Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Tuesday Tale - The night an alien landed in Hampshire

Shame I couldn't take some video of this tale, but it does tickle me and is worth relating.

Anyone seen the film 'Batteries not included'? It's one of my favourites and never fails to make me smile:
The gist of the story is that some harmless little aliens (see picture above) land in New York - very cute film too.

On Friday night, with me trying to get some much needed beauty sleep before the School Reunion Marathon, we woke up at 2am in the morning to a bit of a racket. Sort of shuffling and banging noises coming from the back garden.

I've said before, we feed the hedgehogs here, and as the birds pinch their food during the day we cover the bowl of dry food with a shallow plastic bulb planter, not unlike the shape in the image above. But, we'd forgotten to uncover it on Friday night :(

When we went downstairs to investigate, the outside lights were ablaze having been triggered by something. And, there it was, the uncovered dish of food where it should be and the upside down plastic bulb planter running round the garden paving!

I wanted to go and get my camera and do a little video clip, but Len insisted that rescue must commence without delay - what a party pooper he is sometimes! So, Muggins here was sent into the garden and sure enough, I could see feet trotting around with the planter on top and when I lifted it, there was Spike underneath looking very confused! He glared accusingly, and almost indignantly, before scampering off.

He'd obviously managed to nudge his way underneath to get at the dish of food and as he'd moved away from the feeding dish the planter had popped back down thereby imprisoning him :)

Not much sleep for us after that, I couldn't stop giggling!

Have a nice day!



Bernie said...

Aw Len IS a party pooper. Why didn't he rescue Spike whilst you got the camera. I can just picture you running around the garden in your night gown. 'Batteries Not Included' is one of my favorites as well, such a sweet movie.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me Di, you've hit on possibly a very good idea for Dragon's Den. A protective hedgehog cover for when they need to cross roads etc, you could make it out of armour proofed metal and the cars would just bounce off. You could be a millionairess!

I love that film too, the aliens are so cute.

Have a great day xx

Twiglet said...

Visions of you streaking across the lawn on a rescue mission- lol. Have a great day - sun shining here!!!!

Annie said...

Oh bless him but I have to admit I'm giggling with you now....mostly cos I know what I wear in bed and that would have caused a stir out on the back lawn :-)
A x

Victoria said...

Ha ha ha! Thanks for a good chuckle! Hope Spike returns somewhat less disgruntled!

Sarn said...

Oh Len . . . what ARE you like? It would have been SOOO funny! Hurrumph!

Still . . .I have a good picture in my head from your vivid description Di . . . THANKS!

Never seen or heard of the film you mention . . . will have to check out!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Lynn said...

I think that would have made a good 'you've been framed' video. Thanks for brightening my day with that little tale. Lynn x

Kathleen said...

Tell Len that a picture paints a thousand words, so if he chickened out (sorry Sandra) of going outside then he should have got the camera.
I have not seen the film but will look out for it.
Was a good giggle anyway.

Kath x

Mary said...

Poor little Spike....I can imagine the look you were given. Seems our "wild" critters become very impatient when we do not follow the feeding rules. Our Squirrels bang their feet on the feeder if we are late getting the peanuts to them. Very visual story young lady. I love your writing style.

Darnell said...

Hysterical! Very well written - I could see it all happening in the video in my head!

MagsB said...

Oh I am laughing here! Poor little hedgie! But how brave of you to tackle the bowl - I mean, it could have been an alien! Though, when I think about it, I suspect you'd be a match for any alien LOL!

love Mags B x

Amanda said...

oh the poor thing, i love the fact he looked at you accusingly though. Hugs, Amanda x