Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WOYWW - 157

Wow, what a Diamond Jubilee Celebration! Despite the pretty dire weather of course.

This was my desk yesterday when I ran away to watch the Royal balcony appearance and the fly past in the lounge: - on TV of course :)
I'd been tidying earlier whilst watching some of the days events on TV in here. Oh dear, usual mug of black coffee, pack of baby wipes left open in my haste (slap wrists as they dry out pretty quickly if not sealed up), crumpled baby wipe (yup, sure left here in a hurry), cleaned stamps, box of pearls and gems ready to be put away, my old original stamp positioner, an acrylic block and also a little tip if you look at the box of ink pads.

I love SU Ink Spots ink pads. And, Hobbycraft sell some fabby 'peel off' storage boxes which hold two sets of those cute little Ink Spots, 10 per set, in a single layer. So, you can see at a glance the colours, the lids on the pads don't come adrift and, as the box will hold 21 in total, with two sets there's still one spare space which acts a bit like the space in those old 'move the tile around' games. That makes it so easy to shuffle a bit and pick an ink spot out.

Am not posting the ATCs I made on here this week as they haven't all reached their destinations - plus not all the ones promised to me have arrived yet. But, what a lovely selection I do have to show once they are here - thank you so much to those who sent them. Isn't WOYWW brilliant - three cheers for Queen Julia!!

All you have to do now is to hop over to Julia's here and then carry on snooping to see who's linked in their work desk this week! 



Elizabeth said...

Hi Di, just on my way to bed but had to stop by and see what you are up to ... apart from chastising yourself for leaving your desk in a mess, that is :) Your little cubes are nicely stored - they look so pretty in the box. I'm off on holiday soon so I felt I had to post my ATC even though I don't know if it's reached its destination yet and unless I find a cybercafe I won't see yours until I return - something to look forward to :)) Hope you have a lovely WOYWW. Elizabeth x too early to have a number :)

Amanda said...

Great storage idea Di, I have some of those boxes which may even still have peel-offs in lol. Hugs, Amanda x

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. Love the box of ink pads. I finding organising my stash almost as enjoyable as crafting itself! Ali x #54

...the yorkshire fox... said... active desk with lots going on, great storage boxes & loVe the look of the super sized butterfly stamps, thanks for sharing...Mel :) #27

Annie said...

There are always baby wipes lying around here too but I will have been changing a baby's nappy with mine hehe
A x #59

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ha! I was running back and forth between TV and jobs in hand too! Good to see that your desk has got that 'lived in' quality about it, just like mine..LOL!!
HUgs, LLJ #70 xx

CraftygasheadZo said...

Such super storage for you ink pads. I couldn't cope with moving between tv and craft room so I de-camped to the lounge, as you'll see with my post today! Take care my WOYWW friend. Zo xx 65

Sarn said...

Morning Di . . . great looking desk you have there . . . can I come and play?

Happy WOYWW xxx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

add my cheer to yours for Queen Julia and yes did so enjoy my time watching our dear royals there are many moer equally good shots I took.. amazing really sit there in your chair and go click for all thse great need to travel for 26 hours over yonder link i did last two months at all!! tee hee was a pit about being so near yet so far Hampshire is long way from Manchester and did not come any further south than Lincolnshire - unless you count Italy and family really spoilt me..
And yes am so agreed with you on SU spots I love them too, and even buying re-inkers of similar shades when they dry out..
Di, thanks for sharing happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #8

Anonymous said...

Great desk Di, is that a butterfly stamp I can see????

Happy WOYWW, I've joined in today for the first time ;0

Have a great day xx

Redanne said...

Hi Di, lovely ink storage you have there. I leave my baby wipes open too, smack hands, but yesterday I left the top off some acrylic, not a pretty sight today! Thanks for sharing your desk-apades. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

Anonymous said...

Ooh I spy HM stamps! Is it possible, can it be, is she going to do it???!! Lol, glad you explained about the flypast cos I thought it was happening in your lounge. tee hee.

Brenda 94

kay said...

oh di,those poor dried out
but the celebrations were good so i shall forgive you :)
have a fab crafty week
kay #52

Spyder said...

well at least there's no half eaten sandwiches or nibbled toast crusts! It looks really tidy...I'm looking at mine now... thinking....shall I? no....tomorrow!! I have got a spare atc if you like... it's finished so the glue's dry! There's also two more waiting...I wanted to put little tools on them, but I'm all out of scissors and spoons...but, their not very crafty!
((Lyn)) at #64

mark gould said...

Happy Woyww, very handy looking trays. Will look forward to seeing the ATC's when they arrive. mark

Laura said...

Hi Di! Wow so jealous of your lovely Ink pads! Great storage too. Can't wait to have my very own craft room so I can get myself some nice storage! It's all stuffed in drawers at the mo! :-( was just wondering if you're doing your own ATC swap as I know Sarn is and I am swapping with her. If you are and would like to swap let me know :-) xxx

May said...

Fab yummy inkpads... great colours too Enjoy!! Have a creative week.. Hugs May x x x#34

Twiglet said...

I am going to make a collection of my ATCs that keep dropping through the letterbox - I think I should make a special little pinboard for them - such clever folk out there - and you too of course. x Jo

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Di,

A friend of mine told me to add just a bit of water to dried out baby wipes - and it works!! You might want to give it a try.

Love those little ink pads. The plastic container fits them perfectly too (and you can see the colors)!

Kay #114

Hettie said...

Lovely ink pads you have there and am curious what that stamp is which is upside down!
xx 135

Glenda said...

I have one set of these ink spots and they usually rattle around in a drawer! Great tip for me! Love your desk this week!
Glenda #85

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love the container for the inkspots. I used to have some of them. I wonder where they have gotten off to? I know they never had a fancy fits-just-right container like you have. Better go put the top on those baby wipes ASAP or that will be the end of them. I had some once that smelled like a baby's bum. A clean bum with powder! I had to pitch them as I found the smell so disturbing. Interesting butterfly stamps I see on your desk.

SophieNewton said...

Fabulous storage tip, thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW!

Anne said...

great tip re the SU inspots Di - cheers. Like you I kept leaving stuff to go and watch parts of the celebrations. Happy WOYWW Anne x

SueH said...

I’m always on the lookout for new and better ways to store my ink pads and I think that might work well for my Versa Color cubes so I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the tip.

I’m loving those big butterfly stamps at the back of your table too.

Happy Crafting

Julia Dunnit said...

Well I think we should write to the Palace and tell left your desk in a 'drop everything and run' state to watch the balcony scenes...I would never have believed it really!! Great great tip about the ink pads, so space saving its almost worth converting, frankly!

Debs Willis said...

I spy TWO mugs, and a remote control - telly watching, crafting and cuppas - wonderful combo!

I spent Sunday afternoon crafting on a tray on my lap in front of telly so I could watch the river pageant with the hubby - in fact, spent a lot of this weekend watching telly!

Happy woyww


Tertia said...

I am very late this week, but at least I made it! Love those ink spots and really wish they were available over here.

Eliza said...

2 cups a usb stick and a remote, thats not crafting, the rest is and a lovely mess too.

Happy crafting
Eliza #50