiday week! It will be a fast and furious one I’m sure. Thank you so much for all of your challenges and all the work that you do to keep everything going and organized!

  2. Lovely projects from many talented crafters. The sentiment clear stamps are great to have. Yes please for the chance to win them. Thanks Di, have a great week ahead.

  3. Lovely picks and congrats to the winners and for the amount raised.
    Another fab prize, Yes Please, I love different sentiments in different fonts and sizes, and definitely need a new year one!
    Good luck for Tuesday! Xxx

  4. Congratulations to Liz and Diane on their win - and to all the wonderful showcased entrants too.

    Happy snippeting girls. Remember there’s plenty of mulled wine and festive fayre to be had up in the Playground treehouse!!!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Congratulations to the lucky winners, so sorry to hear that technology was such a pain ... sometimes blogger just breaks for no apparent reason!! I always thought it was just me!

    Happy Sunday and Seasons Greetings to you and your readers


  6. Oh Di - I wish you all the best for the vet visit - and Dudley, of course!
    Yes please to the prize
    Stay safe

  7. Great top picks and so many ideas. Congratulations to all the winners.

    Thank you, Di, for your generous donation, you are so kind.
    Yes for the prize, please, I love interesting sentiments.
    Good luck Dudley at the vet. We are lucky here, our vets are working all the time, despite covid.
    Have a great Sunday.

  8. Morning Di, isn’t it a great feeling getting the decorations finished and what a helper you had 😆congratulations to Winners A&B and good luck to all for another amazing prize take care xx

  9. I did a Happy Dance here when I saw my name pop up for Bundle B. Thank you Di, I’ll send you an email. Fabulous picks again, what talent we have in the Playground! I’ll pass on Prize H as I’ve already got several similar stamps. Well, I’d better get back to sorting out/tidying my craft room…. wish me luck! 🤣 xx

  10. Fabulous picks and congratulations to Liz and Diane too.

    That's a lovely set of sentiment stamps Di and I would love a chance to win Prize H, please.

    Kath x

  11. Lovely winning cards bookmarks and money holder. Many congratulations to all. 'Yes Please' Di, I would like a chance to win these stamps, thank you x

  12. I LOVE that squares one you picked! Great job and congrats to all! No thank you on the Prize H!
    Glad to hear you are all ready for the holidays!!!

  13. Such creative snippets picks, for sure! Fritz likes to check out anything new, but once he sees it's not that interesting he's gone. Fingers crossed the vet visit goes well. We still aren't allowed to go inside with Fritz. Beginning to wonder if that will ever change. So wonderful the rescue has received such a big contribution in Ruby's memory. Our local no-kill shelter is one of our monthly charity donations & has been for years. Always love seeing the stories of their animals & one big, sweet dog actually lives next door to us!
    Almost forgot--yes, please include me in the drawing for this great set!
    Merry Christmas!

  14. Big Congrats to the top picks, well done to my dear friends Kitty and Linby!!! :) Two fabulous cards! Congrats also to Liz and Diane!!! :)
    Well done also to you for all the money raised for USPCA!! :)
    Yes please for including me in the draw.
    Dudley surely is a great helper to decorate your house :)
    Hugs and make some cuddles to him!

  15. Congrats to Diane and Liz as well as those great highlighted creations that made the top picks! I just love those jolly little Santa faces that make me smile! Congrats everyone and Merry Christmas!

  16. Congrats to Liz and Diane and to the top picks. Fabulous cards and such a clever use of snippets.
    Good luck taking Dudley to the vet.
    Hopefully, I'll manage to put up the tree tomorrow as well as finish up the last cards, sigh.
    No thanks to the prize, even if was looking for a Happy New Year stamp today..
    Marianne x

  17. Well done to the winners and the top picks!! Fabulous projects! Congratulations, ladies. Yay!!

    Yes, please, to the sentiment set prize. Those are lovely fonts. A very useful set!
    Thank you for your generosity!!

