Friday 22 June 2012

Friday Feast - Raspberry Tiramisu

I made this recipe to take to Jan's on Wednesday just gone. So that there was no rushing round trying to either finish eating it or sorting out putting the remainder into a different dish after the frivolities at Jan's, I used disposable clear plastic picnic salad bowls from Sainsburys. The amount divided into two dishes but I really felt that the shallow dish I normally use is much better in terms of evenly spreading everything out:
Raspberry Tiramisu:

4oz/110g mascarpone
425ml/3.75 pint good quality raspberry yoghurt
Icing sugar, sifted
2 x 150g punnets raspberries
20 sponge fingers
Muscat wine (optional)

Beat the mascarpone until soft, Stir in the raspberry yoghurt. Taste and if necessary sweeten with a little icing sugar. Stir in half the raspberries.

Place 10 of the sponge fingers in a shallow dish, and sprinkle over a little of the Muscat wine, if it's being used. Spread over half the yoghurt, mascarpone and raspberry mixture.

Layer up another 10 sponge fingers and sprinkle over a little more Muscat wine. Spread over the remaining yoghurt mixture. Cover with clingfilm and place in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours.

To serve, put the rest of the raspberries on top and dust lightly with icing sugar.

Things I do: I did whack up the amount of raspberries in the yoghurt mixture a bit, plus was perhaps a little liberal with the Muscat. No-one got breathalysed though :) As I said earlier, a shallow dish works much better.

Right, I always use Muscat wine (a medium sherry would be similar), and without it I think the sponge fingers would be a bit dry. One option could be to sprinkle a small amount of fruit juice over the sponge fingers - peach/mango would probably work well.

It's important to use a good quality raspberry yoghurt such as Onken or an organic variety.

It's a fast version of a fruit tiramisu - there are tons of other recipes out there using different fruits, eggs and goodness knows what else but I've made this Prue Leith recipe for a long time now and it works for me, without too much fiddling on.




  1. I think I could try some of this despite being diabetic!!! Looks just perfect for a quick pud. Hope you all enjoyed it.

  2. This sounds and looks delicious. Will have to try it. Thanks for sharing the recipe! xx

  3. This looks delicious, will have to remember this one fr hubbies birthday as he loves raspberry. Hugs, Amanda x

  4. This sounds yummy. Unfortunately we don't usually get raspberries out here. (They'd have a shelf life of a few hours!), so I'll have to try with something else. Peaches with a raspberry couli (bottled of course) might work, and with lashings of muscatel wine, any fruit would probably work well for me! Kate x

  5. What a lovely recipe Di....I can just imagine you 4 tucking in to it too :-)
    A x

  6. Mmmmm, am licking my lips . . . it looks and sounds DELICIOUS xxxx

  7. Oh Di l could just eat this but l'm waiting on my Chicken satay l'll take down the recipe and have it another day it looks scrummy have a lovely weekend:)x

  8. Oh yes again, I love raspberries and so does my Daughter and my eldest Daughter sneaked a bottle of Raspberry liqueur into my suitcase that she bought slyly during our visit to Tasmania, I had sampled it numerous times and still didn't buy one, may soak the fingers in this, wouldn't it be loverlee, loverlee. May water it down with a tad of lemonade though.

    Kath x

  9. 'liberal with the muscat'...yesh offither, twas sssjust a pooodiing...

    I can now sober, testify to that. XXXXX

  10. I can also testify that this is the most delicious dessert. And, yes, I'd say the bottle slipped when adding the Muscat - definitely liberal but oh so tasty. This is one to copy into the family recipe book :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  11. This sounds yummy and I am looking for something to take to a 'garden party' for my sugarcraft group. Anne x


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