Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Tuesday Tale - curtain call

Watching the Thames Jubilee Pageant, I spotted my old office which was right on the banks of the river. Happy days! This tale came to mind - short and sweet this week.
Len was in the same, pretty important meeting, as me - on a bright sunny day. This was before we were 'an item', and being something of a novelty in a group of 20+ men and the same grade as they were, I was lucky enough to be treated as an absolute equal. But I also felt conscious that arranging the 'domestics' was one of my strengths (not that it was expected). The sun was shining onto the screen for the overhead projector during a presentation - so 'Little Miss Helpful' here hopped out of her seat to close the meeting room curtains.

Whisk...whoosh...crash!! Everything went dark - in my enthusiasm I'd only managed to pull the whole curtain track, complete with curtains, off the wall. I had to be rescued and dusted down, whilst a load of managers stifled their laughter at the impromptu comedy act :(

Len (usually using his pet name for me) sometimes reminds me of this 'over-enthusiasm' when I rush headlong into some crazy scheme . 'Mind the curtains, Piglet' is usually enough to stop me in my tracks (no pun intended), if only for a silly 'Piglet-like' snigger before I carry right on anyhow :)

Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

That's quite embarrassing Di but it could of been worse as l thought you were going to say, a spider fell on you as you closed the curtains and ran round the room with it in your hair! Every cloud..........

Have a fantastic BH Tuesday (that just doesn't sound right, does it?)

Big hugs xx

Sarn said...

Hmmm . . . that's JUST the sort of thing that would happen to me. I've lost count of the number of times I've tried to be HELPFUL and ended up making matters worse!

So I'm not even sniggering . . . I'm sitting here wishing the ground could have opened up for you to gently disappear into! xxx

Annie said...

You just don't know your own strength do you? :-)
A x

Elizabeth said...

Oh the embarrassment! And I can just imaging the dust on those curtains - they probably hadn't been cleaned in aeons, let alone drawn. Piglet ... why??? Great story :) Hugs, Elizabeth x


Fab. story Di, - it proves that women are more thoughtful and helpful than men!
Sylvia x

Vicky Hayes said...

I love your stories Di and empathise entirely (having gone through my whole life as an impromptu comedy act!) Vicky x

Bernie said...

I love your stories Di. Although they often make me wince they always leave me with a smile.
Big Hugs

Sandra H said...

Well Di,at least you did get up and try to cut out the light , another great story:)x

505whimsygirl said...

Hee hee. I can see why he was so drawn to you..... a life long companion needs to be one that brings you joy (and I can just imagine how much joy this little incident caused)!


Mary said...

Very funny.....I could picture it, you in a cloud of dust wrapped in a curtain.....I'll bet you brought a boring meeting to be a memorable one.