    So far so good on this next wave of winter storms. We did not get as much snow as they expected and only had a few power flickers and no outage. Whew!!! We'll see how we do tonight!! Keeping my fingers crossed....

    Good luck to you and Dudley on Tuesday. Glad you were able to secure an appt!
    Take care.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  18. Congrats to the winners and fabulous picks. Those Santas are great! One of our dogs is really nosey and has to have a sniff of everything, the other one not so bothered. It's quite funny how different they are even though they are from the same litter. I will be a yes please for the sentiment set as they are always so useful, thank you Di x

  19. What a surprise to see my card as a pick - thank you. Congrats to everyone else too.
    My vets had a shiny floor which I used to have to drag my dog along into the vets room as he sat firmly down!

  20. Yes, please to the prize. I was a little under the weather over the weekend so I'm catching up this morning. Congrats to the top picks and winners of the prizes. Well deserved!!

  21. What wonderful picks these are and very inspiring! The set of Christmas sentiments look brilliant too - a great all rounder, but I have lots of Christmas sentiments so I will sit the draw out for this prize thank you. I loved hearing about how Dudley helped you decorate the tree. Eva is not interested in ours at all although she does sometimes wag one of the baubles off the lower branches with that energetic tail!! Thrilled to hear about the rising total for the USPCA! Hugs, Vicky xx

  22. Wonderful projects for your top picks, and congrats to the winners!
    I'll pass on this prize as I have lots of holiday sentiment stamp sets already.
    I hope Dudley's appointment goes well!

  23. Oh my goodness what an array of good ideas! I love all of these cards and particularly those beautiful bookmarks. I'll be trying that and what a good way of using slim snippets. Christmas is not happening at all here yet so I must get onto that tomorrow. x

  24. Yes please to this prize Di, these sentiment stamps are lovely.
    Great picks as always and congratulations to Liz & Diane!
    Janice x

  25. Great picks Di! Congratulations to Liz and Diane, and thank you to the prize donators 😁. That is a fabulous amount of money for the USPCA and will be much appreciated!!!!
    Yes please to be in the draw for your Christmas stamps, and good luck for the vets xx

  26. WOW, thank you so VERY much for not only picking my Santa gift card holders to feature but also for the lovely prize, I am beyond excited! Congrats to Liz and the others as well!! I have sent you my email! I was without internet and power for several days so am a bit late on getting to come over here, have neither can really put a strain on you, but I feel blessed that is all we lost compared to the ones in the path of that nasty tornado! Take care, be safe and have a very Merry Christmas and thank YOU!!!

  27. Congratulations to the winners and yes please, for the prize.
    Valerija xx

  28. Cool picks. It's obvious Kitty put so much thought into her quilt-like card.
    Yes please on the prize ... Sentiments are always useful.

  29. Those cards and TAG's are gorgeous. Great picks.

  30. Well how on earth did I miss seeing this? Woot, woot! Thank you so much for choosing my card as one of your favourites! You made my day, Di! Big congrats to the other picks and winners! Congrats on the donation for the animals, a cause I am passionate about! And thank you for another day of giveaways - I am a yes, please! Now I am wondering what else I have missed seeing lately! Such a hectic time of year! Love reading about Dudley and his nose dab of approval! Hope he fared well at the vet! Merry Christmas!

  31. Congratulations to the lucky winners and the top picks! Yes please to this fun set of sentiments. I really like that they included a New Years greetings in with the Christmas ones.
    So, when I think of Dudley giving his nose dab seal of approval, all I can think about is the tissue paper getting stuck to his nose, lol!

  32. Congrats to the winners. yes, please and thank you for the fun!

  33. That is a very useful and versatile set so "Yes Please" from me! Congrats to the picks and to the winners! and a huge thank you for your generosity to all of us and the USPCA! You're one in a million (possibly billion) Di!