Wednesday 17 August 2011


I was just going to show the beginnings of a birthday card on my desk this week:

The mother of pearl earrings were on half price sale in Boots the Chemist - I have plans for those (and a pair of wire cutters) that aren't connected with the pink card though:) The card is for a friends birthday in a few days time - I'm going to try Bev Rochester's way of pleating lace - wish me luck!

But, I'm easily sidetracked and I got to thinking about emails that Sandra (Sarn) and I have been exchanging about Inkylicious Duster Brushes - she's produced some gorgeous cards, one of which has arrived here today. Do go and see here - this is the one she sent to me!
Even the envelope had the 'treatment'!! It's so classy and delicate.

Whoop, whoop - I accidentally discovered how to use 'captions' under piccies!!! Anyhow, I began thinking about other uses for a brayer when you don't need the softness of a duster brush and want to roll right over something. Ha, the pink card 'bits' were swiftly pushed aside out of harm's way and out came the brayer, ink pads, non-stick mat, embossing folders and the trusty Cuttlebug. I was shown this technique ages ago on a craft day at Art of Craft - so the brayer does still have a place in my heart after all:

Ink up your brayer with your chosen ink, best to use one that will clean off easily unless you want to stain your embossing folders! Coat the flat side of the opened out folder (ie. the side with the indented pattern on) thoroughly with the ink. Pop a piece of card inside and run through the Cuttlebug or your machine of choice in the usual way and this is the result:

The background picks up the ink but the embossed pattern remains untouched and stands out beautifully. It doesn't show up too well in the photo but the silver one above is my favourite. Here are the other ones I tried out, for a closer snoop click on the photo:

I only tried using white card stock today but the possibilities are endless, given enough ink pads - black card with white ink for example. 

Other things on my desk are the usual cup of black coffee (my caffeine fix for the day), that pair of scissors still awaiting attention with Sticky Stuff Remover, and ink pads.

To see what everyone else is up to today - hop over to Julia's for a good old nosy around!

Hey, ho - despite using ink pads which do clean off plastic etc. very easily with baby wipes, my hands and nails are lovely shades of red and blue! Time to go and get the scrubbing brush out I think!  I look like I've been blackberrying :)

Happy WOYWW everyone.



  1. Oh wow you have been busy some gorgeous creations here. Love all of them especially the box which is decorated to perfection.
    Diane :-) xx

  2. It's not my creation Diane - but it is truly gorgeous! Di xx

  3. Gorgeous cards Di and I really love the mother of pearl earrings...must have a look in ours to see if they have some :-)
    A x

  4. Hi Di, Hope you are ok, cant believe how much i missed taking part last week. Your backgrounds look wonderful, Thanks for Sharing xx

  5. OOOOOH DI . . . looks like you've been having fun. Those backgrounds look brilliant - I must remember to try this. Perhaps me and my brayer will make friends again!

    That box card looks wonderful.

    I feel blessed by YOUR kindness. xxxxx

  6. Love the background. I always thought they looked a bit like letterpress. Very sweet cards and have a happy WOYWW.

    Mary Anne

  7. Hi Di, Well you have been busy and with such great creations simply adorable love those backgrounds they are really beautiful and the box is stunning with the lace on it also the image i like your chosen colour for this there are so many different pinks and they blend togeather truely is gorgeous ps.........great day today so more washing and you know what happens Sandra H

  8. Inky fingers are a sign of happy crafting - it will wear off! Lots of lovely creativity here - thanks for sharing - Hazel WOYWW #65 x

  9. ah those side track moments. BIG GRIN.
    Yes the embossing folder is a fun technique. I like also clear embossing it when it comes out of the machine, then hitting the high points on the cardstock with either Perfect Medium or one of the Distress pads and embossing with another color.

    lots of nice projects on your desk. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  10. Hi Di; Sandra is really doing some lovely work with those dusters. I don't know how Karen can create something so lovely with so much detail while sitting on her bed. It boggles the mind to think what she could do on a proper desk.
    I love those backgrounds. My brayer hangs on the wall next to my desk and gives me evil looks because I've ignored it maybe I'll try this.
    I have a little sack of those Mother of Pearl charms but I've never been able to use them, maybe you can inspire me.

  11. Hi Di

    Well those mother of pearl earrings are something else!!! I hope you have worn them for your evening sit out in the garden ... and if not then please save them until you can.

    I would love you to wear them and hear what your hubby says!!

    They look like the kind of earrings that are so heavy your earlobes stretch right down LOL!!!

    Great post today!!!

    Looks like I need to get my brayer out again sometime .. .. it doesn't see the light of day half as much as it should!! Shame!!!

    Love Jules xx

  12. Awesome cards you are creating. I tried inking the whole folder and it makes and interesting design on the inside cover of the card too. Just want to say again...Thanks for the nibs. Vickie

  13. Great post - sorry I am a bit late - was over at M's ironing - these youngsters can't seem to get round to it!!! I love your idea with the embossing folder - I am slowly learning what to do with the Cuttlebug. Have a great week. x Jo

  14. Lovely gifts this week Di, Sandra sent me her old copy of Craft Stamper this week too, so I sent her some more stamped images in return. Great embossing folder idea, seen that one before but forgot about it, must be brave and get a brayer one of these days!

    Brenda 80

  15. Oooo Di! What splendid embossing folder creations you have them! You have been a busy bee with all the making going on & stuff on your desk! Whish I was half as productive & creative!


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